BBC Radio 6 Music

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BBC Radio 6 Music
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Radio station ( public law )
reception Satellite , DAB
Reception area United Kingdom
Start of transmission March 11, 2002
Broadcaster BBC
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BBC Radio 6 Music Studio in Manchester

BBC Radio 6 Music is a radio program of the BBC founded on March 11, 2002. Originally it was called Network Y . It can only be heard through digital receivers (digital radio, internet and various forms of digital television ). The station plays genre music styles such as independent , classic rock , punk , jazz , funk and hip-hop . It should differentiate itself from otherBBC music channels, such as Radio 1 and Radio 2, byofferingan alternative to the mainstream . The moderators and DJs are considered experts in their respective musical fields. Both former musicians, such as B. Tom Robinson or Marc Riley ( The Fall ), as well as active musicians such. B. Guy Garvey ( Elbow ) or Huey Morgan ( Fun Lovin 'Criminals ). Tom Ravenscroft, the son of John Peel , has had a weekly Friday evening showsince 2010.

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