Ted (film)

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German title Ted
Original title Ted
Ted logo.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2012
length 106 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 14
Director Seth MacFarlane
script Seth MacFarlane,
Alec Sulkin ,
Wellesley Wild
production Scott Stuber ,
Seth MacFarlane,
John Jacobs ,
Jason Clark ,
Wellesley Wild
music Walter Murphy
camera Michael Barrett
cut Jeff Freeman

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Ted 2

Ted is an American comedy film from the year 2012 . Family Guy inventor Seth MacFarlane was the director, screenwriter, co-producer and speaker of the eponymous character of the film . The theatrical release in Germany was on August 2, 2012. An extended edition extended by six minutes for home cinema was released in the United States and Great Britain, but has not yet been released in Germany.


In 1985, eight-year-old John Bennett, an only child from Brockton , Massachusetts , had a large teddy bear named Teddy for Christmas . He wants it to come alive and become his friend. A shooting star fulfills the wish and Ted actually comes to life. John's parents are initially shocked, but Ted soon becomes a celebrity worldwide. John and Ted swear an eternal friendship.

27 years later: John and Ted live in a suburb of Boston with John's friend Lori Collins . Ted is still John's best friend. However, this also brings some difficulties for the now four-year relationship between John and Lori, for which Lori blames the friendship between John and Ted. Ted has a problem with alcohol and other drugs , and his sex antics is not a good influence on John in Lori's eyes. Now John should decide - for his best friend or for his girlfriend.

Finally, Ted brings the barrel to overflow when he is playing truth or dare with four prostitutes in the shared apartment and a fellow player leaves feces on the floor - Ted has to leave the flat. He moves into an apartment alone and applies to work as a salesman in a supermarket, where he is invited for an interview. Ted deliberately designed this to be miserable, but he was hired because the boss was impressed by his extremely self-confident and foul demeanor. As a result, he is promoted even further despite sexual escapades in the workplace.

Lori's boss Rex, who openly pursues her but unsuccessfully, invites her and John to a party. As soon as he got there, Ted calls John and informs him that he is also having a party with their common idol, Sam J. Jones , the leading actor in the film Flash Gordon . Ted persuades John to drop by for a jump and John, unable to resist the temptation, slips away. At Ted's party, he and Ted and Jones celebrate with alcohol and other drugs, so that he forgets the time. However, Lori notices his absence and separates from him.

John blames Ted for the breakup and breaks off contact with him. Rex learns of the breakup and invites Lori to a concert by Norah Jones . After a long hesitation, Lori accepts the invitation. Ted tries to get in touch with John again to save his relationship. This attempt at help ends in a violent fight between Ted and John. But the two make up again. John and Ted go to the Hatch Shell for the Norah Jones concert. Lori and Rex are already there. John sings All Time High by Rita Coolidge, the theme song from Octopussy , for Lori on stage , but is booed by the audience because of his poor performance. However, Lori realizes that John is taking care of her and leaves Rex.

Ted tries to talk to Lori and declares that he is ready to disappear forever. Shortly afterwards, however, he is kidnapped by Donny and his son Robert. Donny has tried in the past in vain to buy Ted from John as a present for his son. When John and Lori track down the kidnappers, a fight breaks out after a chase, in which Ted is torn in two and dies. John and Lori mend Ted back together in their apartment, but he remains lifeless. John is extremely depressed and Lori realizes that a life together with John without Ted is not possible for her. In the evening she sees a falling star, and her wish brings Ted back to life. The next morning, John proposes to her. Finally, the two are married by Sam J. Jones.

Before the end credits, the narrator's voice reveals the further fate of the other characters:

  • Ted is promoted to manager after he "ate potato salad from Tami-Lynn's bare bottom."
  • Sam Jones moves back to LA, where he tries a comeback and shares a one-bedroom apartment in Burbank with Superman actor Brandon Routh .
  • Rex has given up courting Lori. He fell into a deep depression and died of testicular cancer.
  • Donny is arrested for kidnapping a stuffed animal. However, the charges are dropped "when everyone realized how stupid that sounds".
  • Robert gets a fitness trainer, loses his excess weight and now lives as an actor under the pseudonym Taylor Lautner .


The film production company Universal Pictures worked together with the companies Media Rights Capital, Fuzzy Door Productions, Bluegrass Films and Smart Entertainment on the film project. With a budget of $ 65 million, the film grossed about $ 549 million at the box office.


The film was shot in the US state of Massachusetts . The locations of Norwood , Chelsea , Swampscott and Boston served as locations. In Fenway Park , the baseball stadium of the Boston Red Sox , a night scene was filmed.

Language versions in Germany

The voice actor for Ted is Jan Odle in the German version ; he also speaks Peter Griffin in Family Guy , a character who is also spoken in the original by MacFarlane. In addition to the normal High German dubbed version , language versions were also shown from September 6, 2012 in which the character of Ted spoke with a Berlin or Bavarian dialect . These additional language versions were only shown in selected cinemas in the respective regions.

Film music

The soundtrack for the film was released on Universal Republic Records , a label of the Universal Music Group , on June 26, 2012. It contains the soundtrack by Walter Murphy and other songs from the film. Seth MacFarlane co-wrote the opening theme " Everybody Needs a Best Friend " with Murphy. This song was nominated for Best Movie Song at the 2013 Oscars .

Other pieces that do not appear on the soundtrack include Queen (from the Flash Gordon soundtrack "Football Fight", "Battle Theme" and "The Hero"), from the television series Knight Rider ("Title Song") by the Bee Gees ("Stayin 'Alive") and John Williams (" The Imperial March ").

Contrary to what is to be expected in comedies, Ted has an emotional orchestral score rather than a funny sounding. Special mention is made of the installation of the Indiana Jones -theme of John Williams from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark in "Ted Is Captured" / "Raiders of the Lost Ark".


All songs on the soundtrack are by Walter Murphy , unless otherwise stated:

  1. " Everybody Needs a Best Friend " - Norah Jones
  2. "The Power of Wishes"
  3. "Thunder Buddies for Life"
  4. "John and Lori at Work" / "A Walk in the Park"
  5. "Magical Wish"
  6. "Rex's Party (Everybody Needs a Best Friend)"
  7. "The Breakup"
  8. "Never Be Scared of Thunder Again"
  9. "Ted Is Captured" / "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
  10. "The Car Chase" / "Fenway Pursuit"
  11. "Climbing the Tower" / "She's Your Thunder Buddy Now"
  12. "Saving Ted" / "Lori's Wish"
  13. "The Proposal" / "The Wedding"
  14. "End Titles"
  15. "Flash's Theme" by Queen
  16. "Sin" by Daphné
  17. "Only Wanna Be with You" by Hootie & the Blowfish
  18. "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones
  19. "All Time High (From The Motion Picture Octopussy )" by Rita Coolidge
  20. " I Think We're Alone Now " by Tiffany
  21. "Thunder Buddies" by Mark Wahlberg

The thunder song

The thunder song is sung by Mark Wahlberg (John) and Seth MacFarlane (Ted) in a scene in the film to hide their fear of the thunder. The melody is based on the traditional Oh! Susannah .

On August 24, 2012 a remix of the thunder song was released, which was remixed by the DJ team Brisby & Jingles in collaboration with DJ DMH and released as a single. It placed in the top 30 of the German, Austrian and Swiss single charts.



“'Ted' is vulgar and obscene in a sympathetic way, he also deals with the private and sexual life of a perfectly normal American male teddy with a healthy instinctual life that is not oppressed by taboos - and does not get around certain ambiguities. [...] It is the infantility of the American way of life that Seth MacFarlane makes visible by projecting it onto the body of a plush bear. "

- Fritz Göttler : Süddeutsche Zeitung

“A comedy about letting go of childhood, which is embodied in the sympathetically cheeky, impertinent teddy bear. The film does not succeed enough in developing the basic idea into an original plot, but it is largely entertaining thanks to numerous references to pop culture. "


Ted was nominated for several film awards and won the Empire Award 2013 for Best Comedy and the MTV Movie Award for Best Film Couple .

The song "Everybody Needs A Best Friend" by Walter Murphy and Seth MacFarlane was nominated for the best film song for the 2013 Academy Awards . There were other nominations for the Saturn Awards (Best Fantasy Film), the MTV Movie Awards (Best Film Kiss, Best Actress and others) and the Teen Choice Awards (Choice Movie Voice and three others).


In June 2015 the sequel Ted 2 premiered, but it could not build on the success of the first part.

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