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Stefan Weil (* 1963 in Bad Homburg ) is a German graphic designer . In the 1980s and 1990s he was also the editor of various fanzines and magazines such as Der Fürst , HG-Magazin , Das Herz and Frontpage .


In the early 1980s Weil was active as a drummer in the new wave band Neue Mode . He also designed the covers for the band's publications , and later he also designed other album covers for artists such as Blind Vision, Robotiko Rejekto , Sons of Nippon, Umo Detic, Noise Control and Kerosene . He also published various fanzines such as Der Fürst and Das Herz . In 1989, together with Jürgen Laarmann , he founded the techno- fanzine Frontpage , for which he designed the pixelated logo referring to the digital production of the magazine .

From the late 1980s, Weil was employed as a graphic designer at the design agency Meiré und Meiré . He then worked as a freelance graphic designer and later worked for Tassilo von Grolman , Saatchi & Saatchi , TBWA and Leo Burnett, among others . For the Atelier Markgraph he was involved in the implementation of the future pavilion Lab01 from DaimlerChrysler at the Expo 2000 . After working for J. Walter Thompson , Weil returned to Atelier Markgraph in 2005 as Managing Director Creation. He has been co-owner of the agency since 2017. Stefan Weil is a member of the ADC and DDC .

In 2013 he published the illustrated book The Passenger - Iggy Pop 1976-1983 in collaboration with Esther Friedman and Daniel Haaksman . In the same year his photo book was published, that's how I see it .

Together with Alex Azary and Andreas Tomalla , he initiated the project for a Museum of Modern Electronic Music planned in Frankfurt am Main .


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