Coffee and cigarettes

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German title Coffee and cigarettes
Original title Coffee and cigarettes
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Jim Jarmusch
script Jim Jarmusch
production Joana Vicente
Jason Kliot
music Iggy Pop ,
Skatalites and others a.
camera Frederick Elmes
Ellen Kuras
Robby Müller
Tom DiCillo
cut Jay Rabinowitz
Melody London
Terry Katz
Jim Jarmusch

Coffee and Cigarettes is an American episode film directed by Jim Jarmusch from 2003. In a similar setting, a number of people, including many from Jarmusch's close circle, have bizarre small talk over coffee and cigarettes. The 11 episodes were created at different times, the earliest with Roberto Benigni dates from 1986 and was initially shown in cinemas as an independent short film called "Coffee and Cigarettes".


Strange to meet you

Roberto Benigni and Steven Wright meet in a bar. They quickly discover that they are both quite annoyed. They also agree that coffee and cigarettes are an excellent mix. Steven announces that he prefers to have a lot of coffee before bed. He claims that then he can dream very quickly. He actually has an appointment with the dentist and he doesn't want to go there. Roberto seems to know the perfect solution to Steven's problem ...


Twins Joie and Cinqué Lee argue over who was responsible for the idea of ​​going to Memphis . The waiter ( Steve Buscemi ) overhears this discussion and begins to tell them a story about Elvis Presley's alleged evil twin brother. Allegedly, the twin should feel responsible for Elvis' decline. Joie, the good guy of the Lee twins, tells the waiter that they believe Elvis stole his music from black musicians anyway. However, waiter Steve believes that the evil Elvis twin was responsible ...

The short film was made in 1989 and was shown at various festivals as Coffee and Cigarettes II: Memphis Version .

Somewhere in California

When Tom Waits and Iggy Pop meet, Tom explains that he had a very stressful day as an emergency doctor. He had to operate on someone right on the roadside. Iggy is pretty baffled because he didn't know that Tom's part-time job is a doctor. The musicians have long argued that quitting smoking is an excellent thing. Tom adds, however, that the best part is that you can smoke a cigarette at any time - and he lights one to demonstrate. Iggy asks Tom if he comes to the store often. He noticed that there wasn't a single song by him on the jukebox . Tom then suggests that he go to Taco Bell , which is probably more to Iggy's taste, whereupon the latter asks indignantly if he looks like a Taco Bell customer.

Back in 1993, titled Coffee and Cigarettes - Somewhere in California turned the short film won in the International Film Festival of Cannes , the Palme d'Or for Best Short Film .

Those Things'll Kill Ya

Joe Rigano once again hints at his displeasure that Vinny Vella is still smoking. Vinny tells him that he just can't help it. He finds that he is simply addicted to cigarettes. However, he also has something to complain about in Joe, because he points out that instead of smoking he always drinks coffee and that it is no less unhealthy. Vinny's son Vinny Jr. bursts into this heated discussion. He has his father give him some money to buy "Japanese peas". Joe thinks these peas taste really bad, but Vinny thinks they are very delicious. While at least one person smokes in the other episodes, the exasperated Vinny Vella puts the cigarette back in the box without lighting.


Renée French sits alone in a bar, smokes, drinks coffee and reads a gun magazine. The waiter (EJ Rodriguez) pours her coffee without being asked; she reacts indignantly that the coffee was just right. The waiter leaves, but comes back briefly, apologizes, and leaves. This game goes on like this. He asks if her name happens to be Gloria and then if she would like something to eat.

no problem

Isaach De Bankolé is delighted that his friend Alex Descas called him to meet him again. However, he also worries that something is wrong with him. Alex tries to calm his friend down. He explains to him that he really has no problems, but just wanted to meet him again. Isaach, in turn, suspects behind Alex's vehement denial of a problem that he is trying to hide something from him ...


Busy actress Cate Blanchett has taken some time to hang out with her cousin Shelly (also played by Cate Blanchett ) in between all the promotion dates for her current film . The meeting takes place in the lobby of an expensive hotel. The mood is extremely tense from the start, because Shelly can hardly hide her envy of her cousin's success. This is how Shelly talks about her new boyfriend who plays in a band. Cate doesn't seem to care. She gives Shelly a bag filled with much expensive cosmetics. Shelly isn't too enthusiastic because she suspects that these are just freebies and that Cate didn't bother buying things for her.

Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil

Jack and Meg White of the White Stripes drink coffee and smoke together. Jack shows Meg his self-made Tesla coil and explains its functions. He tells her about the life and work of the inventor of the Tesla coil, Nikola Tesla . The device will burn out after a functional demonstration. The waiter (Cinqué Lee) and Meg think out loud about what could be broken on the device. Jack reacts angrily and pisses off the waiter with a snotty comment. Meg has another amateurish idea for the defect, which she apparently derives from car spark plugs, whereupon Jack annoyedly agrees with her, so as not to have to listen to more well-intentioned, but unsuspecting suggestions. He leaves the scene to repair his Tesla coil.


Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan have tea together. They talk about each other's work and praise each other. Molina explains that he has always been interested in human history. Katy Hansz interrupts the conversation to get Coogan's autograph. Molina then reveals to Coogan that in the course of his research he found that they are both cousins. Steve is not particularly pleased, he doesn't want to have anything to do with Alfred and lets him feel that too. However, he suddenly changes his attitude when he learns that Molina knows the director Spike Jonze .


GZA can't believe it when RZA tells him that he studied alternative medicine . They find that they both agree on one point: They both feel better since they swore off coffee, that is, caffeine. Bill Murray comes along as a waiter and offers them coffee. They refuse with thanks and RZA explains to him that the consumption of coffee can lead to nasty delusions. Then Bill drinks the coffee straight from the pot. This is how they come to philosophize about coffee . It's about coffee just before going to bed, about coffee as ice and also about the use of nicotine as an insect repellent. Because Murray is constantly coughing, RZA and GZA recommend some adventurous sounding alternative healing methods.


In the final episode, William Rice and Taylor Mead sit together. They talk about songs from their past and pretend their coffee is champagne to drink to life itself. In the background the melancholy song Ich bin der Welt got lost by Gustav Mahler based on a poem by Friedrich Rückert can be heard as a transition to the credits .


"When you're cool, you're cool, and" Coffee and Cigarettes "is definitely cool."

- Variety

"Jim Jarmusch's new film 'Coffee and Cigarettes' is a pleasure from start to finish."

- IndieWire

"Magical moments of casual beauty and enigmatic poetry flash up again and again."

- Süddeutsche Zeitung

"... a delight that unfolds in front of you, like an unforgettable concept album."

- Rolling Stone.

"Jim Jarmusch's coolest, tenderest, most melancholy film."

- Daily mirror


Individual evidence

  1. Mark Caro: With 'Coffee,' Jim Jarmusch lacks for rush . In: Chicago Tribune , May 28, 2004. "But then 1992's" Somewhere in California, "which won the Cannes Film Festival's short-film Palme D'Or, offers the delicious spectacle of [Iggy Pop] and [Tom Waits] meeting in some remote dumpy bar, with Iggy playing the shaggy, eager-to-please puppy while the edgy Waits finds ways to take constant umbrage. " 

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