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Chicken is the family name of the following people:

  • Constantin Hühn (* 1990), German actor
  • Helmut Hühn (* 1961), German German studies scholar and art historian, heads Schiller's garden house and the Goethe memorial as well as the European Romantic Research Center at the University of Jena
  • Hugo Hühn (1864–1918), German major general
  • Otto Peter Hühn (1896–1960), German lathe operator, district administrator and mayor
  • Paul Hühn (1883–1958), German composer, conductor, musician and choir conductor
  • Peter Hühn (* 1939), German English specialist and lecturer
  • Manfred Hühn (* 1940), German agricultural scientist
  • Uwe Hühn (* 1941), also: Ernst-Uwe Hühn , German graduate farmer and animal breeding scientist
  • Wulf Hühn (1943–2016), German composer, musician and writer