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The position of the middle linebacker in the 4-3 formation

Linebacker ( LB ) is a position in American football , in the middle of defense , behind the defensive line, and in front of the defensive backs .

There are different types of linebackers depending on the viewer's point of view and the trainer's philosophy. On the one hand, linebackers can be divided into inside or middle and outside linebackers. Inside linebackers (abbreviation ILB) are used with an even number of linebackers (e.g. in the so-called 3-4 defense with 4 linebackers). Middle Linebacker (MLB) with an odd number ( 4-3 Defense with 3 Linebackers). The abbreviation for the outside linebacker is OLB. You can subdivide these even more finely into left OLB and right OLB (LOLB / ROLB). On the other hand, the linebackers sometimes align their position according to the offense. The strongside linebacker (SLB) then stands on the side where the tight end is . Its name comes from the fact that the side of the tight end is the strongside, i.e. the strong side of the attacking team. On the other side is the Weakside Linebacker (WLB). Inside, the nomenclature does not change compared to the first variant, and together, SLB and WLB can also be referred to as outside linebackers.

The requirements for the ideal linebacker are extremely high. He should be about 1.85 to 1.90 m tall and be able to show some weight and muscles, so that his mass is around 100 kg and above. Furthermore, an overview of the game and experience are required, especially from the MLB, as this usually acts as the defensive captain. Linebackers must defend against both the running game and the passing game .

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