The Crow - Revenge of the Crow

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German title The Crow - Revenge of the Crow
Original title The Crow: City of Angels
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1996
length 82 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Tim Pope
script David S. Goyer
production Jeff Most
Edward R. Pressman
music Graeme Revell
camera Jean-Yves Escoffier
cut Michael N. Knue
Anthony Redman

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The Crow

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The Crow III - Deadly Redemption

The Crow (Original title: The Crow: City of Angels ) is an American thriller by Tim Pope from 1996 . The title role is based on the comic series The Crow .


Ashe Corven and his young son are killed by a gang when they witness a drug trade. Plagued by the pain of his son's death, Corvens soul is brought back by a crow and his body awakens to new life. He now has extraordinary abilities. Among other things, even the worst injuries heal within seconds, which makes him immortal (because he is already dead;) Furthermore, he can let other people feel his emotions or let other people see his thoughts. Sarah, who is a friend of Eric Draven as a young girl in the first film, helps him remember the circumstances that led to his demise. Now he is only driven by the desire to avenge his death, and especially that of his son. She makes him up in a similar way to Eric Draven (which gives him the typical Crow face). He rides on his motorcycle, accompanied by the crow that brought his soul back, to the drug lab of the gang that killed his son. There he learns from Spider Monkey - one of the gangsters who murdered him and his son - where the other gang members involved can be found, whereupon Corven kills Spider Monkey by starting a fire that the battered Spider Monkey cannot escape.

Curve, a gang member, sees a large flaming sign in the shape of a crow on the floor in front of the laboratory.

Corven kills one of his son's murderers one by one. Judah Earl, the boss of the gang, has Corven searched. Through his blind seer - who like Sarah also has experience with beings like Corven - he learns that he can only kill Corven by killing the crow that always accompanies Corven. He succeeds in doing this, but Corven is not dead, it is simply robbed of his extraordinary abilities. There is a confrontation between the gang boss and Corven, which Corven can win. However, Sarah also dies during this confrontation trying to protect Corven.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that Vincent Perez was less charismatic than Brandon Lee in the first part. The ever-present violence should compensate for the weaknesses of the plot.

The lexicon of international films wrote: "Aesthetically without the dark Gothic charm of the first part, too out of date as a pop fairy tale, confusedly told and characterized by merciless brutality."


The film was nominated for Best Picture for the International Horror Guild Award in 1997.


  • The film was shot in Los Angeles . Its production amounted to an estimated 13 million US dollars . The film grossed approximately $ 17.9 million in US cinemas and approximately $ 7.5 million in other countries.
  • A video game based on the film was released in 1997 for the PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn under the title The Crow: City of Angels .
  • The band that performs on Day of the Dead is the Sacramento rock group Deftones .

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