The Wire's "100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening)"

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The Wire's "100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One What Listening)" (in translation: 100 records that set the world on fire (while nobody listened) ) is a collection of music albums of the British avant-garde -Musikmagazins The Wire . The list has 19 pages and was published in September 1998 in the 175th edition on pages 22 to 41. It was later supplemented by 30 more records.

In the Wire archives, the list is called the "antidote to all the other leaderboards of the century".

Form, effect and musical direction

In addition to the artist and title, the record label and the year of publication are given for each sound carrier . There is also a short description of about one paragraph and the abbreviations of the authors. The effect of the list as the world's most widespread and recognized compilation of musical albums beyond the mainstream was initially not foreseeable. It cannot be ruled out that the time of publication - a few years after the magazine had also opened up to danceable music styles and shortly before the turn of the century - contributed to this. The top 100 list is now circulating on various websites. It mainly contains albums from the areas of jazz , new music , electronic music and post rock .

Top 100 (1-100)


The preface reads:

“Tired of being reminded by other magazines that the best albums in the world were made by The Beatles , Beach Boys and Rolling Stones ? So are we. Over the next 18 pages, we poll our writers to come up with a guide to 100 records that should have ignited the world's imagination, except that everyone else was fiddling… ”

“Tired of being reminded by other music magazines that the best albums in the world were made by the Beatles, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones? We feel the same way. On the next 18 pages we asked our authors for an overview of the 100 records that should have sparked the world's imagination while they were busy with other things ... "

Participating authors

The list of the first list was compiled by: Steve Barker, Ed Baxter, Mike Barnes, Clive Bell , Chris Blackford, Linton Chiswick, Byron Coley, Christoph Cox, Brian Duguid, Robin Edgerton, John Everall, Matt Effytche, Sasha Frere-Jones, Louise Gray, Andy Hamilton, Richard Henderson, Ken Hollings, Steve Holtje, Mark Hudson, David Ilic, David Keenan, Biba Kopf, Art Lange, Peter McIntyre, Andy Medhurst, Russell Mills, Will Montgomery, Tim Owen, Edwin Pouncey, Tom Ridge , Mike Shallcross, Peter Shapiro, Chris Sharp, Mark Sinker, John F. Szwed, David Toop , John L. Walters, Ben Watson, Barry Witherden, Douglas Wolk and Rob Young.


No. Artist title Label Release
1 Pierre Akendengué Nandipo Saravah 1973
2 Kevin Ayers & The Whole World Shooting at the Moon Harvest 1970
3 Albert Ayler In Greenwich Village Impulses! 1967
4th Bad brains Bad brains ROIR 1982
5 Derek Bailey Aida Incus 1982
6th Louis & Bebe Barron Forbidden Planet OST Small planet 1956
7th Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Dust sucker (unpublished) 1976
8th Joey Beltram Places safe 1995
9 Steven Jesse Bernstein Prison Sub pop 1992
10 Blue Cheer Vincebus eruption Philips 1968
11 Joe Meek & The Blue Men I Hear a New World RGM 1960
12 William S. Burroughs Call Me Burroughs ESP 1965
13 John Cale Paris 1919 Recapitulation 1972
14th Camarón de la Isla collab. Paco de Lucía Al verte las flores lloran Philips 1969
15th Chrome Half machine lip moves Beggars Banquet 1979
16 Cluster Cluster Philips 1971
17th Ornette Coleman Dancing in Your Head AT THE 1977
18th Alice Coltrane Universal Consciousness Impulses! 1972
19th Comus First utterance BGO 1970
20th Tony Conrad Four violins Table of the Elements 1997
21st Lol Coxhill Digswell Duets Random radar 1979
22nd Betty Davis They say I'm different Vinyl experience 1974
23 Miles Davis On the corner Columbia 1972
24 The Dead C Trapdoor Fucking Exit Xpressway 1990
25th The Bill Dixon Orchestra Intents and Purposes RCA 1967
26th Paul Umbels L'Ivresse de la vitesse Received digital 1994
27 Dr. John Gris Gris Atco 1968
28 Electric Eels Agitated / Cyclotron Rough Trade 1977
29 Esquivel and His Orchestra Other Worlds Other Sounds RCA Victor 1958
30th Fadela N'sel Fik Factory 1985
31 fist The Faust Tapes Virgin 1973
32 Fingers, Inc. Another side Trax 1988
33 Fire engines Get Up and Use Me Pop aural 1980
34 Family Fodder Monkey Banana Kitchen Fresh 1980
35 4hero Parallel Universe Reinforced 1994
36 Robert Fripp Exposure EG 1979
37 Lewis Furey Lewis Furey AT THE 1975
38 Fushitsusha DBL Live PSF 1991
39 Michael Gibbs Michael Gibbs Deram 1970
40 Glenn Gould The Solitude Trilogy CBC 1967
41 Stan Kenton Plays Bob Graettinger City of Glass Capitol 1953
42 Al Green The Belle album Motown 1977
43 Bernhard Günter Un peu de neige salie selection 1993
44 Herbie Hancock sextant Columbia 1973
45 Kip Hanrahan Desire Develops at Edge American clave 1983
46 The Joe Harriott Quintet Abstract Columbia 1973
47 Jonathan Harvey Bhakti NMC 1984
48 Henry Cow Concerts Recommended records 1976
49 Ram John Holder Black London Blues Beacon 1969
50 The homosexuals The Homosexual's Record Recommended records 1984
51 Hugh Hopper 1984 CBS 1972
52 Son House Father of Folk Blues Columbia 1964
53 The Human League Being boiled Fast Product 1978
54 Ken Ishii Garden of the Palm R&S 1993
55 Charles Ives Symphony No. 4th Deutsche Grammophon 1988
56 Blind Willie Johnson Dark Was the Night - Cold Was the Ground Columbia 1929
57 Gottfried Michael Koenig Terminus II / function green Deutsche Grammophon 1967
58 Cathy Lane Nesting stones Unknown Public 1998
59 The Last Poets The Last Poets Douglas 1971
60 Alvin Lucier I am sitting in a room Lovely music 1970
61 Christian Marclay Record without a cover Recycled 1985
62 Master Musicians of Jajouka Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Jajouka Rolling Stones Records 1971
63 The Modern Lovers The Original Modern Lovers Mohawk 1981
64 Monotonous Monotonous product 07 Monotonous product 1981
65 Conlon Nancarrow Studies for Player Piano WERGO 1988
66 Youssou N'Dour Djamil Senegalese cassette 1983
67 Le Nimba de N'Zerekore Gön Bia Bia Syliphone 1980
68 Nurse with Wound Chance meeting ... United Dairies 1979
69 Phil Ochs Rehearsals for Retirement AT THE 1969
70 oval 94 discount Mille plateaux 1995
71 Ron Pate 's Debonaires feat. Reverend Fred Lane Raudeluna's Pataphysical Revue Say Day Bew 1977
72 Annette Peacock I'm the one RCA 1972
73 Pearls Before Swine Balaclava ESP 1968
74 Pere Ubu 30 seconds over Tokyo Hearthan 1975
75 Lee Perry & The Upsetters Revolution Dub Cactus 1975
76 Iggy Pop & James Williamson Kill City Bomp 1977
77 Public Enemy Apocalypse 91 ... The Enemy Strikes Black Def Jam 1991
78 Lou Reed Metal Machine Music RCA 1975
79 Steve Reich Early Works Nonesuch 1965
80 The Residents Satisfaction Ralph 1976
81 Jean C. Roche A Nocturne of Nightingales Sittele 1993
82 Royal Trux Twin Infinitives Drag City 1990
83 Arthur Russell World of Echo Upside 1986
84 Bally Sagoo Wham Bam 2 - The 2nd Massacre Oriental Star Agencies 1992
85 Buffy Sainte-Marie Illuminations Vanguard 1969
86 Nancy Sesay & The Melodaires C'est fab It's War Boys 1980
87 Sonny Sharrock Black woman Vortex 1969
88 Silver Apples Contact Cap 1969
89 hatch I want to rock hatch 1992
90 Tim Souster Swit Drimz Transatlantic 1977
91 Alexander Spence Oar Columbia 1969
92 Spontaneous Music Ensemble Karyobin Iceland 1968
93 Mark Stewart & The Maffia Learning to Cope with Cowardice On-U sound 1983
94 Sun Ra Strange strings Saturn Research 1967
95 The United States of America The United States of America Columbia 1968
96 Galina Ivanovna Ustvolskaya 1 hatART 1991
97 Walker Brothers Nite flights GTO 1978
98 Johnny Guitar Watson Ain't that a bitch DJM 1976
99 X-103 Atlantis safe 1993
100 Larry Young Lawrence of Newark Perception 1973



“In The Wire 175, we polled our writers to nominate records that should have ignited the world's imagination - but somehow got forgotten along the way. What follows is not that list, but 30 runners-up that we had to leave out of the original article. "

“In the 175th issue of Wire, we asked our writers to make a list of records that should have ignited the world's imaginations - but somehow fell by the wayside. This list does not follow here, but there are 30 successors that we had to leave out of the original article. "

Participating authors

Steve Barker, Clive Bell, Chris Blackford, Linton Chiswick, Robin Edgerton, Matt Effytche, Sasha Frere-Jones, Charlie Gillett, Louise Gray, Steve Holtje, Velimir Pavle Ilic, David Keenan, Art Lange, Howard Mandel , Pete McIntyre, Tim Owen , Tom Ridge, Peter Shapiro, John F. Szwed, John L. Walters, Ben Watson and Douglas Wolk.


No. Artist title Label Release
101 King Sunny Adé & His African Beats Juju Music Iceland 1982
102 Arcane device Engines of Myth Recommended records 1988
103 Art Ensemble of Chicago Fanfare for the Warriors Atlantic 1974
104 Baby ford Ford Trax Rhythm King 1988
105 Ray Charles The Spirit of Christmas Columbia 1985
106 Vinicius Cantuária Sol na Cara Gramavision 1997
107 Charles Brown superstar Days of Our Drive, Sweet Piece of Ass WIN 1995
108 Lowell Dawidson Trio Lowell Dawidson Trio ESP 1965
109 Dead Can Dance The Serpent's Egg 4AD 1988
110 Eric Dolphy Out to lunch! Blue note 1964
111 Bob Dylan Live 1966 (The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert) Columbia 1966
112 The 49 Americans We know nonsense Choo Choo Train 1982
113 Jimmy Giuffre Free Fall Columbia 1962
114 Golden Gate Quartet Golden Gate Gospel Train Bluebird 1937
115 Hot gossip The Hollywood Jungle Din Disc (unpublished)
116 Howlin 'wolf This Is Howlin 'Wolf ... Cadet 1968
117 Lee Konitz Motion verve 1961
118 Labradford A stable reference Flying Well 1995
119 Last exit Last exit Enemy 1986
120 JB Lenoir Alabama blues Bellaphone 1965
121 Derrick May Derrick May Transmat (unpublished)
122 Rachel's Music for Egon Schiele Quarterstick 1996
123 The Soul Stirrers Jesus Gave Me Water Specialty 1951
124 The Staple Singers Uncloudy Day Vee Jay 1959
125 The Cecil Taylor Quartet Looking Ahead! Contemporary 1958
126 Willie Mae Thornton Hound dog Peacock Records 1953
127 Lennie Tristano I can't get started with you Keystone 1946
128 Various artists Ice Cream And Suckers Mercury 1963
129 David S. Ware Third Ear Recitation DIW 1993
130 Marva Whitney It's my thing King 1969

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