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The Linux mascot is a penguin named Tux

A mascot or (rarely) the mascot (from French Mascotte , person, animal or object for good luck ' ; Occitan Mascota; Masca , little wizard, sorceress' ; Upper Italian : Masca , witch ') usually refers to a lucky charm , a doll or an amulet for a group of people.

In marketing , a mascot is a stylized, often comic-like fantasy creature with human features. It stands as a distinguishing mark for a brand in the general sense, i. H. for a company , a product, a city , a region , an event or an institution (e.g. a sports club ). Today mascots are part of corporate design in the marketing of products and companies . Mascots often form a basis for motivational or advertising campaigns.

A mascot can or does not have to be an animal . For example, Twipsy , the mascot of Expo 2000 , is a creature from cyberspace .


There are separate mascots for the Olympic Games and World Championships . Various sports clubs and associations also have their mascots.

Olympic games

1968 Winter Olympics were held in French Grenoble instead. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, a mascot was designed here. It was a fictional character named " Shot ". Other mascots were:

“Wenlock and Mandeville”, mascots of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Soccer world championships


European football championships

Ice hockey world championships

Handball world championships

"Ruksi", mascot of the 2009 Handball World Cup
"Rok and Koolette", mascots of the 2017 Handball World Cup

Biathlon world championships

"Smoony", mascot of the 2003 Alpine World Ski Championships

Alpine World Ski Championships

Nordic World Ski Championships

Swimming world championships

World Athletics Championships

European Athletics Championships

Sports clubs and associations

American football team of the AFVD

NFL American football teams

NBA basketball teams


ice Hockey


Billy Goat Hennes VIII. 2018


USA University Sports

measure up

Fair men of the Leipziger Messe

World expos

Other fairs


Radio and television stations

Radio and television broadcasts

  • SWR3 : "The Elch" (formerly Black Forest Elch )
  • Formula one : "Teasy" (dog)


Some free software projects also have mascots. The Linux project has a penguin called Tux , the OpenBSD projects have a puffer fish called Puffy , and the oldest mascot is the BSD daemon , although it has no name. Other mascots include Mozilla , the green lizard of the Mozilla project , and Konqi , the dragon of the KDE project. The OPIE (Linux GUI for mobile devices) project has a dragon as its mascot, the senior PUG ( Palm user group) has a "brave!" "Wilber" is the name of the mascot of the free image editing application GIMP .


Political parties


The Goat and the Goat Major of the Royal Regiment of Wales (24th / 41st Foot) - United Kingdom Armed Forces (Recorded 1999)

Many units (not in Germany) have mascot animals, e.g. B. the French Foreign Legion . Often this animal is actually kept and presented at parades.

Cities and regions

Recreational facilities

Rock bands

Iron Maiden's mascot "Eddie" (2008)

Other mascots

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