Permanent Vacation (Album)

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Permanent Vacation
Aerosmith studio album


August 1987


March - May 1987

Label (s) Geffen Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Hard rock , blues rock

Title (number)


running time




Bruce Fairbairn

Studio (s)

Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver (Canada)

Done With Mirrors
Permanent Vacation Pump

Permanent Vacation is the ninth studio album by the US hard rock band Aerosmith . It was released on Geffen Records in August 1987 . Dude (Looks Like a Lady) was released as the lead single, followed by Angel and Rag Doll as further singles .


The album can be seen as a turning point or comeback for Aerosmith following the success of the cover version of Walk This Way by Run-DMC in 1986. It was recorded for the first time with Bruce Fairbairn in the Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver , where the following albums were to be created. In addition, external songwriters such as Desmond Child and Jim Vallance worked for the band for the first time. A cover version of I'm Down was recorded by the Beatles .


According to the certifications, the album sold at least nine million times. It reached number eleven on the Billboard 200 . On the site , John Franck and Eduardo Rivadavia praised the “mostly outstanding” songwriting . As an overall rating, they certified Permanent Vacation “a guaranteed number of incredible tracks for any time and place” (a guaranteed number of incredible tracks for always and everywhere). However, the successor Pump was rated as even stronger. They awarded four out of five stars. The editors of Rock Hard magazine put the album at 139th place in their list of 500 albums in 2007. Marcus Schleutermann wrote that the band had reported back with a “clap of thunder”, he spoke of a “milestone” in the band's history. Only the somewhat “confused end” with the cover I'm Down and the instrumental The Movie was criticized .

Track list

  1. Heart's Done Time ( Desmond Child , Perry) - 4:42
  2. Magic Touch (Perry, Tyler, Jim Vallance ) - 4:37
  3. Rag Doll ( Holly Knight , Perry, Tyler, Vallance) - 4:25
  4. Simoriah (Perry, Tyler, Vallance) - 3:22
  5. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) (Child, Perry, Tyler) - 4:24
  6. St. John (Tyler) - 4:10
  7. Hangman Jury (Perry, Tyler, Vallance) - 5:33
  8. Girl Keeps Coming Apart (Perry, Tyler) - 4:13
  9. Angel (Child, Tyler) - 5:08
  10. Permanent Vacation (Tyler, Whitford) - 4:49
  11. I'm Down ( Lennon / McCartney ) - 2:20 ( The Beatles Cover)
  12. The Movie [instrumental] (Hamilton, Kramer, Perry, Tyler, Whitford) - 4:04

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