Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

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Television series
German title Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Original title Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
LOGO Wonderland-bw.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2013-2014
ABC Studios ,
Kitsis / Horowitz Production
length 45 minutes
Episodes 13 in 1 season ( list )
genre Fantasy , mystery , fairy tale , drama
idea Edward Kitsis ,
Adam Horowitz ,
Zack Estrin ,
Jane Espenson
production Kathy Gilroy ,
Brian Wankum
music Mark Isham
First broadcast October 10, 2013 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
September 24, 2014 on Super RTL

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is an American fantasy series directed by Edward Kitsis , Adam Horowitz , Zack Estrin and Jane Espenson and produced by ABC Studios . It is a spin-off of Once Upon a Time ... and is loosely based on Lewis Carroll's novel Alice in Wonderland . It is about Alice who returns to Wonderland to look for her lover. It was first broadcast on October 10, 2013 on US broadcaster ABC . In Germany, the series was shown on Super RTL from September 24, 2014 to October 29, 2014 .


In Victorian London , Alice tells her psychiatrists about a wonderland that has an invisible cat, a smoking caterpillar, walking playing cards and a genie named Cyrus, whom Alice has fallen in love with. The doctors think she is crazy and Alice begins to doubt it too, although she knows that Wonderland is real.

One day, Will Scarlet and the White Rabbit show up and take Alice to Wonderland. There she meets the red queen who, together with the evil wizard Jafar, keeps her lover Cyrus imprisoned in a cage.


History of origin

At the beginning of February 2013 Deadline.com reported that the original series Once Upon a Time ... is looking for a new Mad Hatter (in the original "Mad Hatter") because the previous actor Sebastian Stan has no time because of other film projects. Furthermore, this should then get its own television series. At the end of March 2013, it was announced that the Mad Hatter is no longer the lead actor, as there were mixed reactions to the news that the role would have to be re-cast. So it was decided to give Alice from Alice in Wonderland the lead role in the spin-off.

In April 2013, a four-scene presentation was filmed that prompted ABC to give the television series the green light for a first season of 13 episodes a month later. With a similar success as the main series, it was planned that each season would contain a self-contained plot. Filming for the actual pilot episode began in late July or early August 2013.

In a preview of the last episode of the first season, ABC referred to this as the series finale; the series finale ran on April 3, 2014.


For the lead role of Alice was Sophie Lowe cast. Other roles got Peter Gadiot as Alice's lover Cyrus , Michael Socha as the Jack of Hearts, Emma Rigby as the red queen and John Lithgow as the voice of the white rabbit. The possibility was also mentioned that Barbara Hershey could continue her role as Cora / Queen of Hearts in the spin-off. In July 2013, Lost star Naveen Andrews was cast in the lead role of the villain Jafar , the wizard from the movie Aladdin . In addition, Keith David and Whoopi Goldberg were hired for pure dubbing roles. In October 2013, Peta Sergeant received a role on the series.


Sophie Lowe plays the lead role as Alice

Main cast

Role name actor Episode appearances Voice actor
Alice Sophie Lowe 1-13 Marcia from Rebay
Will Scarlet / Jack of Hearts Michael Socha 1-13 Patrick Schröder
Cyrus Peter Gadiot 1-13 Nils Dienemann
Anastasia / Red Queen Emma Rigby 1-13 Caroline Combrinck
Jafar Naveen Andrews 1-13 Claus-Peter Damitz
White rabbit John Lithgow (voice) 1-13 Claus Brockmeyer

Supporting and guest cast

Role name actor Episode appearances Voice actor
Dr. Lydgate Jonny Coyne 1, 6 Thomas Wenke
Grinning cat Keith David (voice) 1 Ekkehardt Belle
Tweedledum # 1 Ben Cotton 1, 2, 4-6, 8, 9, 11 Max fields
Tweedledum # 2 Marty Finochio 1, 2, 4, 5, 7-11, 13
Caterpillar Iggy Pop (voice) 1, 3, 8, 9, 11 Kai Taschner
Alice's father / Edwin Shaun Smyth 1, 6, 7, 13 Manfred Trilling
Ashley Boyd Jessy Schram 1 Jacqueline Belle
Sultan / old prisoner Brian George 2-5, 7-9, 11-13 Erich Ludwig
Elizabeth "Lizard" Lauren McKnight 4, 9, 10 Maren Rainer
Amara Zuleikha Robinson 4, 10, 12, 13 Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Mrs. Rabbit Whoopi Goldberg (voice) 8, 13 Regina Lemnitz
Jabberwocky Peta sergeant 9-13 Sandra Schwittau
Maleficent Kristin Bauer van Straten (voice) 3 Dagmar Dempe
Robin Hood Sean Maguire 3 Hubertus von Lerchenfeld
Queen of Hearts / Cora Mills Barbara Hershey 11 Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif
young Alice Millie Bobby Brown 1, 5
Millie Kylie Rogers 6, 13

Episode list

No. German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
1 Let's follow the white rabbit! Down the Rabbit Hole Oct 10, 2013 Sep 24 2014 Ralph Hemecker Edward Kitsis , Adam Horowitz,
Zack Estrin & Jane Espenson
2 Trust is a big word Trust Me Oct 17, 2013 Sep 24 2014 Romeo Tirone Rina Mimoun
3 forget Me Not Forget me not Oct 24, 2013 Oct. 1, 2014 David Solomon Richard Hatem
4th Who are you anastasia The Serpent Nov 7, 2013 Oct. 1, 2014 Ralph Hemecker Jan Nash
5 Does a heart of stone also suffer? Heart of Stone Nov 14, 2013 Oct 8, 2014 Paul Edwards Katie Wech
6th Not everyone can find what they're looking for Who's Alice? Nov 21, 2013 Oct 8, 2014 Ron Underwood Jerome Schwartz
7th Bad blood Bad blood Dec 5, 2013 Oct 15, 2014 Ciaran Donnelly Jane Espenson
8th In the inferno of Jafar and the Red Queen Home Dec 12, 2013 Oct 15, 2014 Romeo Tirone Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz & Zack Estrin
9 Don't be afraid Nothing to Fear 6th Mar 2014 Oct 22, 2014 Michael Slovis Richard Hatem & Jen Kao
10 The curse of the good deed Dirty Little Secrets 13 Mar 2014 Oct 22, 2014 Alex Zakrzewski Adam Nussdorf & Rina Mimoun
11 The heart of all things Heart of the Matter 20 Mar 2014 Oct 29, 2014 David Boyd Jenny Kao & Katie Wech
12 Thieves and love To catch a thief 27 Mar 2014 Oct 29, 2014 Billy Gierhart Adam Nussdorf & Jerome Schwartz
13 And if they are not dead… And They Lived ... Apr 3, 2014 Oct 29, 2014 Kari Skogland Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz & Zack Estrin

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