Lust for Life (Iggy Pop Album)

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Lust for Life
Iggy Pop's studio album



Label (s) RCA Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Rock / hard rock / protopunk

Title (number)


running time

41 min 53 s

  • Guitar: Ricky Gardiner


Bewlay Bros.

Studio (s)

Hansa recording studios , Berlin

The Idiot
Lust for Life TV Eye Live

Lust for Life is Iggy Pop's second solo album from 1977. Like The Idiot , he recorded it with David Bowie after his “Station to Station” tour in the Hansa recording studios in Berlin .

Style and backgrounds

After The Idiot , which was very much influenced by Bowie, Lust for Life is more reminiscent of Iggy Pop in his Stooges times. It has a more aggressive sound than its previous album, which was more reflective and also had a touch of jazz. David Bowie takes on the same role here as in The Idiot , namely that of pianist and producer. His influence can be heard much less than with The Idiot .

The album contains two of Pop's most famous pieces, The Passenger and Lust for Life , and is considered by many to be Pop's best work of his solo career. Lust for Life was later used in the film Trainspotting - New Heroes .

The album was produced by Iggy Pop, David Bowie and the sound engineer Colin Thurston under the pseudonym "Bewlay Bros.", named after The Bewlay Brothers from Bowie's LP Hunky Dory .

Track list

  • Lust for Life - 5:14 (Text: Iggy Pop, Music: David Bowie)
  • Sixteen - 2:26 (Text / Music: Pop)
  • Some Weird Sin - 3:42 (Text: Pop, Music: Bowie)
  • The Passenger - 4:44 (Text: Pop, Music: Ricky Gardiner)
  • Tonight - 3:40 (Text: Pop, Music: Bowie)
  • Success - 4:26 (Text: Pop, Music: Bowie / Gardiner)
  • Turn Blue - 6:56 (Text: Pop / Walter Lacey, Music: Bowie / Warren Peace)
  • Neighborhood Threat - 3:25 (Text: Pop, Music: Bowie / Gardiner)
  • Fall in Love with Me - 6:30 (Text: Pop, Music: Bowie / Hunt Sales / Tony Sales)

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