Phoenix Hagen

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Phoenix Hagen
Founded 2004
Hall Krollmann Arena
(3145 seats)
executive Director Patrick Seidel
Trainer Chris Harris
league 2nd Bundesliga ProA men
  2. DBBL women
  NBBL U 19
WNBL U 17 female
Colours Yellow / white / blue
The Krollmann Arena, the venue for Phoenix Hagen

Phoenix Hagen ( GmbH ) is a German basketball club from Hagen , which emerged from the second division team of BG DEK / Fichte Hagen (called BG Hagen) in 2004. The GmbH had rented the license from BG Hagen for the 2nd basketball league Pro A until further notice . Phoenix Hagen is not - as many media claim - the successor club to Brandt Hagen . The successor club to Brandt Hagen was the BBV Hagen .

In the early years, the team consisted primarily of players who grew up in the region, which is in contrast to most of the second and first division clubs in German basketball. Later, however, as with most top division teams, the squad consisted largely of American players. From 2009 the team played in the basketball league . In October 2016, Phoenix filed for bankruptcy, and in the following month the team's license was revoked by the Bundesliga management. Phoenix has been competing in the ProA since the 2017/18 season.

From the 2008/09 season there was a women's team called "Phoenix Ladies" who played in the second national basketball league. The players all come from a cooperation with TSV Hagen 1860 and played as “Tessari Baskets” in the 2007/08 season. There has been no women's team since the 2014/15 season.

Venue and fans

The home games of Phoenix Hagen were played in the Ischelandhalle (today: Krollmann Arena) until the end of the 2008/09 season, which up to now had space for 1,800 spectators. Among the audience there are regular fan groups like the "Tornados Hagen" or the "G-Blocker". The Phoenix Hagen cheerleaders are the Phoenix Hagen Dance Team . The club's mascot is "Felix". The standing room is located in the rear of the audience area. This area is called the “hayloft” by fans. The slightly trapezoidal structure of the interior created impressive acoustics from there. From up there the fan chants of the "Tornados Hagen" are intoned.

With the rise, however, the Ischelandhalle with 1,800 seats became too small for the requirements of the basketball league . In order to do justice to this, a new arcade had to be found. Therefore, the renovation of the Injoy Hall in Hagen-Hohenlimburg took place in the summer of 2009 . This previously served a gym as a tennis and badminton hall. After the renovation, it offered space for 3013 visitors, was called Phoenix-Halle for the 2009/10 season and was the new home of Phoenix Hagen for this time.

During the 2008/09 season, the major renovation of the old Ischelandhalle began, which required a capacity of at least 3,000 seats for the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL). The hall was expanded on the narrow sides of the playing field and new, larger seating and standing stands were installed. For the second home game of the 2010/11 season, the hall, which had been renamed the Enervie Arena when it reopened, was available again with an expanded capacity of 3095 spectators, of which 2045 were seated, 1020 standing and 30 were wheelchairs.

Initially, Phoenix Hagen had agreed with the BBL that the first home games of the 2010/11 season would take place away from home so that the work could be completed. This regulation was ultimately only necessary for the first home game against Brose Baskets Bamberg, which was played on October 8, 2010 in Dortmund's Westfalenhalle 1 .

Seasonal balance sheets

On April 25, 2009 Phoenix Hagen defeated the Bremen Roosters in the last game of the ProA season 2008/2009 with 111: 69 and finished second in the table. Thus, the team around captain Matthias Grothe secured - at least from a sporting point of view - a promotion place in the 1st basketball league . After initially there had been uncertainty about the club's membership of this division in the 2009/10 season, as Phoenix had not received a license from the BBL due to a lack of a suitable venue and lack of economic prerequisites, the BBL announced on May 8, 2009 that the Eligibility to play has now been granted.

In the 2009/2010 season, Phoenix Hagen achieved the goal of the season, relegation in the 1st basketball division, with one point ahead of the first relegation zone.

In the second BBL season, 2010/11, the Volmestädter finished 11th in the table after a win in their last home game against Gießen and a simultaneous defeat of Tübingen. This made the Hagen team the best team in North Rhine-Westphalia this season, ahead of Bonn (13th) and Düsseldorf (18th).

The team from Phoenix Hagen spent most of the time in the table cellar in the 2011/12 season. It was not until the last match day that Hagen was able to celebrate relegation with an 85-72 win in a do-or-die match against the LTi Gießen 46ers . In the final table, the team finished 15th.

The 2012/13 season turned out to be the most successful season so far for Phoenix Hagen since climbing to the top of German basketball. On the last matchday, Ingo Freyer's team managed to defend eighth place and thus reach the playoffs for the first time. There the team met Master Brose Baskets Bamberg . Against Bamberg, Hagen was able to win a home game, but was eliminated after 4 games with 1: 3 wins.

On October 19, 2016, the operator of the Bundesliga team, Basketball Hagen GmbH & Co. KGaA, announced that it had filed for insolvency proceedings in self- administration. In a statement it said that the tense economic situation was due to "declining audience numbers and a lack of sponsorship income". After submitting the bankruptcy application, Hagen got four points deducted from the Bundesliga table. The season ended on November 30, 2016, the basketball Bundesliga withdrew its license from Phoenix with immediate effect, the team thus being the first relegated team of the 2016/17 season. As a reason, the league named, among other things, "the lack of economic performance for the remaining 2016/2017 season". In February 2017, the club announced that it would start rebuilding without Ingo Freyer, who had previously been a coach since 2007, led the team to promotion to the Bundesliga in 2009 and then always to relegation in the top German division. The new coach (from the 2017/18 season) was signed by long-time Phoenix leader Matthias Grothe, who has coached the team of cooperation partner Iserlohn Kangaroos and has held the post of Phoenix youth coordinator since retiring. In May 2017, Phoenix was granted the license for the ProA season 2017/18. Since Grothe was absent for an indefinite period due to cancer, Dietmar Günther was temporarily appointed head coach in September 2017. Grothe died on October 31, 2017. On December 18, 2017 Günther gave up his coaching position at his own request to Kevin Magdowski . On November 10th, 2018 Magdowski was released due to the "ongoing negative development", the team had lost the day before with 87: 113 against Tübingen and was on the penultimate place in the table. Successor Magdowski was the Canadian Chris Harris .


Squad of Phoenix Hagen in the 2019/20 season
Attention: The squad information is out of date!
(current season: 2020/2021)
No. Nat. Surname birth size info Last club
Guards ( PG , SG )
11 GermanyGermany Joel-Sadu Aminu 04/23/1997 1.93 m Ehingen Urspring
3 United StatesUnited States Kyle Mitchel Lefroy 11/25/1996 1.92 m Lehigh Mountain Hawks
7th GermanyGermany Niklas Geske 04/13/1994 1.88 m EN BASKETS Schwelm
0 United StatesUnited States Jonathan Wesley Octeus 10/23/1991 1.93 m Windy City Bulls
4th GermanyGermany Tobias Wegmann 08/24/2000 1.85 m own youth
22nd GermanyGermany Jonas Grof 05/03/1996 1.98 m Oettinger Rockets
Forwards ( SF , PF )
8th GermanyGermany Marco Hollersbacher October 29, 2000 2.02 m Cruz Roja.svg own youth
14th GermanyGermany Daniel Zdravevski 06/02/2001 2.07 m FC Bayern Basketball II
16 GermanyGermany Jannik Lodders 07/11/1992 1.98 m ETB Baskets food
19th GermanyGermany Dominik Spohr 04/24/1989 1.98 m (C)Captain of the crew BG Göttingen
1 United StatesUnited States Michael Gilmore 01/11/1995 2.08 m DL Virginia Commonwealth University
10 GermanyGermany Emil Hole 02/08/2002 1.96 m own youth
23 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Adam Pechacek 02/19/1995 2.06 m Baunach Young Pikes
Center ( C )
34 GermanyGermany Javon Baumann 04/05/1992 2.03 m Saint Joseph's Hawks (USA / NCAA I)
12 GermanyGermany Jonas Gieseck 07/08/2001 2.12 m FC Bayern Basketball II
Nat. Surname position
CanadaCanada Christopher Robert Harris Head coach
GermanyGermany Alex Nolte Assistant coach
Abbr. meaning
(C)Captain of the crew Team captain
Cruz Roja.svg Long term injury
DL Dual license player
Team homepage
League homepage
Status: February 20, 2020

Change 2019/20

Additions: Jonathan Wesley Octeus ( Windy City Bulls ), Adam Pechacek ( Baunach Young Pikes ), Michael Gilmore (Virginia Commonwealth University), Niklas Geske (EN BASKETS Schwelm), Daniel Zdravevski (FC Bayern Basketball II), Jonas Gieseck (FC Bayern Basketball II), Kyle Mitchel Leufroy (Lehigh Mountain Hawks)

Departures: Jasper Günther ( UBC Münster )


Term of office Trainer
2004-2006 Macedonia 1995Macedonia Tome Zdravevski
2006-2007 GermanyGermany Ralf Risse
2007-2016 GermanyGermany Ingo Freyer
2017 GermanyGermany Matthias Grothe
09/2017–12/2017 GermanyGermany Dietmar Günther (temporarily)
12/2017–11/2018 GermanyGermany Kevin Magdowski
11/2018 GermanyGermany Tobit Schneider (temporarily)
11 / 2018– CanadaCanada Chris Harris

Best marks in first division seasons

season Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks
2009/10 Chase Griffin 449 (13.2 per game) United StatesUnited States
Jonathan Kale 231 (7.0) Ivory CoastIvory Coast
Michael-Hakim Jordan 86 (5.1) United StatesUnited States
Quentin Pryor 35 (1.1) United StatesUnited States
John Turek 40 (1.4) United StatesUnited States
2010/11 Mark Dorris 520 (15.3 per game) United StatesUnited States
Jacob Burtschi 227 (6.9) United StatesUnited States
Mark Dorris 121 (3.6) United StatesUnited States
Jacob Burtschi 51 (1.6) United StatesUnited States
Edward Seward 24 (1.1) United StatesUnited States
2011/12 Davin White 190 (17.3 per game) United StatesUnited States
Žygimantas Jonušas 154 (4.7) LithuaniaLithuania
Brandon Brooks 93 (3.3) United StatesUnited States
Marc Antonio Carter 40 (1.2) United StatesUnited States
Adam Constantine 21 (0.9) United StatesUnited States
2012/13 Davin White 649 (17.1 per game) United StatesUnited States
Larry Gordon 245 (6.5) United StatesUnited States
Davin White 160 (4.2) United StatesUnited States
Davin White 74 (2.0) United StatesUnited States
Dino Gregory 60 (1.6) United StatesUnited States
2013/14 David Bell 549 (16.1 per game) United StatesUnited States
Larry Gordon 258 (7.6) United StatesUnited States
David Bell 84 (2.5) United StatesUnited States
Mark Dorris 40 (1.2) United StatesUnited States
Keith Ramsey 43 (1.3) United StatesUnited States
2014/15 David Bell 495 (17.7 per game) United StatesUnited States
Keith Ramsey 198 (6.2) United StatesUnited States
David Bell 105 (3.8) United StatesUnited States
David Bell 47 (1.7) United StatesUnited States
Keith Ramsey 34 (1.1) United StatesUnited States

(As of May 2015)


As of October 25, 2014, only top division results

Highest victories

Home game

Away game

Biggest defeats

Home game

Away game

Junior team

The Phoenix Hagen Juniors play quite successfully in the Northwest Division of the Junior Basketball League ( NBBL ). In the first year of the NBBL, the Phoenix Hagen Juniors became German runners-up in the youth basketball league. The youth department of Phoenix Hagen has been cooperating with that of FC Schalke 04 since March 2016 .

Former players

Jersey numbers that can no longer be assigned

  • # 09 Matthias Grothe (Grothe had led the team as captain since the club was founded) * 2017GermanyGermany
  • # 15 Bernd Kruel (the "Storch" played 16 years of his 21-year career in Hagen)GermanyGermany
  • # 05 David Bell (2010/11; 2012-2016)United StatesUnited States

Other important players


In the fall of 2008, the shooting of the movie Hangtime - No Easy Game , which is about the story of an unequal pair of brothers in the vicinity of Phoenix Hagen, began. The players also took on film roles, albeit sometimes under different names. Directed by Wolfgang Groos . The film opened in German cinemas on October 15, 2009 .

In 2011, the movie Phoenix in the Ashes was released. This documentary accompanied the Phoenix Hagen team in the 2009/2010 season and provided insights into the inner workings of a German Bundesliga basketball team.

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