Practice (band)

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General information
Genre (s) Avant-garde , fusion
founding 1992
Current occupation
Bass , producer
Bill Laswell
Bernie Worrell
Guest musician
* Bootsy Collins (bass and vocals)

Praxis is a music project led by the US bassist and producer Bill Laswell with frequently changing musicians that merges different genres such as jazz , funk , metal and hip-hop .


Bill Laswell produced the Limbomaniacs album Stinky Grooves in 1990 , with Bryan "Brain" Mantia playing drums. The band members gave Laswell a demo video of the guitarist Buckethead and his band Deli Creeps , whereupon Laswell started the project Praxis with Mantia and Buckethead. The name goes back to a publication by Laswell in 1984, which was republished in 1997 - again under the name Praxis.

For the debut Transmutation (1992) Laswell was able to engage the radio musicians Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell . The end product, a mixture of metal, funk and jazz, set the general direction for the project and was praised by many critics.

Sacrifist followed in 1994 , which interwoven elements of Death Metal with the previous group sound. Guest musicians were Collins and Worrell, the saxophonist John Zorn , the Japanese vocalist Yamatsuka Eye and the former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris. The unusual mélange met with mixed feedback from critics. In the same year, the album Metatron , recorded by the trunk trio, was released , which contained fewer elements of funk and jazz, but more electronic music. The trio then played numerous concerts in Europe, which resulted in recordings such as Zurich , Live In Poland and Warszawa . Sometimes the trio was expanded to include turntables like DJ Disk .

Without Buckethead and Brain, Laswell made the recordings for Mold in 1998 , which - as in 1984 - is to be understood as a solo project, although Laswell was supported by guitarist Pat Thrall and multi-instrumentalist Peter Wetherbee. After that, it was a bit quiet about the project for a few years, the above-mentioned concert recordings and the collection were sent to the waiting fans . Brain was already playing for Primus at that time before he followed Buckethead to Guns N 'Roses . Laswell immersed himself increasingly in remix projects such as Bob Marley - Dreams of Freedom (Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub) or Panthalassa (the music of miles davis 1969–1974) .

From 2000 the reactivated band in the line-up Laswell and Buckethead played occasional concerts in North America and Japan with various guests, the 2004 concert in Tennessee with Bernie Worrell was released on CD in 2007.

In 2008 the founding trio released a new studio album called Profanation (Preparation for a Coming Darkness) with such illustrious guest singers as Iggy Pop , Serj Tankian , Mike Patton and Killah Priest , a rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan .

In 2011, Bill Laswell gave contradicting statements about the future of practice in interviews. On the one hand, he thought the chapter was closed, on the other hand, he said that could change tomorrow.


Studio albums

  • 1992: Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
  • 1994: Sacrifist
  • 1994: Metatron
  • 1998: Mold
  • 2008: Profanation (Preparation for a Coming Darkness)

EPs and compilations

  • 1992: A Taste of Mutation
  • 1997: 1984 (EP)
  • 1998: Collection (compilation)


  • 1997: Live in Poland
  • 1997: Transmutation Live
  • 1999: Warszawa
  • 2005: Zurich
  • 2007: Tennessee 2004

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