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Allmusic (proper spelling: AllMusic , previously All Music Guide ) is a company from the All Media Guide in Ann Arbor , Michigan , from powered database that contains commercial music releases. Many musicians have biographies , discographies and a list of those involved (credits). There are also links to similar musicians and music-historical considerations of individual genres. The content is only available in English . The core business is the licensing of the information to companies such as Microsoft , AOL , and Barnes & Noble . The metadata are used by some programs, including some versions of the Windows Media Player retrieved automatically from the Internet.


The original database was launched in 1991 and, according to the company's own statement, is intended to “serve consumers as guides through the increasingly complex world of music” (“ to help consumers navigate the increasingly complex world of recorded music ”). The first reference book was published a year later . 1993 began to include films and computer games . These are available in the related projects Allmovie and Allgame . The service was initially available via Gopher , the website has existed since 1995.

Today Allmusic employs over 900 music critics (many of whom are freelance) as well as a large number of employed database maintainers. Users can also submit suggestions for changes and enhancements that will be reviewed by the editor.

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