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German title Gutterdämmerung
Original title Gutterdämmerung
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2016
Director Bjorn Tagemose
script Bjorn Tagemose
production Katarina Vercammen
music Alain Johannes
camera Bjorn Tagemose
cut Erik Peiren

Gutterdämmerung is a film project by the Belgian-Swedish artist Björn Tagemose . The project is a combination of a black and white film , a live band and a narrator. Numerous well-known musicians and music groups participated in the project. The world premiere took place in Berlin on May 6, 2016, and the film festival tour began on May 28, 2016 with a performance at Rockavaria .


Tagemose and his wife Katarina Vercammen, who also produced the film, worked on the development and completion of the project for around five years. First the artist drew a storyboard with which he was able to win Henry Rollins as one of the first participating artists for the idea. More commitments from Iggy Pop and Grace Jones followed . The project was financed with the help of two Belgian art collectors. A preview took place in London on November 12, 2015 , at which excerpts from the film were shown to the audience. The actual premiere was on May 6, 2016 in Berlin.

The project is a black and white film with only a few spoken scenes. The performance is accompanied by a live band playing well-known songs from rock history. They were arranged by Kevin Armstrong , next to him the musicians of Iggy Pop's current band and singer Jesse Smith belong to the ensemble. In the tradition of the silent film , a narrator accompanies the film. At the performance in Berlin Ray Cokes took over this role, at the performance at the Rockavaria Henry Rollins was seen as the narrator. Tagemose describes the film as the "loudest silent film of all time".

Numerous artists have made cameos , including Grace Jones, Volbeat , Josh Homme and Nina Hagen .


The angel Vicious throws the evil rock 'n' roll guitar to earth. A dispute breaks out between various opponents over the guitar, all of which they want to use to their advantage. Only Billy and Juliette independently try to bring the guitar back to a safe place. At first they work against each other, but then they have to find out that the real opponents are those who want to develop their power with the help of the guitar.


The reviews were very mixed. The Rock Hard wrote the film's potential to the "Metal-Woodstock of our time" and to be said that the film possessed by the use of the backing, the narrator and pyrotechnics the exclusivity of a live experience. Sophie Albers Ben Chamo writes in Stern that a metal rock opera has come out, whose "hero density and imagery ... has borrowed a lot from the silent film aesthetic". The story of the film has logical gaps and the film is primarily about the appearances of the personal heroes and the songs played. Ivo Ligeti from Die Welt criticizes the fact that the plot apparently had to be reduced to a minimum in order to be able to logically fit the large number of rock legends into the story. The selection of the accompanying music is predictable and the critic sums it up: “In bad moments, ' Gutterdämmerung ' smells of beer and man's sweat. In good we see a passable homage that you can grow to love with a little effort. ”For Katrin Riedl from Metal Hammer it was a lackluster premiere, the concept is good, but has gaps. Her conclusion is "Much seems forced, made explicitly on a 'celebrable cult film', staged apocalyptic and bloody, but toothless, expected and without an illuminating conclusion."

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