Solo album

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A solo album is a music album for the content of which an individual artist is responsible and not a musical group or band. As a rule, the artist writes the lyrics and melodies and then hires musicians who play their instruments according to his specifications .

The solo artists are often also members of established bands (e.g. Geddy Lee , singer, bassist and keyboardist from Rush released the album My Favorite Headache in 2000 ). Others leave a band in order to start a solo career (e.g. Neal Morse split in 2002 from the band Spock's Beard , which he had formed ten years earlier with his brother Alan). Still others were never members of a band (e.g. Herbert Grönemeyer ).

Since solo artists often do not have a permanent band, solo albums often also contain performances by members from other bands, e.g. B. from Rob Thomas or Steven Tyler on the last albums of Carlos Santana .