Raw power

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Raw power
Studio album by Iggy and the Stooges


7th February 1973

Label (s) Columbia Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Garage rock , protopunk

Title (number)


running time

approx. 34 minutes



David Bowie , Iggy Pop

Studio (s)

CBS Studios, London

Fun House
Raw power The Weirdness

Raw Power is the third album by the Stooges (released under the name Iggy and The Stooges). Released in 1973, it is the last studio album from the "classic" phase of the band. Raw power is commonly assigned to the garage rock genre , but is also considered a prototype of punk .


The following songs can be heard on Raw Power :

  1. Search and Destroy ( Osterberg / Williamson )
  2. Gimme Danger (Osterberg / Williamson)
  3. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell - originally: Hard to Beat (Osterberg / Williamson)
  4. Penetration (Osterberg / Williamson)
  5. Raw Power (Osterberg / Williamson)
  6. I Need Somebody (Osterberg / Williamson)
  7. Shake Appeal (Osterberg / Williamson)
  8. Death Trip (Osterberg / Williamson)


Raw Power was at CBS Studios in London in 1972 added . All songs on the album were written by Iggy Pop and James Williamson , Iggy Pop was also responsible for the production . The following musicians recorded the songs:


The mix of raw power took David Bowie . Iggy Pop was never satisfied with this mix, however. He complained that David Bowie had softened the wildness of the recordings too much. Therefore Iggy Pop made a remix of the album in 1997 .

David Bowie, on the other hand, remembers the mix as follows: Although a 24-track recorder was available for Raw Power , Iggy Pop only used three tracks - one for himself, one for the lead guitar and one for the rest of the band. Since there was hardly anything to mix for him, he essentially limited himself to turning the volume of the vocals up and down.


Raw Power was first released in 1973 by the Columbia label , it was released on LP and MC . In later years it was also published on CD and MP3 . A deluxe edition with numerous bonus tracks is also available.

Charts and reception

source rating
Rolling Stone
Pitchfork Media

Raw Power wasn't particularly successful when it was first released - it only reached number 182 on Billboard's album charts .

In retrospect, however, the album is considered essential by most music critics . Jon Savage, for example, wrote in his story of punk, England's Dreaming , that if you could hear only two of the punk albums mentioned in the book, you should choose Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols and Raw Power .

The music magazine Rolling Stone put Raw Power at number 128 on its list of the 500 best albums of all time .


Johnny Marr , Kurt Cobain and Cee-Lo Green each named Raw Power as one of their favorite albums.

Henry Rollins had a song title from Raw Power tattooed on his upper back in full format : Search & Destroy .

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