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The upback (PP) in the punt formation

The upback , also Personal Protector or Punt Protector ( PP) , is a position in the special teams in American Football and Canadian Football . The task of the upback is to protect one's own punter from attacking opponents who want to block the punt during a punt . He also gives the instructions for the block diagram. The upback is also responsible for counting the blockers on the field so as not to cause an outnumbered situation and takes over the snap count . After the successful punt he goes into punt coverage, i.e. attacks the opposing punt returner . Since he is relatively far back, he is usually not one of the first at the returner, but rather serves as a safeguard.

The upback is often five yards behind the line of scrimmage , i.e. ten yards in front of the punter, in line with one of the guards . He is the last line of defense before the punter. Often running backs or safeties are used as upbacks, as they are mobile enough to change sides quickly and can also block well at the same time. In trick play, the upback often acts as a provisional running back, wide receiver or quarterback who is supposed to run, catch or throw the missing yards for a new first down.

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