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Christian Zeiger at the German Comic Con (2019)

Christian Zeiger (born May 21, 1992 in Potsdam ) is a German voice actor .


At a children's casting , he was named for the dubbing voice of Ringel in the animated film series Au Schwarte! discovered. This was followed by a large number of smaller and larger synchronous roles. For the role of Charlie Bucket , played by Freddie Highmore , in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , he was nominated in 2006 for the German Synchronous Award in the Young Talent category and received a silver medal. He had other well-known dubbing roles in The Last Legion as Romulus Augustus , played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster , and in The Sound of the Heart as August Rush , again played by Freddie Highmore. In the youth series iCarly he lent Nathan Kress his voice in the role of Freddie Benson . Most recently he lent his voice to Dylan Minnette on the Netflix series Dead Girls Don't Lie . Pointer Alois Trancy speaks in the anime series Black Butler , in Haikyu !! the character Shōyō Hinata . Since 2016 he has lent Tom Holland his voice as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

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