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Daniel Haaksman (* 1968 in Rome ) is a German DJ , music producer , journalist and label owner.


Daniel Haaksman began his DJ career in the late 1980s in Frankfurt am Main . He has lived in Berlin since 1997 .

In addition to his musical activities, Daniel Haaksman was also involved in art education. In 1998 he was co-curator of the first Berlin Biennale , for which he curated and organized the "Congress 3000". In 1999, together with Jörg Koch and Oskar Melzer, he founded the "FFWD" gallery in Berlin, which made a name for itself until 2001 with numerous exhibitions on design, photography and architecture.

With his compilations "Dub Infusions" (Best Seven / Sonar Kollektiv ), as well as the founding of his first label Essay Recordings (together with Shantel ) Daniel Haaksman first became known to a larger audience as a DJ in the late 1990s and early 1990s. At this time, together with his brother Felix, he remixed artists such as Ray Baretto, Gotan Project , Shantel, Boban Markovic Orkestar, Stereotyp, and others under the name “Haaksman + Haaksman” . v. a. The trademark of "Haaksman + Haaksman" remixes was the electronic adaptation of various tropical music styles such as reggaeton , cumbia and soca.

In 2004 Daniel Haaksman introduced his Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats compilation ("Essay Recordings"), the Baile Funk, the sound of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro , to an international audience and gave the genre with the term ( Baile Funk ) a new name. In Brazil it is called music ( Funk Carioca ).

In 2005 Haaksman founded "Man Recordings". Brazilian artists such as João Brasil, Sany Pitbull, Deize Tigrona, Edu K, Mr.Catra, MC Gringo and DJ Sandrinho released their international debuts on “Man Recordings”. Haaksman also commissioned artists such as Diplo , Switch, Crookers or Sinden (who later produced MIA , Santigold or Black Eyed Peas ) with remixes or their own Baile Funk productions for Man Recordings as part of the “Funk Mundial” series. In 2017, “Man Recordings” celebrated its 12th anniversary with a hundred releases.

In 2008 Daniel Haaksman released his debut EP Who's Afraid Of Rio? and has since worked as a producer and solo remixer. Since then he has made remixes a. a. for Waldemar Bastos and Madera Limpia. In 2009 his Gostoso EP and further remix commissions for Gotan Project , Phenomenal Handclap Band , Riva Starr , Edu K, Schlachthofbronx etc. a. Further publications followed in 2010 and 2011.

In 2016 Haaksman released the album African Fabrics , which contains numerous collaborations with African singers such as Tony Amado, Dama do Bling , Spoek Mathambo and Tshila.

From January 2013 to June 2016 Haaksman presented the weekly radio program Luso FM on the former ARD radio station Funkhaus Europa .

Haaksman has been writing as a freelance music journalist since 1995 and has published in publications such as FAS, FAZ, Zeit Magazin, Spiegel Online, Der Tagesspiegel, Intro, Spex, Groove and Rolling Stone.

In October 2013 Haaksman published the book The Passenger - Iggy Pop 1976-1983 together with the photographer Esther Friedman and the designer Stefan Weil .



  • 2016 African Fabrics (Man Recordings)
  • 2012 More Rambazamba (Man Recordings)
  • 2011 Rambazamba (Man Recordings)
  • 2009 Rio Baile Funk Breaks (with DJ Sandrinho and DJ Beware) (Man Recordings)


  • 2017 VA Daniel Haaksman Remixes 2008-2017 (Man Recordings)
  • 2009 VA Bossa Do Morro (Universal Germany)
  • 2006 VA More Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats (Essay Recordings)
  • 2004 VA Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats (Essay Recordings)
  • 2001 VA More Dub Infusions (Best Seven)
  • 1999 VA Dub Infusions 1989-1999 (Best Seven)


  • 2008: Who's Afraid Of Rio? feat. MC Jennifer (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 031)
  • 2008: Who's Afraid Of Remix? (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 033)
  • 2009: Gostoso EP (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 039)
  • 2009: Gostoso Remix (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 041)
  • 2010: Hands Up EP (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 049)
  • 2011: Rap Da Silva EP feat. Bani Silva (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 058)
  • 2011: Copabanana EP (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 059)
  • 2012: Paragon with Wildlife! (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 068)
  • 2013: Lemba ft. Coréon Dú (Man Recordings, Cat.No. Man 077)
  • 2013: Lemba Remix ft. Coréon Dú (Man Recordings, Cat.No. Man 079)
  • 2013: Toma Que Toma (Man Recordings, Cat. No. Man 081)
  • 2014: Split Screen w / Dre Skull (Man Recordings, Mix Pak, Man 083)
  • 2015: Sabado ft. Bulldozer (Man Recordings, Cat.No. Man 086)
  • 2016: Rename The Streets (Man Recordings, Cat.No .: Man 091)
  • 2016: Akabongi ft.Spoek Mathambo (Man Recordings, Cat.No .: Man 093)

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