Maleficent - The Dark Fairy

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German title Maleficent - The Dark Fairy
Original title Maleficent
Maleficent film logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2014
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
JMK 10
Director Robert Stromberg
script Linda Woolverton
production Joe Roth
music James Newton Howard
camera Dean Semler
cut Rick Pearson ,
Chris Lebenzon

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Maleficent: Forces of Darkness

Maleficent - The Dark Fairy (Original Title: Maleficent ) is an American fantasy film from the Walt Disney Studios from 2014 , which was produced in Disney Digital 3-D , RealD 3D and IMAX 3D format. Angelina Jolie can be seen in the title role . This film marks the directorial debut for production designer Robert Stromberg .

The film is based on the fairy tale Die Schöne, who slept in Walde , the Sleeping Beauty version by Charles Perrault , and is based on the cartoon Sleeping Beauty from 1959 in terms of appearance and content . Maleficent tells the story from the perspective of the evil fairy, which in German language version of the animated Disney classic Maleficent was called.

The German theatrical release was on May 29, 2014, one day before the US theatrical release on May 30, 2014.


At the beginning of the plot, a voice-over comment guides the viewer through the plot area: On the one hand, the moors, where fairies and magical creatures live in harmony, on the other hand, the human kingdom, where discord, envy and class rule prevail. Maleficent is a young, horned fairy with body-sized, dragon-like, feathered wings on its back. She learns that a person has entered the moors. When she confronts him, she learns that his name is Stefan and that he was caught stealing a gem . Maleficent reclaims the gem and throws it into a stream, as it belongs in the realm of the moors. Stefan accompanies you to the border of the empires. They shake hands in parting, but Stefan's iron ring burns Maleficent. He throws it away so their hands can touch again, and they become friends.

But Stefan's attitude changes with age. He strives for a higher social position in the human kingdom. Maleficent becomes the highest fairy through her services and thus the defender of the moors. When old King Henry tries to wage war against the moors, he is intercepted at the border and his troops are defeated by the moors under Maleficent's leadership. The king then withdraws. He who succeeds in killing Maleficent is to become the successor of the kingdom. Stefan notices this and goes to Maleficent. He lies to her to warn her and numbs her with a potion. When he tries to kill her, he cannot bring himself to do it and instead cuts off her wings. He brings this to the king and is crowned the new king. It breaks Maleficent's heart to have been betrayed by Stefan and robbed of her wings. She conjures up a huge hedge of thorns around the moors and declares herself queen of the fairy kingdom.

Diaval, a raven about to be slain by a farmer, saves Maleficent's life by transforming him into a human; then he swears eternal loyalty to her. Diaval, whose shape Maleficent can change at will, should ask around in the king's castle. This tells Maleficent that Stefan was crowned king and that a daughter, Aurora, was born to him. Knowing this, Maleficent sets out to cause Stefan pain. When the three little flower fairies are saying their best wishes and magic at the baptism , Maleficent appears and utters a curse . Aurora is said to stab herself on a spindle on her 16th birthday and then fall into a death-like sleep. At the request of King Stefans, she changes the curse so that a kiss of true love can break it. Since Stefan kissed Maleficent on her 16th birthday and claimed at the time that it was the kiss of true love, she believes that this will never happen. The curse can also not be lifted by any power in the world.

King Stefan then has all the spinning wheels collected and burned in his deepest cellar. Aurora is said to grow up with the flower fairies far away from the castle and not return until the day after her 16th birthday. The flower fairies change their height and are not supposed to do magic. However, they are overwhelmed with raising the child, so Maleficent takes care of the child in secret. During this time, King Stefan wants to fight Maleficent with all his might. He neglects his wife, even when she is terminally ill, only to have a conversation with the locked away wings of Maleficent. Knowing how to burn Maleficent with iron, he has iron weapons forged day and night. When she was 15, Aurora met Maleficent personally. She calls Maleficent her fairy godmother, because she took care of her, while her "aunts", the flower fairies, did this more badly than right. Maleficent shows Aurora her realm and realizes that Aurora is not to blame for her father's behavior. That's why she wants to take Aurora's curse away. In doing so, she has to realize that she is unable to do this because of her own addition “no power in the world”. Thereupon Maleficent wants to confess her curse to Aurora again and again, but is ashamed or is interrupted.

When Aurora wants to live with Maleficent in the realm of the moors, Maleficent allows it. However, the "aunts" still have to be informed. While Aurora is practicing this, she meets Prince Phillip, who is on his way to the king's castle. They want to meet again later. When Aurora shows up at her "aunts" and wants to reveal to them the plan to live in the realm of the moors, one of the three fairies reveals that Aurora's father is not dead. Aurora seeks out Maleficent, who now has to admit that it was she who cursed her. With this knowledge, Aurora flees to her parents' castle. The three fairies also have to confess their wrongdoing to the king. When Phillip shows up to check on Aurora, Maleficent puts him to sleep, hoping his kiss will save Aurora from the curse. She then rides the Diaval, which has been transformed into a horse, to the castle.

Aurora wants to say hello to her father. However, he is absorbed in the battle plan against Maleficent and has his daughter locked up for her protection. Aurora can escape through a secret door and stabs herself in the deepest dungeon according to the curse on a re-establishing spinning wheel. Maleficent senses that she is too late and therefore slows down her ride to penetrate the castle undetected. She dismisses Diaval from service. But he wants to help his mistress. The castle is not guarded but has iron fixtures everywhere. Meanwhile, the fairies have to admit their wrongdoing and are tasked with waking the aurora, who has fallen asleep. Philip, who was taken into the castle, is woken up by Maleficent and when the fairies notice his presence, they make them kiss Aurora. The kiss doesn't work, however. The fairies leave the room with Phillip. Maleficent, on the other hand, saddened by Aurora's condition, promises her that nothing bad will happen to her and says goodbye to her with a kiss on the forehead, which awakens the sleeper as a kiss of true love.

When Diaval and the dark fairy want to leave, an iron net falls on Maleficent, which Diaval can turn into a dragon, who frees them. Surrounded by Stefan's men, both are in a hopeless position. Aurora flees the fight and discovers Maleficent's wings. She frees the wings, which then fly to Maleficent and reconnect with her. This allows them to free themselves and Diaval. King Stefan throws an iron chain around her leg, but Maleficent flies out of a window with all his might, Stefan tied to her with the chain. She sets him down on a keep and wants to go; in blind anger he tries to stab her from behind. Both fall from the tower together, Maleficent flies up and Stefan hits the ground below.

Aurora is crowned joint queen of both realms by Maleficent in the moor and in the presence of the magical creatures and Prince Phillips. Maleficent has found her peace and the realm of the moors is flourishing again. The narrator reveals that she was Sleeping Beauty and that she experienced it that way, although the story was told differently.

Important figures

Maleficent ( Angelina Jolie ) is betrayed and forced to defend her home - the realm of the moors - and all of its creatures. A cruel intrigue ultimately leads her to cast an irrevocable curse on the newborn daughter of the human king, Aurora . The name Maleficent can be compared with the English adjective maleficent (Latin maleficens, to: maleficus = doing evil), which translates into German as “malicious”.

Princess Aurora ( Elle Fanning ) is a curious, serious child with a love for nature. As she grows up, she gets caught between the fronts of the warring powers: her beloved homeland, the realm of the moors, and the kingdom of men, which she is to rule one day. "Aurora" translates from Latin as "dawn".

King Stefan ( Sharlto Copley ) was friends with Maleficent as a child, although she lives in the realm of the moors and he in the realm of men. Stefan is driven by the ambition to one day become king himself.

Diaval ( Sam Riley ) , Italian “diavolo” for “devil”, to be translated as devilish, is Maleficent's loyal companion, whom his mistress transforms into various forms.

The flower fairies are entrusted with the task of raising Aurora until she turns sixteen in order to protect her from Maleficent's curse. Knotgrass ( Imelda Staunton ) , English for " knotweed ", likes to act as the leader of the trio. Flittle ( Lesley Manville ) , English to flit for “to scurry”, loves the color blue and is constantly swirling around with butterflies. Thistlewit ( Juno Temple ) , which translates as Thistle Geist or Thistle Joke, is the youngest of the three fairies and even as playful as a child.


The FFS Film & TV sync in Munich dubbed the film. Ruth Deny wrote the dialogue book, Marina Köhler directed the dialogue.

Angelina Jolie (2012)
role actor German speaker
Maleficent Angelina Jolie Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Princess Aurora Elle Fanning Jodie Blank
King Stefan Sharlto Copley Axel Malzacher
Diaval Sam Riley Timmo Niesner
Prince Philip Brenton Thwaites Max fields
Knotgrass Imelda Staunton Marie Gruber
Thistlewit Juno Temple Farina Brock
Flittle Lesley Manville Christin Marquitan
King Henry Kenneth Cranham Bert Franzke
Queen Leila Hannah New Nicole Hannak
Narrator Charlotte Chatton Dagmar Dempe



In May 2009, information about a real-life adaptation of the 1959 Disney classic became known. Even then there were rumors that Angelina Jolie would take on the role of the evil fairy from whose point of view the story should be told. In January 2010, rumors surfaced that Tim Burton would be involved in the production as a director. In May 2011, however, it was announced that Burton had left the project to focus on other work. Disney was considering David Yates , who has directed four films in the Harry Potter series.

Linda Woolverton was ultimately commissioned to work on the script with Paul Dini . She previously worked with Burton on Alice in Wonderland and was also involved in the Disney films Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King . For Paul Dini, the script is the first script for a real film adaptation. Soon afterwards, Angelina Jolie confirmed that she would take on the leading role. In January 2012, Disney finally announced that production designer Robert Stromberg would make his directorial debut with Maleficent .


Sharlto Copley became known as the first actor alongside Angelina Jolie . Finally, Heat Vision reported that Imelda Staunton and Miranda Richardson were confirmed to star alongside Kenneth Cranham , Sam Riley and Lesley Manville . Staunton and Manville were cast as Flittle and Knotgrass , two of the three good fairies who take care of Princess Aurora. Miranda Richardson took on the role of Queen Ulla, who will also be Maleficent's aunt. Richardson and Peter Capaldi portrayed the royal couple in the prologue of the film. The scenes were filmed early, but cut out of the final theatrical version.

Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt can be seen in a supporting role as the young Princess Aurora. Jolie said at a film gala in London that this cast was more of a necessity, as other children at that age were afraid of the horns and claws of their film costume and would not have come near them.


Filming, with a budget between 130 and 200 million US dollars, began in London on June 18, 2012 and was then mainly shot in the Buckinghamshire area. Post-production began on October 5, 2012. In October 2013, John Lee Hancock was hired to assist Stromberg with the re-shooting of some scenes, as test demonstrations were not satisfied with the opening scene. As a reason, producer Roth said in an interview that Stromberg was awarded an Oscar for best production design in Alice in Wonderland and Avatar - Departure to Pandora , the look of the film is outstanding and, above all, the last 75 minutes are strong. Hancock was only hired as an assistant, not as the director of the re-shoot.


The first teaser trailer was published on November 13, 2013, before two more teasers were published in January. The title song was also used for the first time, which is a cover version of the song Once upon a Dream from the cartoon from 1959, which was re-sung by Lana Del Rey . The song was then available for free download from Google Play for a short time . On March 18, 2014, the first full-length trailer was released.

The American theatrical release was on May 30, 2014, in Germany the film was shown from May 28, 2014. The world premiere took place in London on May 7, 2014 , while the UK theatrical release also took place on May 28.

Since the original US theatrical version was only rated for ages 12 and over, the film was shortened by 40 seconds in German cinemas in order to be rated for ages 6 and up. On October 2, 2014, the film was released in Germany on DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray. While the Blu-ray version was published unabridged, the DVD was shortened according to the theatrical version.

Film music

Maleficent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack by James Newton Howard



Label (s) Walt Disney Records

Format (s)

Audio CD , download

Genre (s)

Orchestral , Score

Title (number)


running time


occupation see section track list

At the start of the film, the official film score with music from the film was released on CD. The soundtrack also includes the song Once Upon a Dream sung by Lana Del Rey , which can be heard during the credits.

Track List (Soundtrack)

  1. "Maleficent Suite"
  2. "Welcome to the Moors"
  3. "Maleficent Flies"
  4. "Battle of the Moors"
  5. "Three Peasant Women"
  6. "Go Away"
  7. "Aurora and the Fawn"
  8. "The Christening"
  9. "Prince Philip"
  10. "The Spindle's Power"
  11. "You Could Live Here Now"
  12. "Path of Destruction"
  13. "Aurora in Faerieland"
  14. "The Wall Defends Itself"
  15. "The Curse Won't Reverse"
  16. "Are You Maleficent?"
  17. "The Army Dances"
  18. "Phillip's Kiss"
  19. "The Iron Gauntlet"
  20. "True Love's Kiss"
  21. "Maleficent Is Captured"
  22. "The Queen of Faerieland"
  23. " Once Upon a Dream " - Lana Del Rey



The film received 5 out of 5 stars on and 3.9 out of 5 possible stars on, 6.9 out of 10 on Moviepilot and 7 out of 10 possible points on IMDb . On Rotten Tomatoes , the film received a 53% positive review from 264 critics. It is 70% better received by users of the platform.

"Hollywood's wave of fairy tale films makes it possible: The evil fairy in the classic animation 'Sleeping Beauty' becomes the main character of a fascinating, inconsistent 3D fantasy spectacle in which, in addition to the design team, the actresses set the tone."

"But Robert Stromberg's directorial debut is an aesthetic masterpiece in which real acting, bizarre backdrops and animation art merge into a seamless, fantastic world - and this film is gripping and deep, a classic fairy tale advanced psychologically."

- Adrian Prechtel,

“Stromberg succeeds very convincingly in essentially removing the boundary between real and animated films, inventing extremely artificial and at the same time beautiful pictures - and not forgetting that emotions are still the basis for every good fairy tale. The result has what it takes to become a Disney classic for the next 55 years "

- Frank Schnelle, epd film

Gross profit

The budget of around 180 million US dollars is offset by worldwide revenues of 758 million US dollars, of which the film alone grossed 241 million in North America. The film is number 103 (as of August 8, 2020) among the world's most successful films of all time .

Awards (selection)

Anna B. Sheppard was nominated for an Oscar in 2015 in the category Best Costume Design . She also received nominations for the Critics' Choice Movie Award , Satellite Award and Saturn Award .


With the release of the film, a sequel was promised early on. In June 2015, Disney officially announced a sequel, for which Linda Woolverton again wrote the script. Filming finally began on May 29, 2018, directed by Joachim Rønning, and was completed on August 24, 2018.

The German theatrical release of Maleficent: Mächte der Finsternis (Original title: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil ) took place on October 17, 2019. A trailer for the sequel was published in mid-May 2019.

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