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Joe Perry

Joe Perry , full name: Anthony Joseph Perry (born September 10, 1950 in Lawrence , Massachusetts ) is an American musician . He is the lead guitarist , second singer and songwriter for the rock band Aerosmith . In the early 1980s he had his own band during his five-year Aerosmith hiatus. He also released a solo album in 2005 . He is of Portuguese and Italian descent, married and has four children.

The time before Aerosmith

Perry's first contact with rock 'n' roll was when he was a child when he heard early rock pearls like Rock Around the Clock or Tutti Frutti at neighbors . Inspired by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the 60s, he discovered the guitar as a teenager. He jammed to British blues rockers like the Yardbirds or John Mayall . This formed the basis of his "Tough'n'Rough Blues Licks ", which would later have a large share in the success of Aerosmith.

He played in many bands such as Flash , Just Us and Plastic Glass . In The Jam Band he already played with the future Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton . In 1969 Joe Perry and Steven Tyler's paths finally crossed in Sunapee , New Hampshire .

Aerosmith, the first

In 1969 Joe Perry (guitar), Steven Tyler (vocals, drums, harmonica) and Tom Hamilton (bass) formed the band Aerosmith. A little later the band was completed with Brad Whitford (guitar) and Joey Kramer (drums, replacing Tyler's drum part).

Perry and Tyler were close friends, and they soon became known as Toxic Twins because of their drug use and excessive lifestyle.

The first album Aerosmith was released in 1973. Initially seen as a Rolling Stones copy, the band proved their own style in the mid-1970s. Aerosmith released a number of successful albums and hit singles during this period .

The success made Perry an icon. But over time the band got more and more creative and personal.

Perry left Aerosmith in 1979 after an argument with Tyler just as the sixth album Night in the Ruts was being recorded. Joe only plays on six out of nine titles.

Joe Perry Project: Your own band

In late 1979 Perry formed his own band "The Joe Perry Project". The debut album Let the Music Do the Talking made it to number 47 on the Billboard album chart with 250,000 records sold in the United States.

While sales and reviews were quite considerable as a result, the band's success mainly as a live band. They even managed to do that after their second album, I've Got the Rock'n'Rolls Again, largely flopped.

The project never got a permanent cast. All three studio albums had different lead singers. For the third and last long player Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker , released in 1983, the entire ensemble was again changed.

There was no longer any real success. Even a short debut by the ex- and in the future again Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford brought nothing to the band. In 1984, The Joe Perry Project found little support from a record label .

Aerosmith, the second

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

Aerosmith manager Tim Collins worked to get Perry back in touch with his former bandmates. Finally he rejoined the band in 1984 - as did Brad Whitford, who also walked solo. The classic line-up of Aerosmith was restored and a successful reunion tour followed.

With the rappers Run DMC , Perry and Tyler created a remake of the 1975 Aerosmith hit Walk This Way in 1986 . This brought the band again the attention of the general public.

After taking withdrawal measures to overcome drug problems, Aerosmith was able to work on its ultimate comeback . It has worked with various well-known songwriters and producers. A number of successful albums and hit singles followed (particularly noteworthy the 1989 album Pump, which went three times platinum ). Perry and Tyler became close friends again, writing songs together and performing brilliantly on stage.

Perry took his creative part in Aerosmith's first number one hit, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, from songwriter Diane Warren . The song appeared on the 1998 soundtrack for Armageddon .

In 2001 Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame .

The Solo Album and Joe Perry Project Reunion

In May 2005 Joe released his first real solo album, Joe Perry . It was recorded in his home studio, The Boneyard . Perry played all of the instruments himself except drums. The album was eagerly awaited by fans who missed Perry's classic rock veins on the last few Aerosmith songs. The music review also responded positively: Rolling Stone magazine rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars and the statement “A Joe Perry solo joint? About time! ”(A Joe Perry solo joint? That was about time!) . At the end of 2009 he went on an extensive tour through Europe and the USA with Have Guitar and Will Travel .

In 2011, Rolling Stone listed Perry 84th of the 100 best guitarists of all time . In a list from 2003 he was ranked 48th.


In late 2007, Perry formed the band TAB with his sons and played a number of gigs with some new songs, Aerosmith songs and pieces taken from Joe Perry's solo album.

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