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The Dance / Electronic Songs is a weekly chart list that is determined by the US music magazine Billboard . It is the first listing of the most popular dance and electronic songs, measured in terms of airplay popularity, download and streaming numbers and club plays. The list replaced the dance / electronic singles sales chart category that was published until the end of 2012 . With the publication of the first issue on January 26, 2013, the song Scream & Shout by and Britney Spears emerged as the first number one song in this chart section.


1985 to 2012: Dance / Electronic Singles Sales

At times under the names Hot Dance Singles Sales and Hot Dance Music / Maxi-Singles Sales , Billboard magazine published a weekly listing of the most successful songs and remixes from the field of electronic dance music. The maxi single sales were decisive for the placements . Originally the chart list consisted of 50 titles, which were reduced to 25 in 2003 after the introduction of the Dance Airplay Charts .

2013: Replacement by dance / electronic songs

As a result of declining single sales, Billboard introduced the Dance / Electronic Songs chart as a contemporary replacement in January 2013 . The songs listed are tracked in the same way as those on the Billboard Hot 100 by Nielsen SoundScan, Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems, Broadcast Data Systems by streaming services such as Spotify and Xbox Music, and by a panel of 140 DJs selected in the USA evaluated. Separate from this are the lists Dance Club Songs and Dance / Electronic Digital Songs . Dance remixes of songs that were originally pop music , R&B music , rap music, or any other genre will not be recorded.


Most weeks in first place

69 weeks

33 weeks

27 weeks

26 weeks

25 weeks

23 weeks

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