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Clyde Geronimi (* 12. June 1901 in Italy ; † 24. April 1989 in Newport Beach , California ) was an Italian - American artist and animated film - director . He is known for his work at Disney Studios .


Geronimi was born in Italy. He emigrated to the USA as a young child . Geronimi's earliest work was for JR Bray Studios , where he worked with Walter Lantz .

Geronimi left Bray in 1931 and went to the Walt Disney Studio, where he stayed until 1959. Geronimi started out at the animated short film studios before becoming an animation director. His short film, Lend a Paw , released in 1942 , won the Oscar for best animated short film.

After the end of the Second World War , Geronimi switched to directing full-length cartoons. He worked on Cinderella (1950) , Alice in Wonderland (1951) , Peter Pan (1953) , Sleeping Beauty (1959) and many other films.

After leaving Disney in 1959, he worked in television for a while and directed many episodes of the Spider-Man series, which has been animated since 1967 . He withdrew from drawing in the late 1960s and only supplied children's books with his own illustrations.

In 1978 Geronimi won the Winsor McCay Award from the Association internationale du film d'animation , ASIFA-Hollywood section , for his life's work in the field of animation. The award was presented to him by his longtime friend and colleague Walter Lantz.

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