Ted 2

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German title Ted 2
Original title Ted 2
Ted2 logo.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 116 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Seth MacFarlane
script Seth MacFarlane
Alec Sulkin
Wellesley Wild
production Jason Clark
John Jacobs
Seth MacFarlane
Scott Stuber
music Walter Murphy
camera Michael Barrett
cut Jeff Freeman

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Ted 2 is an American comedy film from the year 2015 and the continuation of Ted from 2012. Director and spokesman for the eponymous character of the movie is Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. The theatrical release in Germany was on June 25, 2015, in the United States on June 26, 2015.


A year after Ted and his girlfriend Tami-Lynn got married, they are arguing incessantly. As a solution to the problem, a work colleague suggests that the two should have a child. Enthusiastic about the idea, Ted tries to find a suitable sperm donor . After Sam J. Jones declined because he only had a single sperm he wanted to keep as a protein reserve and a sperm robbery from Tom Brady failed, John offered to become the donor. In fact, he was Ted's first choice; he hesitated, however, as John still hasn't gotten over his divorce from Lori.

After John's donation, it turns out that Tami-Lynn is sterile due to her massive drug abuse. Once diagnosed, the couple attempt to become parents through adoption . However, this is not possible as Ted is not considered a person but a thing before the law. The adoption request causes a landslide, causing Ted to lose all accounts, memberships and his job. His marriage to Tami-Lynn is also annulled.

To regain his basic rights , Ted and John consult a lawyer. Since they can't afford him, he suggests that his niece, Samantha, who has just finished university, take the case pro bono in order to gain work experience. After initial doubts about such a young lawyer, they both become friends with Samantha.

While Ted, John, Tami-Lynn and Samantha prepare for the case, Ted's stalker Donny, who now works as a janitor at Hasbro, makes his boss an offer: The company should influence the court process so that he can steal Ted and then bring him alive Manufacture teddy bears. In return, he only demands one of these bears for himself. His boss agrees on the condition that the company is never associated with it.

In the trial, Samantha fails to convince the jury of Ted's humanity. In order to survive in the appeal , Samantha tries to win the fundamental rights expert Patrick Meighan as a lawyer. In fact, he agrees to see Ted in his New York City office . A car accident occurs along the way, forcing Ted, Samantha and John to stay at a barn in the immediate vicinity of a hidden cannabis plantation, where Samantha and John grow closer.

The next day, the three of them arrive at Meighan's office. During the interview, the attorney admits that Ted is special, but he won't take on the case. Angry about losing everything and the apparent disinterest of his friends, Ted wanders aimlessly through New York and ends up at Comic Con .

Donny, who followed Ted to New York, manages to capture the bear. However, Ted managed to call John beforehand, who appears with Samantha in time before Donny can dissect Ted. In revenge for losing Ted once again, Donny cuts the bracket of a spaceship Enterprise model that hurls John across the event hall and ultimately buries him under a screen.

At the hospital, Ted and Samantha get word that John couldn't make it. When they are about to say goodbye, John reveals that he is still alive and that he has only faked his death to return the favor to Ted for a prank. Meighan then appears at John's bedside, who has agreed to take on the case after seeing Ted's reaction to John's accident at Comic Con on television.

Meighan actually manages to win the case for Ted. John and Samantha become a couple. Ted and Tami-Lynn are now legally married and adopt a little boy. The baby receives a little teddy bear from his godfather, John, who looks like Ted.

In the post-credit scene, the supermarket customer is shown with injuries to his face, who is returning his cornflakes.


Steve Burke announced in September 2012 that Universal Studios wanted to realize a sequel to Ted . Mark Wahlberg later confirmed that a sequel was in the works and that it would be the first sequel in his career. In October 2013 it was announced that Ted 2 would be released in June 2015. In February 2014 it was announced that Amanda Seyfried had been signed for the female lead, while Mila Kunis would no longer play in the sequel.

Filming began on July 28, 2014 and ended on November 13, 2014. Filming locations included Boston , 20th Century Fox Studios in California and Comic Con in New York .

The first trailer was published on January 29, 2015 on the official Facebook page.

The film grossed more than $ 217 million at the box office on a budget of $ 68 million, but failed to match the success of its predecessor, which had grossed more than double ($ 549 million).


The film was dubbed by Film- & Fernseh-Synchron based on a dialogue book by Tobias Neumann . Directed led Axel Malzacher .

role Actress German dubbing voice
John Bennett Mark Wahlberg Oliver Mink
Ted Seth MacFarlane Jan Odle (German version)
Stefan Puntigam (eastern version)
Samantha Amanda Seyfried Magdalena Turba
Patrick Meighan Morgan Freeman Klaus Sunshine
Tami-Lynn Jessica Barth Esra Vural
Donny Giovanni Ribisi Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Frank Bill Smitrovich Roland Hemmo
Guy Patrick Warburton Stefan Fredrich
Rick Michael Dorn Raimund Krone
Gynecologist Dennis Haysbert Tilo Schmitz
Shep Wild John Slattery Erich Rauker
Supermarket customer Liam Neeson Bernd Rumpf
Sam J. Jones Sam J. Jones Jürgen Kluckert
Tom Brady Tom Brady David Nathan
teller Patrick Stewart Christian Rode

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