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The Analogue Audio Association (AAA, eV) for the preservation and promotion of analogue music recording and playback was founded in 1990 .

The aim is that the analog record does not fall victim to digital music reproduction . It deals with all aspects of a meaningful application of modern analog recording and playback technology. It offers a space for the tradition of the record, the record player and classic hi-fi technology. In addition to maintaining and popularizing the vinyl record , she also takes care of the analogue tape playback .

The Analogue Audio Association offers its members a wide range of opportunities to find out more about analog recording technology and music reproduction and to contribute creatively.

Under the name 'Edition Phönix', the AAA offers purely analogue LPs, which are often high-quality reissues that are musically and sonically convincing recordings. In this series, 11 titles from the archives of the former GDR label Eterna were republished. The Phönix edition now includes 22 LP titles, most of which are out of print.

In 2007, the AAA caused a sensation by also starting to produce high quality pre-recorded tapes. Since the industry has not used this format for decades, the AAA is currently the only European provider of such tapes. There is a similar project in the USA. The first six titles from the AAA tape series are master tape copies licensed by the Austrian label Quinton.

The Analogue Audio Association publishes the club magazine "analog" (formerly: "analog aktuell") quarterly with articles on music productions with analogue reference, company reports and record reviews . Senior editor: Klaus vd Gathen.

On average twice a year the AAA presents a combination of equipment exhibition, music demonstrations, lectures and sales offers for LP and tape in a public two-day "Analog Forum", so far in Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Munich and Hamburg.

The AAA has several so-called exchange groups that are present on various LP exchanges with their own sales booth. Members and interested parties can discuss topics related to analogue music reproduction at private "analogue round tables", for example in Cologne, Dortmund, Stuttgart and Munich, in the Rhineland and in the Bergisches Land.

The AAA operates an Internet forum for the exchange of information on aspects of analog music recording and reproduction, which has developed into the world's largest forum in this special field.

The current board of the Analogue Audio Association has been in office since 2006 and consists of (as of October 2015):

  • Rainer Bergmann, 1st chairman
  • Christoph Held, 2nd chairman
  • Thomas Schmitz, treasurer
  • Norbert Bürger, secretary

In Switzerland and Austria there are similar organizations called "Analogue Audio Association". You are friendly and ideally connected to the German AAA, but legally and organizationally independent of it.

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