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A farm animal is an animal that is used economically by humans due to certain abilities or for aesthetic reasons .


Animals as food suppliers

Animals as by-product suppliers

Animals as workers and helpers

Animals as an attraction

Differentiation between farm animals - pets - pets

Many domestic animals are typical farm animals (see list of domesticated animals ). But also many wild animals and some transitional forms are used systematically by humans. Overall, the farm animals include:

  • Pets (see examples above). They emerged from wild forms through domestication and breeding .
  • Wildlife, e.g. As food fish from wild catch and huntable game .
  • Domesticated wild animals ( wild animals ), e.g. B. Working elephants. They are genetically wild forms, but their behavior is in taming adapted to the needs of man.
  • Conversely, some domesticated animals such as honey bees are genetically modified through breeding , but not tamed. Their behavior largely corresponds to that of the wild type. (For the genetic breeding of bees, see also reference .)

With pets , the focus is on the joy of living together, possibly also a private "benefit" such as the stimulation for walks and social contacts that are associated with keeping a dog. However, pets are not used economically by their owners . Pet animals are therefore not farm animals in the sense of the definition. Pets (domesticated animals) as well as wild animals, as well as transitional forms, are also represented among pet animals. The most popular pets - house cats and domestic dogs - are domesticated forms of animals .

The assignment is not always clearly possible. Domestic dogs can be purely pets, but also farm animals. The areas of application of working dogs are diverse - dogs are indispensable helpers on the one hand for certain professional groups, on the other hand also in the private sector for many blind and deaf people (see guide dog , signal dog ). In some countries, dog meat is also eaten.

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