Toys in the Attic

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Toys in the Attic
Aerosmith studio album


April 1975


January - March 1975

Label (s) Columbia Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Hard rock , blues rock

Title (number)


running time




Jack Douglas

Studio (s)

The Record Plant, New York City

Get Your Wings
Toys in the Attic Rocks

Toys in the Attic (ger .: " Toys in the Attic ") is the third studio album of the American hard rock band Aerosmith . It was released in April 1975 on Columbia Records and is the second most successful studio album of the band with an eight-time platinum award. It was the final breakthrough for the band in the United States, reaching number eleven on the Billboard 200 . The second single Walk This Way , already a top ten hit in the USA in 1975, became a worldwide success in 1986 as the cover version of Run-DMC . Rolling Stone magazine ranked the album 228th in their list of the 500 best albums of all time .

Origin and style

Already the well-selling two previous albums had given the band extensive tours, the energy of which the band was able to capture on their third album, regardless of the ongoing drug excesses. Influenced by artists such as the Yardbirds and Jeff Beck . The Rolling Stones , the New York Dolls and Led Zeppelin were also seen as sources of inspiration. The album was recorded in early 1975 with Jack Douglas in New York City on a 16-track tape machine.


Stephen Thomas Erlewine of wrote that Aerosmith were a brave, experienced band at the time. Although she also used some role models, no other hard rock band had sounded like Aerosmith before. Five out of five stars were awarded. Like Rolling Stone , Rock Hard magazine also listed the album at 228th place in its 500 best album. Thomas Kupfer called the album an important piece in the music history of the 1970s. Due to influences from soul , big band and honkytonk , the band was one of the “blackest white musicians” long before the Black Crowes .

Track list

  1. Toys in the Attic - 3:05 - ( Joe Perry , Steven Tyler )
  2. Uncle Salty - 4:10 - ( Tom Hamilton , Tyler)
  3. Adam's Apple - 4:34 - (Tyler)
  4. Walk This Way - 3:40 - (Perry, Tyler)
  5. Big Ten Inch Record - 2:16 - ( Fred Weismantel )
  6. Sweet Emotion - 4:34 - (Hamilton, Tyler)
  7. No More No More - 4:34 - (Perry, Tyler)
  8. Round and Round - 5:03 - (Tyler, Brad Whitford )
  9. You See Me Crying - 5:12 - ( Darren Solomon , Tyler)

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