Big boys - Forever Young

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German title Big boys - Forever Young
Original title Les gamins
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 2013
length 95 minutes
Director Anthony Marciano
script Anthony Marciano
Max Boublil
production Alain Goldman
Simon Istolainen
music Anthony Marciano
camera Jean-Paul Agostini
cut Virginie Bruant
Samuel Danési

Big Boys - Forever Young , alternative title Big Boys - Not Everyone Wants to Grow Up is a 2013 French comedy film directed by Anthony Marciano .


The successful business expert Lola meets the wedding singer Thomas Brenner at a wedding. The two become a couple, move in together and after a short time decide to get married. At the time, Thomas hadn't even met Lola's parents Gilbert and Suzanne. At a first meeting he discovers that Gilbert and Suzanne have had nothing to say to each other for a long time. Gilbert sold his company and since then has been spending his time in front of the television indifferently. Suzanne, in turn, puts all of her energy and the family's money into humanitarian projects. Gilbert suggests to Thomas that he is considering separating from his wife and advises him never to marry. During a spontaneous trip to a supermarket, Gilbert and his future son-in-law get to know each other better and discover great parallels: Both have the same, somewhat childish sense of humor, love Iggy Pop and are or were musicians. While Gilbert has long buried his drums in the storage room, Thomas wants to get solid with the upcoming wedding and give up the music for a desk job.

The next morning, Gilbert surprisingly moves out of the family house and into his daughter's former student apartment, which has now become vacant. He takes his drums with him and devotes himself to an alternative life. Thomas visits him more and more often and both go to parties. Through his new lover Irène, Gilbert meets the music producer Carl, who listens to Thomas' self-written title Je t'aime . He is interested in the song, but not in Thomas' interpretation. Rather, his teen star Mimi Zozo wants to take on the title. Only after good persuasion from Gilbert does Thomas agree, especially since the record company also has Iggy Pop under contract; Gilbert also promises him to take care that the song is not massively changed. After an argument with Lola, which makes it clear to Thomas that his music will not get very far, Thomas spends more and more time with Gilbert, which leads Lola to think that he is having an affair with another woman. The break finally comes when Lola finds out that Thomas and Gilbert are pulling together when it comes to music. While Lola and Suzanne decide to look for lovers, Gilbert and Thomas fly to Marrakech , where the video recordings for Mimi Zozo's Je-t'aime version are to take place. Thomas is horrified when he first hears the pop version of his folk song, especially since Gilbert knew about the disfigurement of the song but did not tell him anything. Both men split up in an argument. Thomas can't go back to Lola because she has found a new friend in the older Romain. Gilbert and Suzanne become a couple again, however, as Suzanne's neighbor wasn't a convincing replacement for Gilbert.

Thomas processes his grief in new songs that Gilbert secretly plays for Carl. Iggy Pop, who happens to be present, turns out to be a big fan of Thomas' songs. Gilbert wants to bring Thomas back together with Lola and orders her to go to his parents' house. He didn't foresee that Lola would bring her new boyfriend with her. He, in turn, spontaneously discovers his love for Suzanne, which earns him expulsion from his parents' house. Lola does not want to know anything from Thomas, who is only reconciled a little when he sees a TV report in which Iggy Pop announces that he has discovered a great talent in him, with whom he would like to work. Before meeting Iggy Pop, however, Thomas wants to reconcile with Lola, who has been invited to speak at an important nuclear conference. He occupies the interpreter microphone and torpedoes a hate speech by an Iranian with a funny interpretation, which Lola reconciles with him. A little later, Thomas' big dream finally came true: He was sitting in the recording studio with Iggy Pop and recording his first own record.


Big Boys - Forever Young was the directorial debut of Anthony Marciano, who was also involved in the script. The film was shot in Paris . The final scene in which Thomas appears as a false translator at the conference was filmed in the UNESCO building in Paris . Karen Muller Serreau created the costumes and Marie Cheminal designed the film .

The film opened in French cinemas on April 17, 2013, where it was seen by around 1,607,000 viewers. In Germany, the film was shown for the first time on October 3, 2013 at the Hamburg Film Festival and was finally shown in cinemas on July 3, 2014.


role actor Voice actor
Gilbert Alain Chabat Michael Lott
Thomas Brenner Max Boublil Tim Knauer
Suzanne Sandrine Kiberlain Katrin Zimmermann
Lola Mélanie Bernier Esra Vural
Carl Arié Elmaleh Konrad Bösherz
Irène Elisa Sednaoui Claudia Gáldy
Romain Alban Lenoir Jaron Lowenberg
Claude François Dunoyer Frank-Otto Schenk
Abdelkader Thomas Solivérès Christian Pointer
opera singer Kevin Chamotte Roland Wolf


"The depressed mid-fifties and the cheerful newly engaged couple form one of those unlikely connections that breathe new life into cinema with its turbulence," wrote Die Welt . "Big boys - Forever Young brushes relevant templates against the grain with French esprit", said epd Film , and called Big Boys - Forever Young a "surprising mixture of silliness and profundity".


The film received the audience award at the Hamburg Film Festival.

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