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Assistant coach or assistant coach , also Kotrainer , Cotrainer or assistant coach , is the second coach of a sports team . The trainer assistant assists the responsible head trainer in his work. The trainer assistant is often still an inexperienced or young trainer who should be trained in the role of the first trainer. If unsuccessful, it often happens that a trainer is suddenly on leave and the assistant trainer has to take on responsibility (usually only temporarily), sometimes for a longer period of time or as an interim trainer, until a successor to the dismissed trainer is found.

Assistant coach in football

For the German national soccer team , it used to be common for the Kotrainer to “inherit” the coach, so Sepp Herberger , Helmut Schön , Jupp Derwall and Berti Vogts were Kotrainers of their predecessors and a change was often fixed a long time beforehand. The current national coach, Joachim Löw, was also officially the co-trainer of his predecessor, but took over essential parts of the tactics training and training during his tenure.

Successful former Kotrainer at club level were for example Pál Csernai (took over the coaching position of Gyula Lóránt at FC Bayern Munich and immediately became champion twice), Christoph Daum ( 1. FC Köln ), Thomas Schaaf ( Werder Bremen ) or Mirko Slomka ( Hannover 96 ) , previously Ralf Rangnick's cotrainer .

Assistant coach in handball

In some handball clubs , the Kotrainer often trains a youth team or the second team of the respective club in order to be able to do youth work for the first team. One example of this is Jochen Fraatz , Kotrainer of the handball Bundesliga team at HSG Nordhorn-Lingen and coach of the HSG A youth team.

The former coach of the German men's national handball team , Martin Heuberger , previously coached the men's junior national team and was the assistant to his predecessor Heiner Brand , who was formerly the national team's co- trainer (under Simon Schobel ).

Assistant coach in American football

In American football , there are a variety of assistant coaches ( English Assistant Coach ). Practically every player position has its own assistant coach. For example, the defensive line players are trained by the defensive line coach . The defense , offense or special team coaches are each led by a coordinator who is usually the coach's contact person and who usually announces the moves during the game.

Special tasks

The head coach's assistants include fitness trainers and coaches who concentrate on individual parts of the team. This specialization of assistant coaches has especially proven itself in US sports . A specialization of assistant coaches that has long been common in Europe is the goalkeeper coach in football, handball and hockey .

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