Song to song

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German title Song to song
Original title Song to song
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2017
length 129 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
JMK 12
Director Terrence Malick
script Terrence Malick
production Nicolas Gonda ,
Sarah Green ,
Ken Kao
camera Emmanuel Lubezki
cut Brian Berdan ,
Hank Corwin ,
AJ Edwards ,
Keith Fraase

Song to Song is an American drama film directed by Terrence Malick , which premiered on March 10, 2017 as part of the South by Southwest Film Festival . The film was released in US cinemas on March 17, 2017 and in German cinemas on May 25, 2017.


The two aspiring and ambitious musicians Faye and BV get to know each other at a party of the eccentric but influential music producer Cook and spontaneously fall in love. Because the life-hungry Faye, who says about herself that she needs violent sex, is hoping for a big breakthrough, in addition to a series of stage appearances and concerts, she also has an affair with Cook, who is successful in and for the Austin music scene Production company she used to work for.

On a trip to Mexico together, BV and Cook get along extremely well, and are as silly as two youngsters. BV, who is also one of Cook's protégés, initially has no idea of ​​the affair between his girlfriend and the music mogul. But this love triangle does not go well for long, and Faye and BV split up.

Since no one is left alone for long in Austin's lively music scene, aspiring songwriter BV meets allegedly rich Amanda, while Faye begins a relationship with a French woman named Zoey. During this time Cook marries the waitress Rhonda.

The lives of the six lovers are about sexual obsessions, group sex, but also about cheating.

The musician and punk legend Patti Smith , on the other hand, is more concerned with poetic reflections on her life, which she talks about in interviews.


Staff, cast and dubbing

The director took Terrence Malick , who also wrote the screenplay for the film. In his work, Malick is known for the fact that his films hardly follow a common thread and that he celebrates his own workflow, which is why his films are often only released years after the end of shooting. He also filmed song to song largely already 2012. In his film Malick brings in the form of an episodic film the feeling of life as a loose sequence of individual moments that passes in one scene to the next, to the canvas, but in reality it comes in Song To Song is much more about muddling relationships than music: “It's about love, lust and deception. Many characters remain nameless. "

Compared to some of Malick's earlier films, Kevin Neuroth of Zeit Online says that the film is told almost linearly, but primarily follows the emotional states of its impulsive characters, less a dramaturgical logic, and is a sequence of fragmented moments.

The leading roles are Ryan Gosling , Rooney Mara , Michael Fassbender , Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett . Gosling played BV, Mara played Faye, Fassbender played Cook, and Portman played Rhonda, whom Cook later marries. Cate Blanchett stars in the role of Amanda, who BV begins a relationship after breaking up with Faye, and Bérénice Marlohe plays Faye's new girlfriend, Zoey. Val Kilmer makes a brief appearance as the chainsaw-swinging rock star Duane. Trevante Rhodes plays TR, a character whose initials match those of the actor. Callie Hernandez plays Julie.

Malick also engaged a number of well-known musicians for his film, who also earn their living with music in real life. The Swedish singer Lykke Li plays Gosling's ex-girlfriend in the film. Fassbender is the producer of the Austin-based band Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears . The film also features music legends Patti Smith , Iggy Pop and former Sex Pistols member John Lydon , as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers , the rapper Spank Rock , Alan Palomo and Florence + the Machine .

Elisabeth Günther speaks in the German dubbing Amanda, Tommy Morgenstern speaks the music producer BV, Norman Matt speaks Cook and Kaya Marie Möller Faye. Manja Doering took over the dubbing of Rhonda, and Jessica Walther-Gabory speaks Zoey.

Filming and post-production

Most of the shooting in Mexico took place in the port city of Progreso

Filming took place in the USA and Mexico . In the USA the film was shot in Austin, Texas . Some of the filming there took place in 2012 at the Austin City Limits Festival. In addition to bands such as Arcade Fire , Neon Indian , Iron & Wine and the Fleet Foxes , Rooney Mara was on stage together with the Black Lips for the filming . Mexican filming locations included Progreso , a port city in the state of Yucatán , and Mérida. Christoph Petersen von Filmstarts says about the furnishings of the apartments that can be seen in the film , and here you will find a collection of exquisite interiors that you could immediately print in Schöne Wohnen . The cameraman was three-time Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki , with whom Malick had worked for the fifth time and most recently on the films Knight of Cups and To the Wonder . Lubezki shot the film from the perspective of the characters in many scenes. In many other scenes he buzzes around them. In a criticism of the dpa film it says about camera work, Lubezki circles around the protagonists like a butterfly who doesn't quite know where to settle, which is not only nice with the inner restlessness and the drifting of the main characters corresponds, but also fits perfectly with a director who is one of the last great seekers of meaning in world cinema, as he has always shown in his earlier films. Kevin Neuroth from Zeit Online explains that the symphonically exaggerated shots of nature , which are repeatedly integrated into the narrative, conjured up an original utopian state here, as in Malick's earlier films. At the parties that Cook gives on his property, the distortions of human excesses in front of the majestic panorama of the surrounding landscape seem all the more senseless, according to Neuroth.

The three years after the completion of the shooting were planned for post-production, in which Malick put together the finished film from the often improvised scenes. The film is provided with a number of voiceovers .


The soundtrack includes music by the South African rap rave band Die Antwoord , Bob Dylan , the Plasmatics , Julianna Barwick , Meredith Monk , Gyptian and Sharon Van Etten , as well as a new song by Patti Smith called God Running , which is also one Appeared in the film. The Swedish singer Lykke Li sings the song It Hurts to Be Alone by Bob Marley and the Wailers in a version produced by Nigel Godrich together with Ryan Gosling . Rooney Mara plays guitar for a song by the garage rock band The Black Lips , of which she is a member in the film, during an appearance at the Fun Fun Fun Fest .

The soundtrack was released on March 17, 2017.


The film opened on March 10, 2017 at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin , where it premiered, where the film had also been shot in large parts five years earlier and where director Malick also went to school. The film was released in selected US cinemas on March 17, 2017 and in German cinemas on May 25, 2017. A German trailer for the film was released at the end of March 2017. In June 2017 the film was shown at the Sydney Film Festival .

The original titles the film was shot under were Lawless and Weightless as well . Just three months before its premiere, the film was renamed Song to Song in December 2016 .


Age rating

In Germany the film is FSK 6 . The statement of reasons for approval states: “The story is told calmly and staged in an emphatically artistic and poetic style. The plot offers children of primary school age practically no points of contact, which is why they can keep a great distance from the events. At the same time, children from the age of 6 are not overwhelmed or frightened by the sometimes mysterious and poetic imagery of the film. "


The film has so far won over 45 percent of Rotten Tomatoes ' critics .

Kevin Neuroth from Zeit Online says that while Song to Song is neither a musician biopic nor a musical , it is still permeated with music at all times. So lead Emmanuel Lubezkis camera of a rock band presentation in the dusty audience crowd, gliding through the swanky homes of music manager and watch Faye and BV at informal jam. Malick absorbs the volatility of his characters into a restless, musical flow of images, according to Neuroth.

Simon Strauss from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung describes the film as a pointillist parable on two different modes of couple relationships in times of sexual hyper-optimization and emotional loneliness. According to Strauss, the film suffers from an overdose of phenomenological autosuggestion , because Malick is less concerned with the motifs than with the colors of the images: “Basically, he is a neo-impressionist . However, one with a tendency towards the symbolist gesture. "

Gross profit

The worldwide revenue of the film is around 880,000 US dollars so far.

Comparison with previous films

In a dpa review of the film, it is said that even if the pictures in Song to Song are not quite as breathtaking as in Malick's perhaps most beautiful work The Tree of Life from 2011, one can still fully appreciate the aesthetics this time surrender to his pictures and sometimes even forget the absence of a real story.


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

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