Gunner (American Football)

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The gunner on the left (No. 25) is assigned two jammers, the gunner on the right (8) only one (with a relatively large distance)

The Gunner is a position in the special teams in American Football and Canadian Football . The gunner's job is to tackle the opposing returner after a punt or kickoff , to get him to a fair catch or to force him out. In addition, the gunner can force the returner to stay away from the outsides, which makes tackling easier for the other players. Another task of the gunners is to capture a lugged ball and to prevent a ball that is not picked up during the punt from crossing the goal line in order to prevent a touchback . Gunner should therefore be fast, agile and have secure hands, which is why substitutes are usually used in the positions of the defensive back or wide receiver . In punt, a gunner is generally set up on each side of the field. The two gunner are allowed to run as soon as the ball is snapped . Each gunner is usually faced with two jammers on the opposing team who try to slow him down and keep him away from the returner.

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