New England Patriots

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New England Patriots
Founded in 1959
playing in Foxborough , Massachusetts
New England Patriots helmet

American Football League (1960-1969)

  • Eastern Division (1960–1969)

National Football League (1970-present)

Team colors Nautical blue, red, New Century silver, white
mascot Pat Patriot , also known as Pat the Patriot
owner Robert Kraft
General manager Bill Belichick ( de facto )
Head coach Bill Belichick
Team history
  • Boston Patriots (1960-1970)
  • Bay State Patriots (1971)
  • New England Patriots (1971-present)
The Pats
NFL Champion (6)
Conference winner (11)
Division Winner (22)
Play-off appearances (27)
  • AFL: 1963
  • NFL: 1976 , 1978, 1982 , 1985, 1986, 1994 , 1996, 1997, 1998 , 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

The New England Patriots ( English for " New England - Patriots "), often Pats called, are an American football -Mannschaft the American professional league National Football League (NFL) in Foxborough , Massachusetts . Together with the New York Jets , the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills of the AFC East, they belong to the American Football Conference (AFC). From their founding in 1959 or the first season in 1960 until they moved to Foxboro Stadium in 1970, they were called the Boston Patriots . The team is owned by Robert Kraft , who also owns Gillette Stadium , the team’s current stadium.

The Patriots originally played in the American Football League (AFL) and from 1970 after they merged with the NFL in the Eastern Division of the AFC. Before their first appearance in a Super Bowl , they only reached the play-offs four times . After losing their first two Super Bowls - 1985 and 1996 - they enjoyed success in the 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016 and 2018 seasons.


1960–1971 - foundation and early years

Aerial view of the Schaefer Stadium

After the American entrepreneur Billy Sullivan had applied for a license for a team in the American Football League (AFL), he was awarded the eighth and final license on November 16, 1959. Sullivan founded the team in his hometown of Boston and wrote a name-finding competition there, after which the new franchise became known as the Boston Patriots. Shortly afterwards, Phil Bissel published a logo for the team, the "Pat Patriot". The Patriots initially suffered from not having their own stadium and changed venues four times in ten years. On September 9, 1960, the first game of the Boston Patriots in the AFL against the Denver Broncos took place. After two years of apprenticeship in 1961 and 1962, they reached the AFL Championship Game in 1963, but they lost it 51:10 against the San Diego Chargers . Nevertheless, they were able to send a total of eleven players, including Gino Cappelletti , Nick Buoniconti and Babe Parilli , to the AFL All-Star Game this year . In 1967 the fullback Jim Nance ran a league record with 1,458 yards . A year later he reached 1,216 yards and became the AFL's Most Valuable Player .

In 1970 the Patriots moved to the National Football League (NFL), to which the AFL and the competing NFL had merged. Despite signing quarterback Joe Kapp , who had led the Minnesota Vikings to Super Bowl IV , the Patriots only had a poor 2:14 win record. After switching between various stadiums for eleven years, the Patriots moved from Boston to Foxborough (also known as Foxboro), about 35 kilometers away, and played at Schaefer Stadium , which was built in 325 days for 7.1 million US dollars . It was among the first US stadiums to be named after a sponsor after F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company paid $ 150,000 for the naming rights; Foxborough was also one of the first cities to levy additional taxes on every ticket sold. Since the team was no longer based in Boston, it was decided to change its name. The name Bay State Patriots was approved by the Patriots Board of Directors, but was never adopted by the other franchise owners. However, the new name was mostly received with mockery, which is why General Manager Upton Bell Sullivan asked to change the name to New England Patriots. In March 1971, the team was officially renamed the New England Patriots. In the 1971 NFL Draft , the Patriots u. a. Quarterback Jim Plunkett from Stanford University and his favorite wide receiver from Stanford, Randy Vataha .

1972–1979 - Fairbanks era

After changing stadiums, the Patriots wore out three head coaches in the first four years, but drafted offensive guard John Hannah in 1973 , who was an important pillar of attacking play and later became the first Patriots player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame . The offense was reinforced with wide receiver Darryl Stingley . 1973 took the team under contract Chuck Fairbanks , who had previously been successful as head coach at the University of Oklahoma . Right away he led the Patriots to a balanced record of 7: 7 wins. Due to an injury to quarterback Plunkett, the Patriots could not achieve this performance in 1975 and lost eleven games with only three wins. After the season, Plunkett was sold to the San Francisco 49ers for future draft picks that may include a. were used for defensive backs Mike Haynes and Tim Fox . Plunkett was replaced by the previous replacement quarterback Steve Grogan . The Patriots ended the season with eleven wins and three defeats and qualified for the postseason for the first time in 13 years. Against the Oakland Raiders they lost 21:24 in a controversial game after the referee Ben Dreith made a bad decision and gave the Raiders a touchdown at 21:17 for the Patriots and thus led to the final result. Because of the controversy surrounding the decision, the NFL banned Ben Dreith from ever again serving as a referee at a Patriots game. In the following season, the Patriots failed to reach the play-offs with nine wins and five losses.

In the 1978 preseason, the Patriots experienced a major shock. In a preparation game against the Raiders, Darryl Stingley suffered paraplegia , caused by a (then legal, now illegal) tackle by Raiders player Jack Tatum , who caught the already tackled Stingley in the shoulder. Despite this severe loss, the Patriots managed to become winners of their division for the first time since the merger of the AFL and NFL with eleven wins and five losses. Just hours before the last game of the season, Chuck Fairbanks surprisingly announced that he would be the head coach at the University of Colorado . He was immediately fired by the owner Billy Sullivan and replaced by Ron Erhardt , who is largely responsible for today's strategy and tactics of the Patriots. However, the Patriots lost the first play-off game against the Houston Oilers and thus also the first play-off game at Schaefer Stadium.

1980–1989 - First Super Bowl participation

In the following two years, the Patriots missed the play-offs with 9: 7 and 10: 6 wins despite the new wide receiver Stanley Morgan , who was elected to the Pro Bowl several times. In the 1981 season there was a slump with only two wins out of 14 losses. In addition, there was serious rioting at a Monday night football game in 1981 , which led to numerous arrests. As a result of this incident, the NFL and the City of Foxborough banned the Patriots from playing Monday Night Games until further notice. After that season Erhardt was fired and the former head coach of Southern Methodist University , Ron Meyer , took over the team. In 1982 the contract with the Schaefer Brewing Company expired, with which the brewery lost its naming rights. The stadium was therefore renamed Sullivan Stadium . In the season shortened by strikes, the Patriots won 5: 4 games, u. a. the Snowplow game , a 3-0 win over the Miami Dolphins in which the Patriots literally plowed the snow off the field before a field goal attempt in the final quarter. John Smith then scored the only three points in the game with a 33-yard kick. The Dolphins took athletic revenge by beating the Patriots 28:13 in the first play-off round.

In the draft of the following 1983 season, the Patriots u. a. Quarterback Tony Eason . In 1983 Eason played little, but in 1984 he became the team's first quarterback. In his first season, the Patriots missed the play-offs with eight wins and just as many losses. In the 1984 NFL Draft they committed u. a. the wide receiver Irving Fryar from the University of Nebraska . Despite Eason as quarterback and Fryar as the new face-off, the team started badly, so that head coach Ron Meyer was replaced by Raymond Berry . The team missed the play-offs with a record of nine wins and seven losses.

After a comparatively bad start to the 1985 season, Berry changed his quarterback Eason to substitute Steve Grogan , but Eason came back to the starting line-up due to a serious injury Grogans later in the season. The Patriots ended up with 11: 5 wins, which earned them a wild card spot . In the play-offs they won a game for the first time in 22 years. They defeated the New York Jets 26:14 in the wild card round and the Los Angeles Raiders 27:20 in the next . In the AFC Championship Game they finally won against the Miami Dolphins with 31:14 points and qualified for the Super Bowl XX against the Chicago Bears . Against the favored Bears, the Patriots lost their tight end Lin Dawson early due to a broken leg. They were able to take a 3-0 lead in the first quarter after a fumble by Walter Payton , but were so dominated in the course of the game that in the end the Bears with 46:10 the highest Super Bowl victory of the NFL- History reached. After the season, New England's longtime Hall of Fame guard John Hannah retired.

In the following year 1986 the Patriots got 11: 5 wins, whereby they qualified for the play-offs. The game against the Denver Broncos was lost 17:22. This was for a long time the Patriots' last play-off participation, who would miss the postseason for the next eight years. One reason was the players' strike in the 1987 season, in which some Patriots players broke the picket lines and thus caused unrest in the squad; this included u. a. the new quarterback Doug Flutie . Another obstacle was a wave of injuries that decimated the team, so that the play-offs were missed with only 9: 7 wins. Probably the most important reasons were millions of bad investments on the part of Sullivan. Because of this, they sold the team after the season for $ 84 million to Victor Kiam , the former president and CEO of Remington . Although the Patriots played a comparatively good season in 1988, they did not reach the play-offs again. In the following season, the team achieved just five wins after their three main defenders, Andre Tippett , Garin Veris and Ronnie Lippett , were seriously injured before the start of the season.

1990–1999 - Kraft and Parcells

In the next few years, several changes of ownership shaped the history of the team. After Sullivan was sold to Kiam, he sold the team to James Orthwein in 1992 , who had the logo and the colors of the jerseys and pants changed. In terms of sport, things went bad, under head coach Rod Rust the worst result in the team's history was achieved with 1:15 wins. The low point was a sexual harassment charge against some Patriots players who had discriminated against reporter Lisa Olson with lewd remarks, so that the Patriots were fined US $ 50,000 and various players were fined a total of US $ 22,500. After Rust was fired, New England native Dick MacPherson became the new head coach. In addition, Sam Jankovich , who had previously worked as a trainer at the University of Miami, became chairman . In 1991 and 1992, the Patriots achieved 6:10 and 2:14 wins with new quarterback Hugh Millen . MacPherson and Jankovich then left the team. After buying the team, James Orthwein planned to transfer it to his hometown of St. Louis and had the design of the jerseys changed.

In 1993 the Patriots landed a coup by signing two-time Super Bowl winner Bill Parcells as head coach . In the draft they signed quarterback Drew Bledsoe from Washington State University , who established himself as the new starting quarterback . Although the Patriots only won 5:11, they only just lost many games and were u. a. victorious in four of the last five matches. Nevertheless, owner James Orthwein wanted to relocate the team to St. Louis and offered Robert Kraft , who had bought Foxboro Stadium for $ 25 million in 1988, $ 75 million for the fact that he let the binding lease expire early and thus the Patriots offered the opportunity to change location. This refused, whereupon Orthwein offered the Patriots for sale. Robert Kraft bought the team for 172 million US dollars, asserting itself against the investment group in which, among others, Walter Payton and Paul Newman sat.

On February 26, 1994, the first day the Patriots belonged to Kraft, 5,958 tickets were sold, more than six times as many as on the most successful day to date. In addition, since Kraft acquired the team, all games have been sold out; this also applies to the preseason games . Even so, the 1994 season got off to a bad start, with the Patriots losing six of their first nine games. Quarterback Bledsoe led New England to seven straight wins, making them the play-offs for the first time in eight years. Here, however, the Patriots lost 20:13 against the Cleveland Browns . At the 1995 draft, the team chose Ty Law as a future Pro Bowl cornerback and running back Curtis Martin , a future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame . But since Bledsoe was injured, the Patriots finished the season with only 6:10 wins. That year, the Patriots hosted a Monday night football game for the first time since 1981. The Patriots won the game 27:14 against the Buffalo Bills , and Kraft shortly thereafter thanked fans on a full page in the Boston Globe for their exemplary behavior. In the following 1996 season, u. a. Wide receiver Terry Glenn , Safety Lawyer Milloy and linebacker Tedy Bruschi are three future Pro Bowl players. With a greatly improved defense, the Patriots finished the season with 11: 5 wins, which gave them access to the play-offs. They won the first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers by 25 points and then the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars . The Super Bowl XXXI against the favored Green Bay Packers was lost despite a long balanced game with 21:35.

Prior to the 1997 season, Parcells left the Patriots and was hired by the New York Jets in exchange for additional draft picks . His successor was Pete Carroll , who led the team with a 10: 6 record as division winners in the play-offs. After beating the Miami Dolphins , the Patriots lost 6-7 to the Pittsburgh Steelers . The Patriots were ahead until the last quarter, but a fumble , which was picked up by Mike Vrabel , who later played for the Patriots, and turned into a touchdown, brought the Steelers the victory. In the 1998 season, ex-coach Parcells u. a. Curtis Martin joined the Jets, but the Patriots won a running back talent named Robert Edwards . The Patriots had to compensate for the injuries of quarterback Bledsoe and wide receiver Glenn and won 9-7 with reserve quarterback Scott Zolak . The decimated Patriots lost the first play-off game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at 10:25. As part of the Pro Bowl game, the new running back Edwards suffered a serious knee injury that was so devastating that he even threatened to amputate his lower leg. Without their best running back, the 1999 season was bad for the team. After eight games they could show six wins, but they ended the season with eight wins and eight losses. Head Coach Pete Carroll was then fired.

2000-2004 - The first three Super Bowl victories

Coach Bill Belichick (2004)

After Carroll was fired, the Patriots hired Bill Belichick as their new head coach . Belichick installed his own game philosophy in both offense and defense : In offense, he developed the Erhardt-Perkins tactic, which was introduced by the Patriots under Chuck Fairbanks in the 1970s , and emphasized a short version in his version , quick passing game . In defense, he relied on the so-called Fairbanks-Bullough Defense with 3 linemen and 4 linebackers, which rewards flexible defenders. He also drilled his players into a perfectionist attitude, meticulous preparation and a high level of versatility. Despite many positive changes, the Patriots 2000 only had five wins out of eleven defeats. The Patriots had four instead of the normal three quarterbacks in the squad this year, as Belichick built Tom Brady, drafted at position 199, as fourth quarterback.

The 2001 season got off to a bad start when the then coach of the quarterbacks died of cardiac arrest and quarterback Drew Bledsoe suffered severe internal bleeding in the second game. He had to be replaced by Tom Brady, who had prevailed as a substitute quarterback in the preseason. The team suffered from the departures of the Pro Bowl players Chris Slade and Ben Coates , who could only be gradually replaced by the new wide receivers Troy Brown and David Patten or the defensive lineman Richard Seymour selected in the first round . Brady turned out to be a positive surprise when he led the team to 11: 5 wins, displacing Bledsoe as starting quarterback . In the last game that was ever played at Foxboro Stadium, the Patriots won in what was later called the " Tuck Rule Game " against the Oakland Raiders 16:13. In heavy snowfall Brady was in the throwing motion with the score at 10:13 just before the end slumped and lost the ball. But since, according to referee a "recognizable throwing motion" took place, it was considered "incomplete pass" instead of fumble counted, so New England remained in possession of the ball. After kicker Adam Vinatieri had sunk two difficult field goals in thick snow , the Patriots won in overtime. Then they faced the favored Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game , in which Brady was injured, so that Bledsoe led the Patriots to a 24-17 victory.

The bridge of the Gillette Stadium with banners to the three Super Bowls won

At Super Bowl XXXVI against the favored defending champions St. Louis Rams , the Patriots consciously broke with the tradition that all players were named individually at the run-in. Instead, they could only be imagined as "The New England Patriots" to express that they are a team and not a collection of individual players. This enema was so popular that the teams have been presented collectively in every Super Bowl ever since. With thorough defensive work and a strong-nerved Brady, who threw the Patriots to the opposing 31-yard line at 17:17 in the last 91 seconds without timeouts, they gave kicker Adam Vinatieri the chance for a decisive field goal. Vinatieri converted a 48-yard kick, giving New England their first Super Bowl win at 20:17. For Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady was elected, who finished a long-term contract with the Patriots after the season. The victory parade of the team in Boston was visited by 1.5 million fans, and the whole team for the first game of the baseball team Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park invited. Bledsoe was handed over to the Bills for a player in the first round in the 2003 draft.

The 2002 season turned into a disappointment as the Patriots failed to make it into the play-offs with a record of nine wins and seven losses due to bad luck with injuries. In the 2003 season break, Belichick, true to his not very sentimental team leadership , let the well-deserved but expensive Pro Bowl safety lawyer Milloy go and instead brought Milloy's safety successor Rodney Harrison and linebacker Rosevelt Colvin cheaply . With a 14-2 balance, the Patriots reached the first position in the seeding list and were able to play all play-off games at the local Gillette Stadium. In the divisional play-offs, New England won against the Tennessee Titans (17:14) at a temperature of −16 ° C, the second-lowest temperature at which an NFL game was ever played. In the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots faced the Indianapolis Colts from star quarterback Peyton Manning . Manning threw four interceptions, three of them at Ty Law, so the Patriots won 24:14.

Several thousand fans greet the Patriots at Boston City Hall after winning Super Bowl XXXVIII

The Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers was a close exchange of blows. With three minutes to go, Carolina led by 22:21, until the Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel , who was called up as the tight end, caught a touchdown pass and, after a successful two-point conversion, led New England 29:22. But after Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme hit back with a touchdown throw at wide receiver Ricky Proehl , it was 68 seconds before the end of regular time 29:29. As with the last Super Bowl victory, Brady led his team close to the field goal in the final seconds. Adam Vinatieri hit the decisive field goal from 41 yards to make it 32:29.

The Patriots with US President George W. Bush at the award ceremony after winning Super Bowl XXXIX

In the 2004 season, the Patriots did a good job in the draft with nose tackle Vince Wilfork , and the experienced running back Corey Dillon was hired, who enlivened the Patriots' running game with 1,635 rushing yards. They helped the Patriots regain a strong 14: 2 balance, once again conquered position 1 on the seeding list and won 21 regular season and play-off games across seasons. Here they defied a wave of injuries in the defensive backs , in which the regular wide receiver Troy Brown had to step in as a cornerback at short notice. In the play-offs, the Indianapolis Colts were defeated with 20: 3 and the Pittsburgh Steelers with 41:27. In the Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles , the Patriots took off in the second half at 24:14. The Eagles came close to three points with an ultimately meaningless last-minute touchdown, but Safety Rodney Harrison decided the game with an interception. With the 24:21 win, the Patriots became only the second team to win three Super Bowls in four years and the first team in six years to defend their Super Bowl champion title.

2005–2013 - Two lost Super Bowls

Before the 2005 season, the Patriots lost two assistant coaches, offensive coordinator Charlie Weis to the University of Notre Dame and defensive coordinator Romeo Crenell to the Cleveland Browns . In addition, Pro Bowl cornerback Ty Law signed with the New York Jets , who was replaced by newcomer Ellis Hobbs . Linebacker Tedy Bruschi's stroke was a shock . Despite the problems, the Patriots moved into the play-offs with a strong final spurt with 10: 6 wins. Adam Vinatieri broke Gino Cappelletti's Patriots point record (1,130). In a 28-3 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars , linebacker Willie McGinest broke two NFL records with 4.5 sacks in one game and a total of 16 sacks in his postseason career, the same was true for New England with their 10th win in a K. -o.-game in a row. In the second round, the Patriots lost against the Denver Broncos 27:13 and were eliminated. 2006 was connected with further departures: With Eric Mangini , another assistant coach left the Patriots, and long-time supporters Adam Vinatieri and Deion Branch signed with the Colts and the Seattle Seahawks, respectively . As a replacement, the Patriots u. a. Right Caldwell of the San Diego Chargers , running back Heath Evans and guard Stephen Neal , they continued to draft wide receiver Chad Jackson and running back Laurence Maroney . After a strong season, New England finished first in their division, the AFC East, with a record of 12-4 wins . In the first round the Jets were defeated 37:17, in the second round against the San Diego Chargers the new kicker Stephen Gostkowski scored the decisive field goal for the 24:21 victory. Against the Colts, the Patriots led 21: 6 at halftime, but lost in the last minute 38:34. With 17 points in the last quarter, the Colts made the fourth largest comeback in NFL history.

Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Jabar Gaffney after Brady's 50th and Moss' 23rd touchdowns this season

In the 2007 season, head coach Belichick brought four new wide receivers, Randy Moss , Wes Welker , Donté Stallworth and Kelley Washington , plus tight end Kyle Brady and running back Sammy Morris , and the defense was supplemented by the experienced linebacker Junior Seau . They also pulled the future Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins in the NFL Draft . The year began with a bereavement when her player Marquise Hill died in a jet ski accident: The Patriots wore his shirt number 91 on the back of their helmet as a souvenir. The season was overshadowed by the so-called Spygate scandal: The Patriots had filmed the defensive signals of the New York Jets from an unauthorized location and were therefore a. Sentenced to a fine of $ 250,000 and losing a first-round draft pick. In addition, Head Coach Belichick had to pay $ 500,000 to the NFL. The Patriots were not impressed and created a unique 16-0 victory record. Quarterback Tom Brady broke u. a. the NFL record for touchdown throws (50) and Randy Moss for touchdown throws (23). After two wins against the Jacksonville Jaguars (31:20) and the San Diego Chargers (21:12), they met the New York Giants as a high favorite in Super Bowl XLII . After a close game, the Patriots were leading 14:10 with two minutes to go before Giants quarterback Eli Manning led his team from 83 yards into the end zone. Here he benefited a. a. from the so-called "Helmet Catch" from wide receiver David Tyree , who, despite close cover from Patriots-Safety Rodney Harrison, pressed the football against his helmet and thus "caught" it. This is considered to be one of the most spectacular Super Bowl moments in NFL history. Despite the final defeat and Spygate many players of Patriots were excellent, especially Tom Brady, whom the Sports Illustrated for Sportsman of the Year crowned and both the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award won. Belichick was named coach of the year .

Before the 2008 season, Head Coach Belichick had to cope with many defenses. a. cornerbacks Asante Samuel and Randall Gay and Safety Eugene Wilson . In the draft, New England only selected defenders except for quarterback Kevin O'Connell , including future Pro Bowl linebacker Jerod Mayo . The whole season was overshadowed by bad luck with injuries. Quarterback Tom Brady was eliminated in the first game with a serious knee injury. a. Tedy Bruschi , Ellis Hobbs , Matt Light , Lewis Sanders , Vince Wilfork , Richard Seymour , Billy Yates and Laurence Maroney . Reserve quarterback Matt Cassel led the decimated Patriots to a decent 11-5 win record, but they were eliminated anyway because they lost the division against the Miami Dolphins (also 11-5 wins) due to the poorer record in the games within their conference ( 8: 4 to 7: 5). Using the same decision criterion, they also lost the last wild card place to the Baltimore Ravens (also 11: 5 wins). After it was certain that Brady could play again in 2009, the Patriots traded Cassel along with linebacker Mike Vrabel and a draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs . With the 58th pick of the draft, they signed Sebastian Vollmer for the first time, a German player, and in 232th place they drew the trained quarterback Julian Edelman , who was soon used as a wide receiver, punt returner and defensive back due to his versatility . The Patriots won the East Division with a season record of 10: 6, but lost in the play-offs against the Baltimore Ravens with 14:33. Brady received the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award .

Before the 2010 season , head coach Belichick signed two tight ends , Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez , in the early rounds , and the trained cornerback Devin McCourty was drawn for the defense . After the declining wide receiver Randy Moss was fired, quarterback Brady led the Patriots to a 14: 2 record and won his second NFL Most Valuable Player Award and NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award. But in the divisional play-offs they lost again against the New York Jets with 21:28. Head Coach Belichick still won his second NFL Coach of the Year award . Before the 2011 season, Pro Bowl Safety Brandon Meriweather, the last defensive back of the Super Bowl years, left the Patriots, which weakened the defense in connection with injuries to important defenders (including linebacker Brandon Spikes and Safety Patrick Chung ). With a record of 13: 3 wins they defeated the Denver Broncos (45:10) and the Baltimore Ravens (23:20) in the play-offs at home and reached the Super Bowl XLVI . Again the Patriots lost a close game against the New York Giants (17:21), u. a. because Wes Welker could not catch a litter from Brady at 17:15 shortly before the end. In the following season 2012 the Patriots drafted more defensive players, u. a. Defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Dont'a Hightower . With this reinforced defense and the new wide receiver Brandon Lloyd , the Patriots were able to win their division again with 12: 4 wins. After the Houston Texans were defeated by 41:28, the Patriots lost to eventual Super Bowl winner Baltimore Ravens at home by 13:28. The Patriots didn't get a single point in the entire second half.

The 2013 season was associated with many failures for the Patriots, especially in the offense. Wide receivers Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd left New England, right tackle Sebastian Vollmer broke his leg and at the tight ends Rob Gronkowski tore his cruciate ligament while Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life imprisonment on a murder charge . In addition, defense chief Vince Wilfork tore his Achilles tendon. But thanks to a reliable quarterback Tom Brady, the successful conversion of Devin McCourty to Free Safety and a surprisingly strong Julian Edelman , who caught 105 passes as an unskilled wide receiver, the Patriots made it into the play-offs with 12: 4 wins. Here they defeated the Indianapolis Colts, the ex-club of long-time rival Peyton Manning , with 41:22, but failed away with 16:26 to Mannings and Welker's new team, the Denver Broncos .

Since 2014 - Fourth, fifth and sixth Super Bowl victories

Malcolm Butler decided with his interception the Super Bowl XLIX .

In the 2014 season, the Patriots strengthened their pass defense by signing three cornerbacks: Darrelle Revis , Brandon Browner and Malcolm Butler . The improved defense contributed to the fact that the Patriots, thanks to a usual strong offense around quarterback Tom Brady, won the AFC East with a record of twelve wins and four losses and topped the seeding list as the best team of the AFC. After victories over the Baltimore Ravens (35:31) in which head coach Belichick the enemies with the ineligible-receiver tricked, rule and the Indianapolis Colts (45: 7) they went to Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks a . The preparation was overshadowed by the so-called Deflategate scandal, in which the Colts accused the Patriots quarterback Brady of having manipulated the air pressure of the football against the rules. The Super Bowl itself was successful for the Patriots. After Julian Edelman caught a touchdown throw from Brady two minutes from time, the Patriots were leading 28:24. The Seahawks stood at the New England 1-yard line with 20 seconds to go until an interception from Malcolm Butler ruled the game. Brady and Belichick won their fourth Super Bowl title, and Right Tackle Sebastian Vollmer became the first German Super Bowl winner since Markus Koch .

Before the 2015 season , the Patriots had to cope with the departure of cornerbacks Revis and Browner and long-time nose tackle Wilfork, but still won their first ten games of the season. After a wave of injuries that decimated the offense in particular, they lost four of the last six matches. With 12: 4 wins they reached position 2 on the AFC seeding list. With cornerback Butler, defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Jamie Collins , three defense players made their debut on the Pro Bowl team. In the play-offs they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs (27:20) and reached the AFC Championship Game for the fifth time in a row, with which they set the NFL record for the Oakland Raiders (1972-76). Here they lost against the Denver Broncos with 18:20.

Through James White, the Patriots won the Super Bowl LI in the first overtime match in Super Bowl history.

In the 2016 season , the Patriots started with a serious quarterback shortage, as starting quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games due to the Deflategate affair and his backups Jimmy Garoppolo in the second match and Jacoby Brissett in the third match injured. Nevertheless, the Patriots won three of the first four games and finished the regular season with 14-2 wins, so that they conquered number 1 on the AFC seeding list. In addition to the usual strong offense around quarterback Brady (28 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions) and running back LeGarrette Blount (1,161 yards gain, league best of 18 run touchdowns), the defense around the pro bowlers Dont'a Hightower (linebacker) and Devin McCourty were particularly convincing (Safety), which only allowed 250 opponent points (NFL-wide 1st place). In the play-offs, the Houston Texans were defeated first (34:16), making them the AFC Finals for the sixth time in a row, and after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers (36:17) became the Super for the ninth time Bowl reached - both were new NFL records. In Super Bowl LI , the Patriots won 34:28 after extra time against the Atlanta Falcons. It was the first Super Bowl to be decided in overtime, with running back James White deciding the game with the first overtime touchdown in Super Bowl history.

The 2018 season was the 49th season in the National Football League for the New England Patriots. For the 19th time the team competed under Head Coach Bill Belichick. Eventually the Patriots made it to Super Bowl LIII . They competed for the second time after 2002 against the Los Angeles Rams , which were then still called St. Louis Rams. The game was played on February 3, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta , Georgia . The New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl 13-3.

Economic and financial aspects

Team value (billion US dollars)
1994: Price when last owner changed.
1998ff: According to Forbes estimates by 2019.

In 2009, the team was able to raise around $ 302 million. According to Forbes estimates, the New England Patriots were valued at $ 1.361 billion in 2009, making them the third most valuable team in the NFL and the fifth most valuable sports team behind Manchester United , the Dallas Cowboys , the New York Yankees baseball team and the Washington Redskins of the world. Thus, since the 1994 purchase by Robert Kraft for $ 172 million, it has increased in value eight times. In 2008, a large $ 350 million shopping complex around the stadium increased its value to a good $ 1.4 billion. By 2019, the Patriots' estimated worth has risen to $ 4.1 billion. The team ranks second among the most valuable NFL teams behind the Dallas Cowboys ($ 5.5 billion).

The average ticket price for a game at Gillette Stadium when purchased directly is $ 118, well above the NFL average, which is around $ 60. Usually, however, all tickets are sold out long before the start of the season, which is why many tickets are sold on Ebay or on the black market .


Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots since 2002

During his time as the owner, Robert K. Kraft tried to build a new stadium in the New England states. Since he could not come to an agreement with the city of Boston and Rhode Island and thus did not get permission to build there, he negotiated with the Massachusetts Parliament that he could build a semi-self-financed new stadium next to the old stadium . Massachusetts should give $ 75 million to build it. The spokesman for parliament rejected the proposal, however, on the grounds that he did not agree if tax money was used for private interests. Because of this, Kraft concluded a contract with the Governor of Connecticut , John G. Rowland , that he may build the stadium in Hartford . However, there were some problems where the stadium was to be built, which is why construction was delayed. At the same time, the NFL announced that it was providing loans of up to $ 150 million to teams based in one of the six largest metropolitan areas in the United States, including Boston. Because of this there were again discussions about building the stadium in Foxborough; Parliament was also ready for further negotiations.

The discussions were successful and Kraft announced in the spring of 1999 that the Hartford stadium project would be canceled and that it would be built at the original location instead. The last hurdle was the approval of the city of Foxborough, which however voted with 90% for the stadium. That cleared the way for the $ 325 million project. First the naming rights belonged to CMGi , and the stadium was called "CMGi Field". From spring 2002 onwards there were a few smaller events, for example concerts and games by the New England Revolution football club , but the first major event was a Patriots game in September of the same year. Shortly before that, the Gillette Company bought the naming rights and the stadium was renamed "Gillette Stadium". The venue is often called "The Razor" by fans.

From 2007 to 2008, the so-called Patriot Place was built, a 1.3 km² complex that houses many large shops, a 4-star hotel, a medical center, several cinemas and a museum. The construction costs were 350 million US dollars and over 20,000 visitors are expected to be in Patriot Place every day.


Current squad

Squad of the New England Patriots


Running backs

Wide receiver

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen


Defensive backs

Special teams

Reserve List

Practice Squad

Rookies in italics

Roster as of December 22, 2019
Depth ChartTransactions

53 active, 12 inactive, 8 (+1 lost) Practice Squad

Deserved players and officials

The following players and officials are members of the New England Patriots Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame :

* Number blocked by the Patriots
Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
New England Patriots Hall of Fame
No. Surname Positions Playing times Choice ( Pro ) No. Surname Positions Playing times Choice ( Pro )
73 * John Hannah G 1973–1985 1991 (Pro: 1991) 35 Jim Nance FB 1965-1971 2009
85 Nick Buoniconti LB 1962-1968 1992 (Pro: 2001) 39 Sam Cunningham RB 1973-1982 2010
20 * Gino Cappelletti WR / K 1960-1970 1992 11 Drew Bledsoe QB 1993-2001 2011
89 * Bob Dee DL 1960-1967 1993 56 Jon Morris C. 1964-1974 2011
79 * Jim Lee Hunt DT 1960-1971 1993 80 Troy Brown WR / PR / CB 1993-2007 2012
57 * Steve Nelson LB 1974-1987 1993 54 Tedy Bruschi LB 1996-2008 2013
15th Vito "Babe" Parilli QB 1961-1967 1993 24 Ty Law CB 1995-2004 2014 (Pro: 2019)
40 * Mike Haynes CB 1976-1982 1994 (Pro: 1997) 55 Willie McGinest LB / DE 1994-2005 2015
14th Steve Grogan QB 1975-1990 1995 65 Houston Antwine DL 1961-1971 2015
56 Andre Tippett LB 1982-1993 1999 (Pro: 2008) 33 Kevin Faulk RB 1999-2011 2016
78 * Bruce Armstrong T 1987-2000 2001 26th Raymond Clayborn CB 1977-1989 2017
86 Stanley Morgan WR 1977-1989 2007 72 Matt Light T 2001-2011 2018
87 Ben Coates TE 1991-1999 2008 72 Rodney Harrison S. 2003-2008 2019
Surname Positions Playing times choice
Billy Sullivan founder 1960-1988 2009
Gil Santos commentator 1972-1979, 1991-2012 2013

Four other people have spent part of their careers with the Patriots and have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Trainers (coaches)

Head coaches

# Order of trainers
Games Play as a coach
S. Victories
N Defeats
UE draw
Won% Win rate
* Exclusively active as Head Coach for the Patriots

Status: end of season 2019

# Surname Period Regular season Play-offs Achievements / Awards reference
Games S. N UE Won% Games S. N
Boston Patriots
1 Lou Saban 1960-1961 19th 7th 12 0 .368 - - -
2 Mike Holovak 1961-1968 107 52 46 9 .528 2 1 1 UPI AFL Trainer of the Year (1966)
3 Clive Rush * 1969-1970 21st 5 13 0 .238 - - -
4th John Mazur * 1970 7th 1 6th 0 .143 - - -
New England Patriots
- John Mazur 1971-1972 23 8th 15th 0 .348 - - -
5 Phil Bengtson 1st 1972 5 1 4th 0 .200 - - -
6th Chuck Fairbanks * 2 1973-1978 85 46 39 0 .541 2 0 2 UPI NFL Coach of the Year (1976)
Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1976)
7th Ron Erhardt * 3 1979-1981 49 21st 28 0 .428 - - -
8th Ron Meyer 1982-1984 33 18th 15th 0 .545 1 0 1
9 Raymond Berry * 1984-1989 87 48 39 0 .551 5 3 2 UPI NFL Trainer of the Year (1985)
10 Rod Rust * 1990 16 1 15th 0 .062 - - -
11 Dick MacPherson * 1991-1992 32 8th 24 0 .250 - - -
12 Bill Parcells 1993-1996 64 32 32 0 .500 4th 2 2 Pro Football Weekly NFL Trainer of the Year (1994)
Maxwell Football Club NFL Trainer of the Year (1994)
AP NFL Trainer of the Year (1994)
UPI NFL Trainer of the Year (1994)
13 Pete Carroll 1997-1999 48 27 21st 0 .562 3 1 2
14th Bill Belichick 2000– 320 237 83 0 .741 41 30th 11 AP NFL Trainer of the Year (2003, 2007, 2010)
Sporting News NFL Trainer of the Year (2003)
Pro Football Weekly NFL Trainer of the Year (2003)
Maxwell Football Club NFL Trainer of the Year (2007) Super Bowl
appearances XXXVI *, XXXVIII * , XXXIX *, XLII , XLVI , XLIX *, LI *, LII , LIII * (* = victory)
1 Phil Bengtson was interim head coach for the last 5 games of the 1972 season .
2 Chuck Fairbanks was fired for the final game of the 1978 regular season . However, he was brought back for the play-offs, where he was eliminated in the first round.
3 Ron Erhardt's statistics show a game that he ran with Hank Bullough as head coach during the 1978 release of Chuck Fairbanks. 1979 is Erhardt's first official year as head coach.

Current staff

Coach of the New England Patriots
Front Office

Head coaches

Offense trainer

  Defense coach

Special teams trainer

  • Vacant

Strength and stamina

Controversies and rivalries

The New England Patriots were embroiled in several controversies that had legal ramifications. This includes:

  • Snowplow game (1982): At the 3: 0 win over the Miami Dolphins in heavy snow admitted employee named Mark Henderson at the registry of 0: 0 with a snowplow the place free at the Patriots kicker John Smith, a field goal kick wanted to. Smith converted his kick, and the use of snow plows has been banned in NFL games ever since.
  • Tuck Rule Game (2002): At 16: 13 win over the Oakland Raiders was Patriots quarterback Tom Brady so hard slumped that he dropped the football and the Raiders conquered the football. But since the referee saw a "recognizable throwing movement" in Brady according to the "Tuck Rule" in force at the time, an "incomplete pass" was given instead of fumble . Had the referee ruled that Brady had pulled the football without throwing intention to the body (tucked ball) , Oakland would have remained in possession. This difficult to check rule was repealed in 2013.
  • Spygate (2007): Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was convicted of having filmed the signals of the Jets defensive coach from the opposite side of the field during a game of the New York Jets . Filming the coaches is not forbidden, but only allowed from a certain height or distance. Belichick was fined $ half a million, and the Patriots lost another $ 250,000 and their first-round draft pick for the next year.
  • Ineligible Receiver (2014): In the AFC Divisional Game 2014, which the Patriots won against the Baltimore Ravens 35:31, the Patriots offense in the second half on the line of scrimmage did not offer four offensive linemen plus one in this play non-lineman authorized to pass (ineligible receiver) , u. a. Running back Shane Vereen and tight end Michael Hoomanawanui . Thinking the Patriots had one eligible player too many, the Ravens protested in vain, which helped them gamble away a 14-point lead. The ineligible receiver rule was then changed so that such offense formations are no longer possible.
  • Deflategate (2014): After the 2014 AFC Championship Game, which the Patriots won 45-7 against the Indianapolis Colts , it became known that 11 of the 12 footballs the Patriots had used against the Colts were under pressure ( min.12.5 psi ) were inflated. A soft football makes it easier for the quarterback to throw because the grip is more secure. NFL investigator Ted Wells put Patriots quarterback Tom Brady under an accomplishment, so the Patriots lost two draft picks and Brady was initially suspended for four games. On September 3, this suspension was declared invalid in court, but this acquittal was reversed, so that Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season.
  • Filming the Cincinnati Bengals (2019): During the 2019 season, a Patriots film crew were caught illegally filming the Bengals' sideline in the game against the Cleveland Browns from the press room. The film crew was shooting a documentary about a Patriots scout. The Patriots were fined $ 1.1 million for the offense and lost their third-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft . The film crew was also banned from recording games for the entire 2020 season.

Sporting rivalries exist mainly against the New York Jets , the Baltimore / Indianapolis Colts , and the Baltimore Ravens :

  • New York Jets: There is a decades-old rivalry against the former AFL and today's AFC East competitor New York Jets. It peaked in the 1990s when Patriots coach Bill Parcells went to the Jets and u. a. got the star running back of the Patriots, Curtis Martin , but in return the Patriots recruited the then jet head coach Bill Belichick in 1999 after 32 minutes in office (!) and picked up six super bowls with him. The rivalry was exacerbated by Spygate in 2007 .
  • Baltimore / Indianapolis Colts: The Baltimore Colts were competitors in the AFC East from 1971 to 1983 . This rivalry was seamlessly carried over by the successor franchise Indianapolis Colts until they moved to the newly formed AFC South in 2001 . In the new millennium, the competition intensified through the sporting competition of the respective quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning , who regularly met in the play-offs. The Patriots won the AFC Championship Game in 2003 and the Divisional Play-offs in 2004, before the Colts won the AFC Championship Game in 2006, after which they won the Super Bowl. Even after the Colts gave up Manning and built a new team around quarterback Andrew Luck , the rivalry continued. It reached a temporary high point with Deflategate .
  • Baltimore Ravens: Since 2009, the Patriots have faced the Ravens four times in a play-off game, more than any other franchise. That year (33:14 for the Ravens), Baltimore became the first team to beat New England in the 21st century at home in the postseason, and after their second play-off win in New England (2012, 28:13) they won the Super Bowl XLVII . Both Patriots play-off victories against the Ravens were close (23:20 and 35:31 respectively), and on the last success they maneuvered Baltimore with the ineligible receiver rule, which is banned today . In addition, there is the longstanding personal dislike between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs , and the fact that various tough tackles by long-standing Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard led to so many Patriots injuries (Tom Brady 2008, Wes Welker 2009, Rob Gronkowski 2011 and Stevan Ridley 2012) that Pollard et al. a. referred to by the Washington Times as the "Patriot Killer".

Fans and public image

The Patriots cheerleaders at a gig

Game accompaniment

Founded in 1977 Cheerleading Department of Patriots only has no name, but is The Patriots Cheerleaders called. Today they appear at both games and the Patriots' charity events. In 2005, cheerleader Kristin Gauvin became Miss Massachusetts because of her engagement with the Patriots . At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing , China , the New England Patriots dancers trained the local cheerleaders.

At each home game there are around 10 people disguised as Minutemen in each end zone , who fire musket shots after each point has been won , with an extra point accompanied by a few bars of the Overture 1812 . This volunteer group is called End Zone Militia and is a popular photo opportunity for fans. Their performance is not without controversy, as Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri complained in 2003 about the smoke from the guns fired, which helped him miss an extra point. In addition, the Militia fired a volley at every kickoff for a while , until so many opposing kick returner protested the bang of the muskets that the NFL banned this kickoff accompaniment. Still, in 2007 ESPN named the End Zone Militia shots the NFL's best touchdown celebration.


In addition to currently over 300 official and registered fan clubs, there are also a number of unofficial ones. There are also some clubs in Germany. Every year towards the end of the season, an award named after the first winner, the "Joseph R. Mastrangelo Memorial Trophy", is presented to the best fan. 600 applications and nominations were received for the 2008 award. The Patriots have a number of celebrity fans, including a. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen , the wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady , the actors Chris Evans , Ben Affleck , Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg , in whose films and series Brady made various cameo appearances ( Ted 2 and Entourage ), which comes from Massachusetts Presenter Maria Menounos , as well as the musicians Steven Tyler , who sang the US national anthem in a New England game in a Patriots scarf, and Elton John , who is privately friends with Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft and in a New England Game was named Patriots Honorary Captain in 2009.

public relation

The Patriots also run a charity that primarily cares for needy children in New England. A certain percentage of the ticket income and the income from golf tournaments and galas run by the foundation flow into the budget. In addition, online auctions take place at irregular intervals, in which old jerseys, signed balls and other items are auctioned. From 2001 to 2008 a karaoke hosted by the player Larry Izzo was held every June . The so-called "Larryoke" was dedicated to the soldiers of the US Army .

The Patriots support Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army , among others , who ensure that hundreds of children and families get something to eat every day. In addition, the Patriots give away some cards for their games so that children from socially disadvantaged families can also visit a game.

Radio and television broadcasts

The radio station WBCN 104.1FM, which belongs to CBS Radio , has existed since 2007 . The Patriots' larger transmitter, which covers a total of seven states with 35 stations, is called the Patriots Rock Radio Network . The transmitter ABC , a partner of WBCN , carries every game of the season, which is not broadcast nationwide. At ABC mostly Don Criqui work as the moderator and Randy Cross as his assistant.

Balance sheet and records

New England Patriots / Facts and Figures represents important individual records for the Patriots and the seasonal balance sheets since 1960.

Former and current logos

Sebastian Vollmer 2009 in the classic white Patriot dress, which was used regularly until 1992, with “Pat Patriot” on the helmet

The original logo of the Patriots is a three- cornered hat, which, however, was replaced in the first season with the representation of a Minuteman at the Snap . This emblem was designed by Phil Bissell. The figure of the logo initially remained nameless until the then owner Billy Sullivan titled the Minuteman "Pat Patriot". So the name was used from 1961 on. The Patriots' first uniforms were entirely in the colors of the United States flag - red and white jerseys with blue stripes on the sleeves, white trousers and helmets that, like most teams at the time, had the logo on both sides.

In 1978 the Patriots expanded their uniform design with the introduction of red shorts and white and blue jerseys. This uniform was used for home games. However, the new color of the pants was withdrawn again in the 1982 and 1983 seasons. In 1984, red jerseys and white shorts were introduced, but a year later the white jerseys were used again at home games. At the 20th Super Bowl , the Patriots again used the red jerseys, which were then also used in the other seasons.

The next changes took place in 1993 because the owner of the team, James Orthwein , and the owners of the NFL judged the logo - "Pat the Patriot" - to be too cluttered and therefore too expensive to reproduce. That is why it was replaced by the silhouette of a patriot wearing a red, white and blue tricorn . This figure was called "Flying Elvis" by the fans after Elvis Presley . The color of the jerseys changed from red to a dark "Patriot" blue with the player numbers displayed in red. The color of the helmets and trousers changed from white to silver.

In 2000, the Patriots introduced darker jerseys. Also, blue pants were now used with the white jerseys too. In 2003 there were the alternative silver jerseys, which are only occasionally used with the blue shorts. According to the patriot's own magazine, at the beginning of April 2008 there were considerations to replace the alternative silver jerseys with the earlier red jerseys as part of the 50th anniversary of the American Football League. For the 2009 season, the league decided to allow all former AFL teams to play these matches with their former uniforms. As a result, the Patriots competed in several games in both the early red and the even older white jerseys.


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Commons : New England Patriots  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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