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Michele Placido (2008)

Michele Placido (born May 19, 1946 in Ascoli Satriano ) is an Italian actor , director and screenwriter .


Placido's father comes from Rionero in Vulture and is a descendant of the famous bandit Carmine Crocco . After training to be an actor at the Accademia d'Arte Drammatica in Rome , he made his stage debut in 1969 in a production of the Orlando furioso by Ludovico Ariosto . He made his first film appearances in Carlo Di Palma's Theresa, the Thief (1973) and Lucio De Caros The Judgment - Quick Trial (1974). From 1975 he turned away from the comedy genre and played primarily in socially critical film dramas that were set in southern Italy, such as Triumphmarsch (1976) by Marco Bellocchio and Drei Brüder (1981) by Francesco Rosi . He gained international fame through the role of Commissioner Corrado Cattani in the successful Italian television series Alone Against the Mafia , in which he single-handedly fights the Mafia as a police officer. After four years he withdrew from the series and resumed his work in the socially critical-neorealist film with Marco Risis Forever Mery (1989) in the role of a prison teacher in Palermo . In 1994 he appeared in Gianni Amelio's award-winning film Lamerica . His intense and passionate portraits of those who have failed and of people who are determined to do anything have made him one of the most sought-after actors in his country.

In 1990 Placido made his debut as a film director with The Long Road to the North , which portrayed the living conditions of illegal immigrants in Italy. His second film Endstation Mord (1992) - an incest story - also received widespread attention.

Placido was married to the actress Simonetta Stefanelli , with whom he has three children: the actress Violante Placido , the film producer Michelangelo Placido, and the actor Brenno Placido . The marriage was divorced in 1994.


In 1979 Placido received the Silver Bear for Best Actor for his role as a homosexual worker in Ernesto at the 1979 Berlinale . For Alone Against the Mafia he was awarded the Golden Gong in 1984 and a Bambi in 1989 . In 2009 he received an invitation to compete at the 66th Venice Film Festival for his feature film Il grande sogno .

Filmography (selection)

  • 1973: Even killers have to die (La Mano Nera)
  • 1973: Theresa the thief (Teresa la ladra)
  • 1974: Do you know my wife (Romanzo popolare)
  • 1974: The Judgment - Fast-track Trial (Processo per direttissima)
  • 1974: How deep have I sunk (Mio Dio, come sono caduta in basso!)
  • 1975: A divine creature (Divina creatura)
  • 1975: Summer nights ... and all crickets are laughing (Peccati in famiglia)
  • 1975: Triumphal March (Marcia trionfale)
  • 1976: Agnes dies (L'Agnese va a morire)
  • 1976: La Orca - captured, violated, humiliated (La Orca)
  • 1976: Love is tender (Io sono mia)
  • 1976: Magnum 45 (E tanta paura)
  • 1977: Wild fruits (Oedipus Orca)
  • 1977: The Rise of the Godfather (Corleone)
  • 1977: A man against the Mafia (La ragazza dal pigiama giallo)
  • 1977: Kleinhoff Hotel (Kleinhoff Hotel)
  • 1977: Beach Whispers (Casotto)
  • 1979: Ernesto
  • 1979: The leap into the void (Salto nel vuoto)
  • 1979: The meadow (Il prato)
  • 1979: A man on his knees (Un uomo in ginocchio)
  • 1979: A totally dirty weekend (Sabato, Domenica e Venerdì)
  • 1980: Lulu
  • 1980: The wings of the pigeon (Les Ailes de la colombe)
  • 1980: Three Brothers (Tre fratelli)
  • 1980: Fontamara (Fontamara)
  • 1983: Ars Amandi - The Art of Love (L'Art d'aimer)
  • 1983: Sciopèn
  • 1984–1989: Alone against the Mafia (La piovra)
  • 1985: Pizza Connection (The Pizza Connection)
  • 1986: Rich and merciless (Notte d'estate con profilo greco, occhi a mandorla e odore di basilico)
  • 1987: Two times two (Big Business)
  • 1988: The farewell letter (Via Paradiso)
  • 1988: Dreams of Love (Ti presento un'amica)
  • 1989: Forever Mery (Mery per semper)
  • 1990: The Judgment (La condanna)
  • 1991: Afghan Breakdown - Hell without a way out (Афганский излом)
  • 1992: End of the line murder (Le amiche del cuore)
  • 1993: Giovanni Falcone - In the Mafia Network (Giovanni Falcone)
  • 1993: Blood Red Snow (Drug Wars) (TV movie)
  • 1994: The Sindona Case (Un eroe borghese) (also director)
  • 1994: Cops (Poliziotti)
  • 1994: Lamerica (Lamerica)
  • 1999: La Balia (La balia)
  • 2003: Soraya (Soraya)
  • 2004: L'odore del sangue
  • 2005: Romanzo Criminale
  • 2006: Commediasexi (Commediasexi)
  • 2006: Eiskalt (Arrivederci amore, ciao)
  • 2006: The Italian (Il Caimano)
  • 2006: Karol - Pope and Man (Karol - Un Papa rimasto uomo)
  • 2006: The Unknown (La sconosciuta)
  • 2008: Trishtimi i zonjës Shnajder
  • 2008: L'ultimo padrino
  • 2009: Baarìa (Baarìa - La porta del vento)
  • 2012: The Lookout (Le guetteur)
  • 2016: 7 minutii

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