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The word doyen (feminine form doyenne ) comes from French and means dean , elder . In a broader sense, the term is used for a leading figure in a particular field. The origin of the word lies in the Latin decanus .

Doyen in diplomacy

Nuncio Jozef Kowalczyk as doyen of the Polish diplomatic corps (2007)

Doyen is the name of the oldest or most senior member of a diplomatic corps (i.e. the ambassador who has been in the country the longest) and is its spokesman and representative at festive occasions. He also mediates in conflicts within the respective diplomatic corps.

The older members of the diplomatic corps in Germany results from the Anciennitäten list of the Foreign Office .

Apostolic Nuncio as doyen

In many states that have diplomatic relations with the Holy See , the apostolic nuncio permanently assumes the role of doyen of the local diplomatic corps. This avoids conflicts between the ambassadors about the leadership role at state receptions. Seniority ranking might automatically give representatives of smaller states whose staff rotate less often a leadership role that may not be intended. If, on the other hand, a representative of a larger or more influential state were inappropriately preferred, the representatives of the other state would perceive this as a diplomatic affront (as made clear by the historical example of the London coach dispute of 1661).

The current (2020) doyen of the diplomatic corps in Germany is, following this principle, the Apostolic Nuncio Nikola Eterović (appointed in 2013). In Austria and Switzerland , it is his counterparts Pedro López Quintana (since 2019) and Thomas Gullickson (since 2015).

Military attachés

There is also a doyen among the military attachés as part of the diplomatic corps. In Germany (2019) this is currently the Italian military attaché.

Doyen in Science

In the academic world, respected older scientists are referred to as doyen (also Nestor or luminary ) of their subject if their life's work has shaped the general school of thought in their discipline in an outstanding way.

Doyen or doyenne at Austrian theaters

A doyen or doyenne is also a special member of the theater, originally the Vienna Burgtheater . This honorary award is carried by a woman and a man in the ensemble, mostly the longest serving members of the ensemble, and thus they remain engaged until their death. You are not allowed to retire and have the right to a burial in accordance with Burgtheater customs. They have a kind of representative function and represent the company externally. Michael Heltau and Elisabeth Orth currently have this title. From 2001 to 2014 Annemarie Düringer was Doyenne of the Burgtheater, from 1987 to 2000 this was Paula Wessely . Predecessors were Adrienne Gessner , Rosa Albach-Retty , Hedwig Bleibtreu and Christiane Weidner . The doyen of the Burgtheater were Fred Liewehr , Otto Tressler , Fred Hennings and Karl Eidlitz .

Chamber actress Marianne Nentwich (since October 2, 2014, on the occasion of her 50th stage anniversary) and chamber actor Otto Schenk carry this title at the Theater in der Josefstadt . Chamber actress Elfriede Ott was an honorary doyenne.

At the Vienna Volkstheater , Hilde Sochor was the doyenne of the house.

Werner Resel was appointed doyen at the Vienna State Opera in 2001 and Peter Schmidl in 2006 .

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