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Television series
German title iCarly
Original title iCarly
Icarly log neu.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2007–2012
length 23 minutes
Episodes 109 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Comedy , youth series
Theme music Leave It All to Me by Miranda Cosgrove & Drake Bell
idea Dan Schneider
production Dan Schneider
music Michael Corcoran
First broadcast September 8, 2007 (USA) on Nickelodeon
first broadcast
February 23, 2008 on Nick
Miranda Cosgrove plays Carly Shay
Jennette McCurdy plays Samantha "Sam" Puckett
Nathan Kress plays Fredward "Freddie" Benson

iCarly is an American youth series , which started for the first time on September 8, 2007 in the United States and on January 26, 2008 on German pay-TV, both on the television channel Nick Premium . On February 23, 2008, the broadcast started on Nickelodeon , then Nick. It is about three young people who, in addition to their everyday school life, produce their own web show called iCarly . Miranda Cosgrove plays the leading role as Carly Shay (hence iCarly ).

As announced in May 2012, the series ends with the sixth season. The series finale Ciao Carly was filmed in June 2012 and aired on November 23, 2012.


As a punishment for handing out leaflets showing their teacher, Ms. Briggs with the lower body of a rhinoceros , Carly and Sam had to cast and videotape Ms. Briggs' talent show so that attendees could be online . During a brief pause, Carly and Sam gossiped about Ms. Briggs. Freddie accidentally posted this scene online. Annoyed by this, Ms. Briggs declined all proposals for the talent show, whereupon Carly came up with the idea of ​​producing her own web show to give children a chance to show off their undiscovered and peculiar talents. The web show was named iCarly after its inventor Carly. The "i" stands for Internet. The idea for the name came from Freddie, the technical producer. The show runs once a week and is always broadcast live.


Carly Shay
is a 13 year old student at the beginning of the first season with her own web show. She lives with her older brother Spencer in an apartment in Seattle . Her father works for the US Air Force and is stationed on a submarine in Europe. She is often the mediator between her best friends Sam and Freddie.
Carly is very creative and always has something to do, she never gets bored. In The Grandfather Debacle, Spencer claims she has difficulty in science; nevertheless, a later episode shows that she has the grade “very good” almost everywhere (except in history). She hates Nevel Papperman since he wanted to kiss her.
Samantha "Sam" Puckett
is Carly's friend and partner on the web show. There she always has a remote control with which she can play various sound effects. She is very rebellious. Carly describes her as "obnoxious and irresponsible," plus Sam often mocks Freddie. Sam is detained a lot, especially with Mrs. Briggs. She shows great disinterest in school and falls asleep quite often in class. In the episode A Scotsman rarely comes alone , you learn that if she forgets to have breakfast, she simply eats in class. She's pretty hungry and would like to eat all day. Her favorite foods include ham, "butter cake" and roast chicken . Sam also fights himself regularly. She also has a twin sister named Melanie, as you learn in the episode The Double Sam . She always describes herself as "Mama".
In the episode A Kiss at the End , Sam reveals that she has feelings for Freddie when she unexpectedly kisses him.
Fredward "Freddie" Benson
is Carly's and - although they sometimes argue - Sam's best friend and the technical producer of iCarly. He is also the oldest of the three. Freddie lives with his overprotective mother, Marissa Benson, in the apartment across from Carly and Spencer. He is enthusiastic about everything to do with technology and is a member of the school's technology club. While he is shown as the little "nerd" at the beginning of the series, over time - and through puberty - he becomes a cool guy, increasingly self-confident and, like Sam, seems to love playing pranks.
He has had a crush on Carly for as long as he can remember - which has clearly subsided in season 4 - and was with her briefly when he saved her life in the episode Carly's Ham . When Sam asked him, however, that Carly is only in love with the fact that he has risked his life for her, and not with him, they separated again. It is currently unclear whether the two of them still have romantic feelings for each other. When he is almost no longer in love with her, he accidentally recounts Gibby's dream in the episode “Maybe you will fall in love with me after all”.
His relationship with Sam changes suddenly at the end of a kiss . The two became very good friends over time and were able to pass the time together without Carly. Freddie has become more and more used to the characteristics of Sam and can now assert himself against her. It hits him like a blow when she unexpectedly kisses him in that episode and reveals her feelings to him. In the following episode, Love and Madness , Freddie kisses Sam, showing her that he is reciprocating her feelings.
Spencer Shay
is Carly's 26 year old brother and legal guardian. He often gets himself into difficulties or unpleasant situations through his behavior. In the episode The Grandfather Debacle, we learn that he left the law faculty after three days to become an artist. He is artistically very talented and repeatedly builds a wide variety of sculptures . He is obsessed with crazy socks that are supplied by his friend Socko. Spencer is single, but often tries to find a girlfriend as he approaches and dates girls in many different episodes. Spencer's friend Socko keeps fishing for him with crazy objects (e.g. a pair of socks with neon tubes). In the episode Do you feel the remorse (iRue the Day) he saves the life of the singer of the Plain White Ts . He also holds two world records.
Orenthal "Gibby" Cornelius Gibson
is a boy in Carly's school. Gibby is consistently angry and blamed for his actions by Sam and is often yelled at by Spencer. Gibby also has a friend named Tasha. She is featured in the episodes A Date for Carly and Gibby Freaky . He likes to take off his t-shirt in front of other people to show off his stomach, but not at all from season 4 onwards, and he says to such questions "No, I only do that very rarely!". Gibby does not play a leading role until season 4. He also has a little brother named Guppy.

Other supporting roles

Ms. Briggs and Mr. Howard
are teachers at Carly's school that Carly and friends often joke about. Ms. Briggs loves bagpipe music and also plays the bagpipes in A Scotsman Seldom Comes Alone and Miss Briggs in private . Mr. Howard is a teacher who doesn't like children. He makes situations a lot worse than they need to be. What they have in common is that they are very opinionated.
Principal Franklin
is the principal of the school. He is very forgiving and is a huge fan of iCarly. In the episode The Best Rector in the World he visits iCarly to congratulate his daughter.
is the doorman of Carly and Freddie's apartment building. He has a huge wart on his left cheek. He is prone to outbursts of anger when there are too many people in his lobby and is perceived by his fellow human beings as rather disagreeable. He's also in love with Marissa Benson.
Marissa Benson
is Freddie's overprotective single mother. She hugs and embarrasses him with her questions in front of his friends and is arrogant and curious. She even monitors her son with a implanted chip that enables her to locate her son's position using GPS. Mrs. Benson has an aversion to Spencer and always keeps an eye on him, fearing he might put her son in danger.
is a sick boy at Carly's school. He always has to sneeze and cough. Sam, Freddie and Carly always call him "Keimi" because he is the sickest kid in school. In the episode, Nevel Supernerd is found to have had a cold since first grade. However, he was only shown in the 1st season as a supporting role.
Nevel Amadeus Papperman
is an 11-year-old web critic. His nevelocity.com site has millions of visitors a day. In the episode Nevel Supernerd you learn that he is in love with Carly and constantly forging plans for revenge - namely for not being allowed to kiss Carly. Nevel tries to kiss Carly in several episodes, which prevents her every time because she finds Nevel disgusting.
Chuck Chambers
is a boy who lives in Carly's house. He doesn't like Spencer since he banned him from playing ball in the lobby. Since then he has annoyed Spencer when he sees him. He also had math tutoring from Carly, has an older sister named Gia and a younger brother named Chip.
is a seller in Groovy Smoothie, which features Carly and her friends in multiple episodes. T-Bo tries to roll any bagels, muffins, pickles, etc. that he carries around on a stick. T-Bo can be seen mainly in the 2nd, 3rd and especially in the 4th season.
is one of Spencer's best friends. It owes its name to Spencer and the brightly colored socks that he makes. Socko isn't even seen or heard in the entire series. The contact takes place exclusively between Spencer and Socko and is revealed to the viewer by the last second of a phone call. Nevertheless, Socko plays an important role in many episodes as he is an expert and savior in unusual situations. For example, he exchanges a first-class ticket for two economy-class tickets for Spencer or manages unusual appointments, e.g. B. in a "live music show" on television.
Charlotte Harris
is Gibby's and Guppy's mother. She is affectionate, sometimes a little overprotective, and often embarrasses Gibby. In the episode Yesterday's Star , she briefly dated Spencer.


The leading actors Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress and Noah Munck


The German dubbed version comes from the Berlin dubbing studio Elektrofilm. After its bankruptcy in 2009, EuroSync took over the processing. Ulrike Lau was responsible for the dubbing and dialogue script, and since Astrid Bless' death she also dubbed the speaking role of Miss Briggs.

role actor Main role Supporting role German voice actors
Carly Shay Miranda Cosgrove 1.01–6.15 Rubina Kuraoka
Sam Puckett Jennette McCurdy 1.01–6.15 Anne Helm
Freddie Benson Nathan Kress 1.01–6.15 Christian Pointer
Spencer Shay Jerry Trainor 1.01–6.15 Julien Haggége
Gibby Noah Munck 4.01-6.15 1.03-3.19 Hannes Feiler
Mrs. Benson Mary Scheer 1.05-6.15 Christin Marquitan
Headmaster Franklin Tim Russ 1.01–6.03 Michael Iwannek
Francine Briggs Mindy Sterling 1.01-1.08, 2.24-6.15 Astrid Bless (1st voice)
Ulrike Lau (2nd voice)
Lewbert Jeremy Rowley 1.02-6.15 Rainer Fritzsche
Grandfather Shay Greg Mullavey 1.05, 1.10, 4.09 Rudiger Evers
Nevel Papperman Reed Alexander 1.06-6.04 Reiner Gerten-Ötzler
Mr. Howard David St. James 1.19–6.03 Ernst Meincke
T-Bo BooG! E 2.15–6.15 Christoph Banks
Ricky Flame Al Espinosa 3.02 Peter Flechtner
School Board Gorman Weston Blakesley 3.05 Tom Deininger
Guppy Gibson Ethan Munck 3.18-4.07, 6.13 Esrál Behrnunk

Guest stars

role actor Guest role German voice actors
Jake Crandall Austin Butler 1.04 David Turba
David Archuleta David Archuleta 2.09 Dirk Petrick
Fred Lucas Cruikshank 2.10 Konrad Bösherz
Missy Haley Ramm 4.20 Luisa Wietzorek
Drake Parker Drake Bell 3.15 Benedikt Weber



Season Number of episodes First broadcast in the USA German-language first broadcast
Season premiere Season finale Season premiere Season finale
1 25th September 8, 2007 July 25, 2008 February 23, 2008 February 9, 2009
2 25th September 27, 2008 August 8, 2009 September 5, 2009 July 10, 2010
3 20th September 12, 2009 June 26, 2010 March 3, 2010 June 9, 2011
4th 13 July 30, 2010 June 11, 2011 February 19, 2011 April 24, 2012
5 11 August 13, 2011 January 21, 2012 February 14, 2012 June 16, 2012
6th 15th March 24, 2012 November 23, 2012 July 1, 2012 April 12th, 2013

Episode list

Films / specials

Season Film / special Original title US premiere US ratings German title German first broadcast
1 Special iCarly saves TV June 13, 2008 4.46 million iCarly TV January 31, 2009
2 1 iGo to Japan November 8, 2008 7.83 million Trouble in Tokyo October 17, 2009
2 iDate a Bad Boy May 9, 2009 6.47 million Badly in love March 20, 2010
3 iFight Shelby Marx August 8, 2009 7.86 million Four fists for iCarly February 27, 2010
3 4th iQuit iCarly December 5, 2009 8.84 million No more fun June 6, 2010
Special iSaved Your Life January 18, 2010 11.16 million Carly's ham May 30, 2010
5 iPsycho June 4th 2010 7.51 million iPsycho September 12, 2010
4th Special iGot a hot room July 30, 2010 7.74 million Hurray, hurray the booth is burning February 19, 2011
iSam's mom September 11, 2010 5.91 million Sam's mom April 3, 2011
I do October 11, 2010 6.70 million Yes I do February 26, 2011
iStart a Fan War November 19, 2010 5.02 million War of the fans April 9, 2011
6th iParty with Victorious June 11, 2011 7.31 million Party with Victorious October 1, 2011
5 7th iStill Psycho December 31, 2011 5.51 million Psycho-Nora returns April 28, 2012
Special iMeet the First Lady January 16, 2012 4.27 million Visit of the first lady April 25, 2012
6th 8th iShock America October 6, 2012 3.61 million Gibby shocks America March 2, 2013
9 iGoodbye November 23, 2012 6.43 million Ciao Carly April 12th, 2013


The following DVDs were produced for iCarly :

title Number of DVDs Release date (DE) Episodes * Extras (DVD)
Season 1, Vol. 1 2 DVDs March 12, 2009 1-12, 16 Music video "Leave It All to Me" and its
making-of, behind the scenes
Season 1, Vol. 2 2 DVDs TBA 13-15, 17-22, 24-25 TBA
Trouble in Tokyo 1 DVD April 8, 2010 30-32, 23 The making-of of "Trouble in Tokyo" and the episode "iCarly TV"
Carly's ham 1 DVD April 7, 2011 48, 51, 57-60 TBA
Four fists for iCarly 1 DVD September 8, 2011
iCarly in space 1 DVD February 9, 2012 64, 56, 62-63, 65, 60 TBA
Party with Victorious 1 DVD May 10, 2012 81-83, 71-73 TBA
My hobbies, your hobbies 1 DVD January 3, 2013 84-88, 92-93 Bonus Episode: Victorious : In Love With Jade

* Contains the episodes that the German DVD has.


On August 29, 2010, Dan Schneider, the author of the series iCarly and Victorious , confirmed the completion of the script for the crossover between the two series via Facebook and Twitter. The episode went into production the very next day. Production took about three weeks. A YouTube video by Dan Schneider shows that the following actors from Victorious will play in the crossover: Victoria Justice (Tori Vega), Leon Thomas III (Andre Harris), Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro), Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West), Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine), Avan Jogia (Beck Oliver), Daniella Monet (Trina Vega), Eric Reid (Sinjin Van Cleef) and Eric Lange (Erwin Sikowitz). The crossover aired in the US on June 11, 2011 and had a specially made theme song called Leave It All to Shine . The German-language first broadcast was on October 1, 2011.


After it was announced in May 2012 that the series would be discontinued after the sixth season, two pilot episodes for spin-off series were commissioned in August 2012 .

The spin-off with the working title Gibby was supposed to tell the story of Gibby, who took a job in a recreational center, a kind of leisure home for young people, and worked there as a mentor for four slightly strange middle school students. However, Gibby did not receive a series order.

The second spin-off, called Sam & Cat, is another crossover to the Victorious series . Sam moves in with Cat Valentine , played by Ariana Grande , from Victorious and starts a babysitting company with her.


  • From the middle of the second season only the original title song Leave It All to Me will be used instead of the German dubbed version .
  • Miranda Cosgrove received a fee of around 180,000 dollars, the equivalent of around 140,000 euros, for each episode.
  • In the episode The Grandfather Debacle , Carly is almost killed by a hammer; it got stuck in the wall of the iCarly studio and hangs there in all subsequent episodes.
  • Especially in the third season, Freddie answers indirect questions in Spanish , which Gibby answers directly to him in the last episode.
  • One of the show's running gags is that Carly and Sam keep yelling at contestants at iCarly games to motivate them.
  • Various websites are mentioned in various episodes, e.g. B. worldofchicks.com or whynotdateme.com, which in reality all redirect to icarly.com. Paranormal411.com from Zoey 101 also redirects to the icarly.com website.
  • In the episode Ciao Carly , Carly is on Dan Schneider's Twitter page at the end of the series . It was written there that he thanked iCarly for the five years.

Links to other series

  • iCarly is not filmed in Seattle, but just like the series Drake & Josh, also produced by Dan Schneider , in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard 6230.
  • In the episode The Grandfather Debacle, Carly's grandfather lives at the Parker-Nichols Hotel. The name consists of the last names of Drake Parker and Josh Nichols from the series Drake & Josh , in which Miranda played the role of Megan Parker.
  • Drake Bell appears and addresses Miranda Cosgrove with "Megan" in the episode bankruptcies, bad luck and blunders , which consists of backstage material and mishaps. He also asks her if she knows where Josh, Mom and Dad are.
  • In the locker Sam is a picture of Drake Bell of Drake & Josh .
  • In the episode robbers and pirates there is the drink "Blix", which also appears in Zoey 101, in the shop across the street .
  • In her locker, Sam got full on the chef's hat! a "Gary Coleman" grill (which she uses to cook a steak), which was also used in an episode of the Drake & Josh series.
  • In the episode Sponsorenglück , the iCarly crew advertises the “Dakar Shoes” brand. This brand name previously appeared in the series Drake & Josh, also produced by Dan Schneider .
  • In the fourth season of Zoey 101 , the website iCarly.com is visited several times.
  • Zoey's ringtone in Zoey 101 is iCarly's theme song .
  • In the episode Bigfoot and Raccoons , Freddie watches the TV show Celebs Underwater , which also appeared on Drake & Josh .
  • Ginger Fox's song Number One, sung in the episode A Star from Yesterday, is also sung in the Victorious episode Freak The Freak Out .
  • In the episode The King of Pranks , Carly sees Drake & Josh on TV and wonders how the little girl (herself) can play good pranks so easily.
  • The film Galaxy Wars , mentioned several times in the series , already appeared on Zoey 101 when one of the actors showed a prop there.
  • In the episode Too Dumb , the title "Ick Glockma" appears, which was also used by Drake & Josh .
  • In the episode In Butterkuchen-Himmel , Carly sees Drake & Josh on television and says "I know" in reference to Miranda Cosgroves' role as Megan on the series.

Allusions to real products, brands and companies

  • The Pear Phone is identical to the iPhone , except that instead of an apple, a pear is shown on the back. This shows u. a. in sponsor happiness and detention for everyone . There is also Peartunes , a play on words with iTunes , a PearPod , an allusion to the iPod , a PearPad , an allusion to the iPad and Pear Stores , an allusion to the Apple Stores . One such is mentioned in the episode Too Stupid To Be True . In the same episode, a Brilliance Bar is also mentioned, an allusion to Apple's “Genius Bar”. Since the end of season 4, as in Victorious , only pear-shaped PearPhones and PearPads have been used, and there is only one variant of the PearPad.
  • The website "SplashFace" is mentioned in several episodes. This video platform is an allusion to the YouTube video platform and the Facebook social network , as a so-called Splashface profile page is called up in several episodes.
  • The website "Zaplook" is mentioned in several episodes. This search engine is a reference to Google because the letters are the color of the Google logo.
  • Computers at iCarly have a pear on their backs, which (as in all films and series produced by Dan Schneider , e.g. Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh ) was stuck over the Apple logo, and in some episodes too Self-made can be used as "pear books".
  • Also in the episode Robbers and Pirates is a shop with the sign “Schneider's Bakery”, an allusion to the producer Dan Schneider and his production company, which is called the same.
  • In the same episode, Peppy Cola is drunk and mentioned several times, it is a reference to Pepsi Cola and Dr. Pepper Cola.
  • As a result, Pack Rat is an old popular videogame Pack Rat . On the one hand this is an allusion to the famous video game Pac-Man , on the other hand to the music ensemble The Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra .
  • In the episode The Skull of Charles Dingo , a TV station called Dingo Channel appears . This is obviously an allusion to the Disney Channel , which rivals Nickelodeon , because the founder of the influential Dingo Channel had his skull cryonically frozen, which Walt Disney , founder of the Walt Disney Company , is said to have also done, according to a rumor.
  • The names "GameStation" and "Wireless Controller" are used in the same sequence. “Wireless Controller” remained unchanged, “GameStation” is supposed to be an allusion to the PlayStation 3 . Both are related to the PlayStation 3.
  • In the episode No More Funny , a shipbuilder is named Joe Catania, who is a producer at Nickelodeon.
  • In the following, Bigfoot and Raccoon , a hot dog stand is called “Robin's Wiener”. It is intended to draw attention to the Nickelodeon producer Robin Weiner.
  • In the series, the film Galaxy Wars is mentioned several times , which is obviously supposed to allude to Star Wars , as a small-stature alien appears there, reminiscent of Master Yoda.
  • In the episode War of the Fans , Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer are invited to the "Webicon", which is a reference to the famous annual Comic-Con in San Diego . In this episode, the MMORPG "World Of Warlords" is also presented at the Webicon, analogous to the real World Of Warcraft .
  • In the same episode, the “DanWarp” sign can be seen several times on a trade fair stand. This is the name of producer Dan Schneider's user account on the YouTube video portal. “DanWarp” can also be read in the opening credits of the series.


Tabular overview of awards and nominations
year Award For category result
2008 Kids Choice Awards (EU) "ICarly" Favorite television series Won
2009 Kids Choice Awards (USA)
Emmys Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
2010 Kids Choice Awards (USA) Favorite television series Won
Kids Choice Awards (EU) Nominated
Emmys Outstanding Children's Program
2011 Kids Choice Awards (USA) Favorite television series Won
Miranda Cosgrove Best Actress in a TV Show Nominated
Jennette McCurdy Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show Won
Noah Munck Nominated
Emmys "ICarly" Outstanding Children's Program
"ICarly" - iStart A Fan War Outstanding Hairstyling For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special
Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
2012 Kids Choice Awards (USA) "ICarly" Favorite television series
Jennette McCurdy Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show Won
Nathan Kress Nominated
Jerry Trainor
Emmys "ICarly" Outstanding Children's Program
2013 Kids Choice Awards (USA) Favorite television series

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