Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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German title sleeping Beauty
Original title Sleeping Beauty
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1959
length 75 minutes
Age rating FSK o. A.
Director Clyde Geronimi
Les Clark
Eric Larson
Wolfgang Reitherman
script Joe Rinaldi
Winston Hibler
Bill Peet
Ted Sears
Ralph Wright
Milt Banta
Erdman Penner
production Walt Disney
music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
George Bruns
cut Roy M. Brewer Jr.
Donald Halliday

Dornröschen (original title: Sleeping Beauty ), originally published in Germany under the name Dornröschen und der Prinz , is the 16th full-length cartoon from the Walt Disney Studios and was released in 1959. The storyline is the fairy tale La Belle au Bois dormant ( Die sleeping beauty in the forest ) by Charles Perrault .


There is excitement all over the kingdom as King Stefan has a daughter with his wife. People come from everywhere to see Aurora, the young princess. Among them is his friend, King Hubert, whose son Prince Philip is immediately promised to the newborn. Among the well-wishers are also the three fairies Flora, Fauna and Sunshine, who each want to give Aurora a gift. Before the third can cast her spell, the evil fairy Malefiz appears and puts a curse on the princess. Before the sun goes down at the end of her 16th birthday, Aurora is supposed to stab herself on a spindle and die. But the third fairy has not yet cast her spell and weakens the evil fairy's evil curse. Instead of dying, Aurora should now fall into a long sleep until she is awakened by the kiss of true love.

To protect the princess from the machinations of the Maleficent, the three fairies raise Aurora as a foundling in a deep forest. Her only friends are the animals of the forest, but in her dreams she always meets a prince. When suddenly a handsome young man stands in front of her, the two instantly fall in love and arrange a meeting that same evening. It is the day of her 16th birthday. On this occasion, the fairies are excited to prepare some surprises for Roses, as they call Aurora. They get into an argument about the color of the dress for Aurora, which degenerates into a crossfire of spells. Visible from afar as glowing sparks over the forest, the evil fairy's scout becomes aware of the spectacle and thus learns the whereabouts of the missing princess. Meanwhile, Aurora is informed of her true identity and that today is the big day of her return to the castle. However, when she learns that she has already been promised to a prince, she falls into great grief over their encounter in the forest.

Once at the castle, Aurora is left alone for a moment by the fairies with her grief. At that moment, the princess of Maleficent is hypnosed to a spindle - before the fairies can intervene, Aurora stabs herself and falls into a deep sleep. In order not to plunge the curiously waiting guests in the castle and above all the king into great suffering, the fairies put the whole castle into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, Prince Phillip is on his way to the agreed meeting with the princess - he is Aurora's chance encounter. He is ambushed by Maleficent, who takes him to her dark castle to keep him away from Aurora. The three fairies start a rescue operation and free the prince. Prince Phillip immediately rides to the royal castle, which, however, is sealed off by Maleficent with a thick forest of thorns. When Prince Phillip can successfully fight her way through the branches, the witch turns into a dragon. But the prince can set a fatal stab. He rushes to Aurora and gives her the kiss of true love, whereupon Aurora and the entire castle wake up.


useful information

As with Cinderella (1950), the Disney studios chose a fairy tale by Charles Perrault .

The painter Eyvind Earle's love for the architecture and painting of the Middle Ages makes the film stand out artistically. The style elements of the Gothic and Renaissance merge with one another. Due to the stylistic turning point, the painter deviated from the round and gentle forms that were still clearly recognizable in Snow White, and made Aurora appear angular and angular.

The film was not only released in the cinemas with stereo sound, but was also presented as the second Disney film after "Lady and the Tramp" in the Technirama 70 widescreen process . Disney film technician and special effects expert Ub Iwerks developed its own anamorphic wide-angle lens for the recordings .

If you take a closer look you can see that some of the characters in the Sleeping Beauty film are models of the Shrek figures, for example the castle of the sleeping princess crowned by a swirl of clouds, the design of the dragon and the song contest between the princess and the birds.

The theme of Tchaikovsky's ballet “ Sleeping Beauty ” can be heard several times in the film .

The budget was around 7 million US dollars, which is partly due to the extremely expensive technology. Although the film was one of the most successful films of the time, with gross revenues of around US $ 3 million, it did not initially make a profit.

According to a statement by Prince Philipp in the film, the action takes place in the 14th century .

In 2012 filming began on Maleficent - The Dark Fairy , a reinterpretation of the cartoon as a real-life film. Angelina Jolie took on the role of Maleficent . Elle Fanning plays Princess Aurora . The film reverses the story and presents the original evil fairy Maleficent as the heroine. The German theatrical release was on May 29, 2014.


The world premiere of the fairy tale film was on January 29, 1959 in the USA, the German premiere on October 30, 1959 in the Federal Republic of Germany and on October 10, 1969 in GDR cinemas. There were also re-performances in the USA in 1970, 1979 and 1986. The film was shown again in Germany in 1977 and 1995. The film was first available on video in 1986 in the USA and in 1988 in Germany.


The German dubbing was created in 1959 in the studio of Simoton Film GmbH Berlin . Hans F. Wilhelm was responsible for the script and dubbing.

Role (English / German) Original speaker German speaker
Aurora Mary Costa Maria Milde
Maleficent / Maleficent Eleanor Audley Gisela Reissmann
flora Verna Felton Erna Sellmer
fauna Barbara Jo Allen Alice Treff
Merryweather / Sunshine Barbara Luddy Anneliese Würtz
Prince Philip Bill Shirley Rainer Brandt
King Stefan Taylor Holmes Werner Peters
King Hubert Bill Thompson Eduard Wandrey
Maleficent's servant Bill Amsbery Benno Hoffmann
teller Marvin Miller Heinz Petruo


“The film captivates with its cartoon virtuosity, but the accumulation of tracking shots and effects reveals more artificiality and sterility, which were in stark contrast to the wit and warmth of earlier masterpieces. "Sleeping Beauty" was to receive a special distinction through the adapted music by Tchaikovsky, and yet many missed the fresh, original songs from earlier films, such as the yodelling song of the dwarfs from Snow White and the seven dwarfs "

“The last of the great Disney fairy tale films was supposed to crown his work at the time, but was spurned by the critics. From today's point of view, it can be stated that the studio has never before succeeded in better implementing human figures in animated films [...]. Tchaikovsky's music has proven itself exceptionally well, but above all the work of the background painter Eywind Earle, who was inspired by the Duc DuBerry's book of hours. Malefiz, the evil fairy, is one of the darkest Disney characters ever. You and numerous horror scenes make the film seem less suitable for smaller children. "

The Wiesbaden film evaluation agency awarded the production the title valuable .



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Sleeping Beauty was nominated at the Academy Awards in 1960 in the " Best Film Music " category. In 2019 she was accepted into the National Film Registry .


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