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Henriette Confurius (born February 5, 1991 in Berlin ) is a German - Dutch actress .


Family and education

Henriette Confurius was born in Berlin as the daughter of the writer and author Gerrit Confurius and a Dutch actress. She grew up bilingual with German and Dutch in Ratzeburg in Schleswig-Holstein . She was already working as an actress at the age of eight and subsequently worked in several film and television productions. When Confurius was nine years old, the family moved back to Berlin, where Henriette Confurius attended the Goethe-Gymnasium in Wilmersdorf . At the age of 17 she went to a farm in Ireland for a year . Upon her return, she decided to continue her acting career.

Confurius' brothers Lucas Confurius and Carl Confurius are also active. In 2012 she moved to Vienna for two years . Confurius lives in Berlin and works part time as a restorer of furniture .

First roles

In 2001, Confurius was seen in two television productions by Ulrich König : as little Celine in Women Who Drink Prosecco, based on the novel of the same name by Marlene Faro (first broadcast: March 2001) and in the TV comedy Die Pack der Erben at Günter Pfitzmann's side and Catherine Flemming based on the novel of the same name by Gaby Hauptmann (first broadcast: April 2001). In the latter film, she played the young daughter Caro, whose divorced mother Ina inherited a shabby villa . Since then she has appeared in several feature films and TV productions.

In 2002 she had the lead role in the feature film My First Wonder , director Anne Wild's debut film : Confurius played Dole, an eleven-year-old girl who revolted against her single mother's new love affair; on vacation she meets a man in his mid-forties, with whom she begins an unusual friendship, which is critically accompanied by adults. Confurius played the dole "wonderfully stubborn, strong and vulnerable".

In the Police Call 110 crime thriller Lost (first broadcast: September 2003), she was a young girl who felt unloved by her parents, who no longer had anything to say, and ran away. In the Bella Block crime thriller The Opposite of Love (first broadcast: January 2004), Confurius played the eleven-year-old half-sister of a six-year-old boy who was found dead and who lives with her mother and who has an intense relationship with her father and takes refuge in an illusory world. In the ZDF crime series A strong team she played in the movie Clay Pigeons (Air Date: February 2005) the girl next door Jenny, which together with a neighborhood - Punk his German homework makes and supplied him daily with sausage sandwiches.

Cinema and TV films (from 2007)

In 2007, Confurius first appeared in the Tatort television series . In Radiant Future , she embodied Julia März, the friend of the role character Daniel Vegener, whose mother, who has just been released from psychiatry, first kills a judge from Bremen and then herself. In 2011, Confurius played the role of Nele Klarbach in the Tatort film Herrenabend, who lives with her alcoholic mother in her grandfather's house. Stern magazine wrote that Confurius played the most compelling part in this crime scene . In the Tatort film Kalter Engel (2013) she again took on a guest role. She played Lisa Kranz, the acquaintance of a murdered Erfurt law student. With her portrayal, “she tore, together with Florian Bartholomäi , the cold angel out of total mediocrity”.

At the side of Götz George you saw Confurius as Niko in the television film Der Novembermann (2007). In the first part of the multi-part Die Wölfe (2009) she played one of the leading roles. She embodied Lotte, the member of a Berlin youth gang during the Berlin blockade . For this she was awarded the sponsorship prize for the second time at the 2009 German Television Prize, together with five other young actors. In the Franco - German period film Die Gräfin , Confurius starred in the role of Kayla, directed by Julie Delpy . In the same year she was seen in the TV film Jenseits der Mauer in the role of Miriam Molitor, who is left behind as an adopted child and who lives in Leipzig as Rebecca Pramann until she is 17. In 2011 she played the role of 16-year-old Ida Gustavsson in the television film Love at the Fjord - The Sea of ​​Women , whose mother, a successful fashion designer, left her behind as a child. In the same year she played alongside Tim Oliver Schultz in the feature film Ants go other ways , which premiered at the Hof International Film Festival, the young Kyra, who wants to break away from her past.

In the fairy tale film Allerleirauh (2012) Confurius played the female lead, Princess Lotte, who is fleeing from her own father, the king, after he wants to marry her in incestuous desire. In 2013 she was seen in the German-Austrian television film Die Holzbaronin in the retrospective scenes of the film in the role of the young Elly Seitz. The film premiered in December 2012 at the Baden-Württemberg Film Show.

In 2014 she was in Ein blind Held - Die Liebe des Otto Weidt in the role of Alice Licht at the side of Edgar Selge in the title role Otto Weidt, who initially only offers Alice a shelter in his broom and brush factory and then falls in love with her to see. In Dominik Graf's historical film The Beloved Sisters , which premiered at the 64th International Film Festival in Berlin, she played the role of Charlotte von Lengefeld , who with her sister Caroline ( Hannah Herzsprung ) did a ménage à trois with the German poet Friedrich Schiller ( Florian Stetter ) leads. In the Austrian film drama Die Fremde und das Dorf she played the young Italian teacher Rosaria, who fell in love with the young farmer Josef during her stay in Styria . In 2015/2018 Confurius was in the ZDF - Sechteiler Tannbach - Destiny of a Village in the role of Anna von Striesow, daughter of Count Georg von Striesow ( Heiner Lauterbach ), who later married the staunch communist Friedrich Erler ( Jonas Nay ) in East Germany , to see. For her acting performance there she was awarded the Bambi in the Actress category on November 12, 2015 .

In the fairy tale remake The Cold Heart , which had its cinema premiere in October 2016, Confurius plays the leading female role. She embodies Lisbeth , who is in love with the young charcoal burner Peter Munk. In 2017 she played the maid Rosa in the ZDF fairy tale film Rübezahl's Schatz .

TV Shows

Confurius also took on several episode roles in television series . In In aller Freundschaft she played in 2007 in the wake Reanimated feelings a 16-year-old girl's pregnancy secret and the child for adoption want to share. In the ZDF crime series Notruf Hafenkante (2007) she was the young drug dealer Svenja in the episode The Prodigal Son . In the ZDF series Coast Guard (2010) she played Clara's dream as 16-year-old Clara Eschenbach, who wants to set off on a trip around the world alone with her sailboat . In Sight Equal to Zero (2012) from the television series Die Bergretter , Confurius was the blind girl Paula. Tittelbach.tv wrote about her performance: "Confurius, one of the most expressive young actresses, evaluates the television film well done continue on." In the ZDF crime series SOKO Wismar (2012) she played in sequence fibrillation the role of Ilka Christiansen, whose mother dead is found. In the ZDF series last track Berlin (2012), she played in the following way home , the 17-year-old high school student Nadja Meifeld whose younger sister is a few years ago disappeared without a trace on the way home.

In January 2020, Confurius was seen on ZDF alongside Christian Berkel , Claudia Michelsen and Götz Schubert in the miniseries The Lost Daughter as the brewery daughter Isa von Gems, who disappeared without a trace at a school festival and returns ten years later without any memory.



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