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CBC / Radio Canada
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TV station ( public service )
Program type Full program
reception Analog: cable , satellite
Digital: terrestrial, Internet via Sirius Satellite Radio
Start of transmission November 2, 1936 (radio)
September 6, 1952 (television)
Seat Toronto , Canada

Ottawa , Canada

Intendant Catherine Tait
List of TV channels
[ http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca

http://www.cbc.ca http://www.ici.radio-canda.ca website]

CBC / Radio-Canada is the common umbrella brand for the state broadcaster of Canada . It was founded in November 1936 and broadcasts in the two official languages ​​of Canada, English and French, as well as eight native languages.

The English-language part operates under the name Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the French under Société Radio-Canada (SRC; abbreviated to Radio-Canada in the program ).


In 1928 the Canadian government set up a commission to deal with the situation of broadcasting in the country and to submit proposals for further action. At the beginning of the 1920s the first licenses for private radio stations had been granted, but their success was moderate compared to the neighboring American stations. So the committee advised the establishment of a nationwide broadcasting institution; this recommendation eventually led to the creation of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC) in 1932 . With the Canadian Broadcasting Act in 1936, the company became the Crown Corporation . In the late 1940s, the CBC developed a 15-year plan for realizing a television program. The first broadcasting stations went into operation within a short time and in 1955 two thirds of all Canadian households were reached. During this time, the control function of the radio and television companies was transferred from the CBC to the Board of Broadcast Governors in 1958, which in turn was carried out ten years later by the CRTC ( Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission or Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes ) was replaced. 1966 first broadcast in color.


CBC / Radio-Canada operates the following radio and television programs:

The French-speaking part is also involved in the international French-speaking television channel TV5 Monde together with other broadcasters .

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