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Steven Tyler (2007)

Steven Tyler (* 26. March 1948 in Yonkers , New York as Stephen Victor Tallarico ) is the lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith and father of actress Liv Tyler .

Family and children

Steven Tyler

Tyler's origin is Italian and German on his father's side, and partly Polish and English on his mother's side. His grandfather was from Ukraine .

Daughter Liv Tyler , who is now an actress, emerged from an affair with model Bebe Buell . Tyler's drug problems prompted Buell to initially claim that the musician Todd Rundgren was the father to protect the daughter . At the age of eight, however, Liv Tyler found out who her real father is at an Aerosmith concert.

In 1978 Tyler married the former Warhol model Cyrinda Foxe . The daughter Mia Tyler emerged from the marriage. The marriage ended in divorce in 1987. Cyrinda Foxe died of a brain tumor in 2002 .

In 1988 he married the fashion designer Teresa Barrick in Tulsa , with whom he has two children. The couple divorced in 2006.


Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

As a teenager, Tyler began playing the drums and harmonica . Before founding Aerosmith with Joe Perry in the early 1970s , he was a drummer in five different bands. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were soon dubbed "Toxic Twins" due to their excessive drug use.

He is also known for his big grin and for hanging scarves on his microphone stand during his performances. In the early days of Aerosmith, he also had a bottle of Jack Daniel’s with him on stage - a habit that he has since given up.

In 2003 he sang one of their songs ( You Shook Me All Night Long ) in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with AC / DC . In 2004 he sang The Star Spangled Banner at the opening game of the World Series , 2005, the single Just Feel Better on the album All That I Am by Carlos Santana . After a long break he was back on tour with the band Aerosmith in 2007. On November 10, 2009, it was announced that Tyler would be leaving the band. However, Tyler denied this the following day at a Joe Perry concert.

Film and TV

Because of his fame, Steven Tyler could soon be seen in smaller roles in various movies. Most of the time he plays himself, for example in Wayne's World 2 or in Be Cool with John Travolta . He was also featured in an episode of The Simpsons as a cartoon character and in several episodes of Two and a Half Men . In Lizzie McGuire he played Santa Claus in an episode . He was a member of the American Idol jury for seasons 10 and 11. On July 12, 2012, he announced that he would no longer participate in the twelfth season.


In 1981, Tyler had a motorcycle accident in which he broke an open heel . In 2006, he announced that he had been cured of hepatitis C after three years of illness . The liver inflammation transmitted by infected blood had to be cured with interferon therapy. Now he wants to raise public awareness of hepatitis.


In 2003 he received an honorary degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston , which was followed by an honorary doctorate from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2005 .

In 2008 Rolling Stone ranked Tyler 99th of the 100 best singers of all time .

Commitment to animal and environmental protection

Steven Tyler has repeatedly campaigned for animal and environmental protection . Together with his bandmate Joe Perry, he visited the fleet of the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd in Melbourne , Australia . He described the team members who fought for the protection of the whales as "freedom fighters" and invited them as VIPs to the concert that followed. In 2014, Tyler campaigned for a law that would provide better housing conditions for pigs and cattle. In 2016 he attended To The Rescue! Gala of the animal protection association thereof The Humane Society of the United States in Los Angeles to call attention to the abuse of so-called livestock steer. When Steve Tyler received the United Nations Humanitarian Award in 2016 for his dedication to helping victims of abuse , his speech focused on global warming.


Chart positions
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We're All Somebody from Somewhere
  DE 32 07/22/2016 (2 weeks)
  AT 39 07/29/2016 (2 weeks)
  CH 14th 07/24/2016 (3 weeks)
  UK 67 07/22/2016 (1 week)
  US 19th 08/06/2016 (4 weeks)
Just Feel Better ( Santana feat. Steven Tyler)
  DE 44 12/16/2005 (9 weeks)
  CH 39 11/20/2005 (7 weeks)
(It) Feels so good
  US 35 05/28/2011 (4 weeks)
Love is your name
  US 75 07/23/2015 (1 week)


  • 2016: We're All Somebody from Somewhere


  • 1998: Animal Crackers (Promo)
  • 2005: Just Feel Better ( Santana feat. Steven Tyler)
  • 2010: Love Lives
  • 2011: (It) Feels so Good
  • 2013: Sex E. Bizarre ( Orianthi feat. Steven Tyler)
  • 2015: Love Is Your Name

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