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Frederic Remington : smoke signals from the Indians
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Smoke signal as an emergency signal

Smoke signals are a simple form of long-distance communication , more precisely optical telegraphy , which has become known especially through its use by the indigenous tribes of North America.

In addition to the intended smoke signals for communication, any smoke formation (both natural and artificial) can be read as signs that influence our actions. So z. B. a heavy smoke development in forest fires prompt to change his whereabouts.


In order to obtain the clouds of smoke required for this, North American Indians usually added wet grass to the open fire. Then the now heavily smoking fireplace was covered with a blanket. The accumulating smoke was released at certain intervals so that a sequence of “smoke” and “no smoke” was created, similar to Morse code , which were given different meanings. Other distinguishing features were the different sizes of the individual clouds as well as the color, which were influenced by the choice of smoke-forming additions to the fire. The transmission rate of smoke signals should be up to 8 characters per minute, which corresponds to a bit rate of 0.13 characters per second.

But not only the Indians of America communicated by means of smoke signals. Thus, for example, in the antiquity of the West and in ancient China smoke signals used for military purposes.


Smoke signal canister, as it is common in the seafaring. When triggered, thick red or orange smoke appears.


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