Knight Rider

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Television series
German title Knight Rider
Original title Knight Rider
Knight Rider.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1982-1986
Glen A. Larson Productions
Universal Television
length 45 minutes
Episodes 90 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Action , crime , science fiction
idea Glen A. Larson
production Bruce Bilson ,
Sidney Hayers ,
Bernard L. Kowalski ,
Harvey S. Laidman (excerpt)
music Don Peake ,
Stu Phillips ,
Glen A. Larson
First broadcast September 26, 1982 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
August 28, 1985 on RTL plus

Main actor:

Supporting cast:


Knight Rider is an American television series produced from 1982 to 1986 . The crime thriller - action series with science fiction elements shows the hero Michael Knight and his talking car, equipped with artificial intelligence , KITT in their fight for justice. The title of the series can be translated as driving knight (from English knight for knight and rider for (car) driver or rider).

Based on Knight Rider , the film Knight Rider 2000 (1991) and the series Team Knight Rider (1997-1998) were produced. Another TV movie was released in 2008 under Knight Rider - KITT in Danger! aired and served as a backdoor pilot on another television series broadcast between September 2008 and March 2009 - also called Knight Rider ; this was discontinued after the first season.


Michael Knight and his talking car KITT, heavily armored with a new type of plastic, fight against injustice and crime on behalf of the Foundation For Law And Government . The missions lead Knight to meet a wide variety of people in different parts of the US and Mexico . He is supported by the head of the Foundation for Law and Constitution, Devon Miles, and Dr. Bonnie Barstow (seasons 1, 3 and 4) and April Curtis (season 2), electronics and computer experts as well as chief mechanics of KITT In the fourth season comes Reginald Cornelius III. as driver of the truck (semi) of the Foundation.

Intro to the series

The intro of the series always begins with the Knight Rider theme and the following words, spoken by Richard Basehart , who also plays the role of Wilton Knight in the pilot film :

“Knight Rider - A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.
Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law. "

The German version, spoken by Christian Günther , is heavily shortened, but also mentions the role of KITT directly:

“He's coming - Knight Rider - A car, a computer, a man.
Knight Rider - A man and his car fight against injustice. "


main characters

Michael Knight

Police officer Michael Arthur Long is nearly fatally injured on an undercover mission. The bullet intended for him, however, ricochets off a metal plate inserted in his forehead, a leftover from the Vietnam War , and tears his face to pieces. He remains bleeding in the Nevada desert until the millionaire Wilton Knight finds him, brings him to his estate and has him treated there. He gets a new face through the work of a plastic surgeon .

Wilton promotes Michael to a one-man project for the protection of the law and the constitution, which provides that Michael help people with the support of his high-tech car and - more successfully than the police - solve crimes and defend the law. Traumatized by his experience, Michael initially refuses to take up this mission. Wilton Knight dies soon after. After Michael took revenge on his near-murderers, he accepted his appointment and received a new identity as the heir of his savior: Michael Knight.

For Michael Knight, the focus is on clearing up the cases of injustice and crime. However, Michael also loves beautiful women, with whom he flirts in almost every episode.

In the new series ( Knight Rider (2008) ) Michael Knight is the father of Mike Traceur / Michael "Mike" Knight, the new rider of KITT


Original KITT in a museum in Miami
Replica of KITT
Former screening of KITT at Universal Studios
Replica of the cockpit of seasons 1–2
Replica of the cockpit of squadrons 3-4

Michael Knight's companion in the fight for law and order is the speaking sports car equipped with artificial intelligence. KITT The name KITT is an acronym and stands for "Knight Industries Two Thousand". The Knight 2000 is the operational unit of the Foundation for Law And Government, ( German: Foundation for Law and Government, but in the dubbed version always Foundation for Law and Constitution) for short FLAG, whose founder Wilton Knight had the vision that a man can change something . Legendary KITT functions are Turbo Boost and Super Pursuit Mode. KITT, a modified, black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am , can think, speak and drive itself. His personal mechanics are Dr. Bonnie Barstow and, only in the second season of the series, April Curtis. KITT is mostly serviced in the Foundation's mobile operations center (Semi [ ˈsɛmaɪ ], an abbreviation of the American "semi-truck" = semi-trailer), a truck (GMC General). KITT's serial number is "Alpha Delta 227529".

KITT's skills

The range of functions of the Knight 2000 is constantly being expanded, depending on the upcoming order. KITT has a molecular seal that makes it almost indestructible and - in the words of Michael Knight - feels like "baby skin".

The sports car can be operated with all liquid, flammable substances and, when using Pursuit Mode, reaches speeds of more than 200 miles per hour or Super Pursuit Mode (from season 4, described with a 40 percent increased maximum speed) speeds of over 300 Miles per hour (i.e. over 480 km / h). When Michael Knight is separated from his car, he can communicate with him via his wristwatch, the comlink.

The Turbo Boost is triggered in the cockpit by pressing a button and is used to jump over obstacles. The ski mode is activated by a button in the cockpit. In ski mode, KITT tilts to the side only on one front and one rear wheel and can thus avoid obstacles.

The Super Pursuit Mode (SPM, German: Super-Verfolungsmodus) is KITT in the beginning of the fourth season (original title: Knight of the Juggernaut ) of the series, after KITT loses its molecular sealing protection (temporarily) and is almost destroyed by a battle tank, built in and encompassed far-reaching modifications that extend out of the body at the push of a button. In the fourth season, KITT can also be turned into a convertible by pressing the "C" button. The roof is folded up in the rear of the vehicle.

KITT has a number of other functions, although the following list is not exhaustive:

  • Scanner: The most noticeable external feature of KITT is the glowing scanner in the front of the vehicle. It consists of a series of eight flashing red lights that move back and forth. The scanner is protected by a metal grill and can e.g. B. determine the speed of a moving car, see around corners, etc. A direct laser hit in the center of the scanner can destroy it completely and switch off all programs in the car.
  • Silent Mode: A mode in which KITT drives with an inconspicuous, quiet engine noise.
  • Microjam: Allows other electronic systems to be manipulated. KITT can e.g. B. impair the control of other vehicles, brake cars, steer helicopters or steer cranes. It was not taken into account here that the braking process in most vehicles (from the 1980s) is a purely mechanical process and therefore cannot be influenced by KITT.
  • Change number plate: KITT is able to change its number plate from KNIGHT to KNI 667 in order to prevent possible persecution. This function is only used in one episode.
  • Grappling hook: This allows KITT to hook itself onto trees or the like in order to secure itself or, for example, to pull out of water holes if its wheels do not have sufficient grip.
  • Cable winch: With the help of a cable winch underneath his front bumper, he can abseil or pull people up from rocks.
  • Ejection seat: KITT can use an ejection seat to propel the driver and front passenger out of the cockpit into the air.
  • CO 2 and oil nozzles: With the help of various nozzles, KITT can, for example, spray CO 2 to extinguish smaller fires. He can impede vehicles driving behind him with oil or smoke.
  • Surveillance Mode: Monitors the immediate vicinity of KITT and warns of dangers via the comlink; KITT can also use it to track objects or people and create color recordings of its (even not directly visible) surroundings.
  • KITT has a built-in ATM.
  • O 2 nozzle: KITT can enrich the air in its interior with oxygen and B. counteract the effect of narcotics.
  • Emergency Braking System: Increases air resistance and enables KITT in Super Pursuit Mode to have a great braking effect.
  • Invisible seat belt: With the help of the Passive Laser Restraint System , KITT can protect its driver in the event of an accident.
  • Anharmonic Synthesizer: This ability allows KITT to imitate a wide variety of sounds, animals or people. The synthesizer may come. a. used when KITT is supposed to simulate the presence of a police presence.
  • KITT can listen to, record and trace telephone calls.
  • KITT can pick combination locks via the comlink.
  • KITT can drive over water

Devon Miles

Devon Miles is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Law and Constitution after the death of Wilton Knight, who provides Michael Knight with mission details in almost every episode. As a result, Michael is often forced to appear at Miles on vacation days or in his spare time and therefore temporarily put down his realizing interests.

Devon is from the UK and has a penchant for posh food, preppy clothing, cricket and luxury cars. He is one of three people who Wilton Knight entrusted with the formula for KITT's molecular seal.

Devon has an almost fatherly relationship with Michael Knight. He'd never admit it, but he enjoys the occasional friendly teasing between him and Michael.

Dr. Bonnie Barstow

Bonnie Barstow is an electronics and computer expert and chief mechanic for KITT. The role of Patricia McPherson was dropped from the series after the first season and replaced by April Curtis in the second ; because of negative reactions from fans to this change, as well as the corresponding influence by Hasselhoff and Mulhare, it was inserted again from the third season.

April Curtis

April Curtis is a computer and electronics expert and chief mechanic for KITT in season two. Because Patricia McPherson played the role of Dr. Bonnie Barstow continued to play in the third season, the character of Rebecca Holden was removed again.

Reginald Cornelius III.

Reggie Cornelius is the driver of the mobile headquarters (semi) of the Foundation for Law and Constitution in season 4, which KITT uses for technical investigations and adjustments. Occasionally he actively supports Michael Knight and KITT on missions.

Minor characters


KARR, the short form of "Knight's Automated Roving Robot" (in the German dubbed version "Knights automatically reacting robot", in the radio play "Knights automatically racing robot") was the prototype of KITT - in contrast to KITT, however, it was not aimed at protecting human beings Life, but programmed for self-preservation. His actions are accordingly selfish and evil. KARR was destroyed (twice) by Michael Knight and KITT. The German spokesman for KARR was Rüdiger Schulzki . When you emerge the second time, the frontal scanner and voice modulator at KARR shines amber instead of red.

Wilton Knight

Wilton Knight was born in 1901 and was a member of the American secret service OSS. After the war, Wilton returned to the US, later followed by Devon. Over the years he built an economic empire with his company Knight Industries that was second to none. Devon became Wilton's right-hand man in the company. He and his wife, Elizabeth Bishop, had two children: Garthe and Jennifer. Over time, Knight Industries developed a number of different research departments, e.g. B. with microelectronics, but also with law. Wilton's strong sense of justice was badly disappointed by his son Garthe when he got on the wrong track and thus ruined all his father's plans for the future. Garthe Knight no longer existed for Wilton.

In 1965 he founded the Foundation For Law And Government (FLAG) with Devon Miles, an organization that was to be devoted exclusively to fighting crime on a large scale. He appointed Devon executive director. His Nevada estate was expanded to include a medical department in 1970. It was a tradition at Knight Industries to use profits for research projects. Wilton was committed to the principle of self-interest on a grand scale. He believed that if he could not consolidate his position, he would never have the freedom to help those who were less fortunate. He intended to keep him alive for as long as humanly possible with the help of his medical staff. Wilton had made a habit of turning ethical concerns into personal crusades and spared no expense in doing so.

In the late 1970s, Wilton learned that he had cancer. A cure was no longer possible. So he ignored his illness and enthusiastically focused on his last and most important project: He wanted to provide the Foundation with the ultimate means of fighting crime - the car of the future, equipped with a hodgepodge of special functions. The result was KARR, which turned out to be faulty. A single, independently working agent, when completed, should take up the fight against criminals against whom the law cannot do anything.

The near death of the policeman Michael Long gave Wilson's plan a new impetus. He had a second, improved car built, the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT). Wilton saw in Michael Long his true son, who should fulfill his hopes and dreams. That was probably one of the reasons why he had his son Garthe's face given him through plastic surgery after Long's face was destroyed by a bullet. Michael Knight was born! Immediately after the project was completed in autumn 1982, he died at the age of 81, while Michael was holding his hand. "A man can change something and you will be that man." His last words were: "My adventure is over and yours has only just begun ..."

Garthe Knight (Bishop)

Wilton Knight's only son disappointed his father badly. Garthe was never as upright and honest as his father. Minor crimes in his youth grew into a criminal career in later years. At the age of 17 he left his parents' home and first traveled to Europe. To distance himself from his father, he took his mother's maiden name "Bishop". After that, Garthe roamed the world without ever returning.

In Africa, he was sentenced to three life imprisonment in the Tongo M'Kimbe Death Camp in Jimbaru Province. In prison he became friends with the terrorist Tsombe Kuna, the founder of the pan-African freedom movement. Together with him he succeeded in breaking out.

Garthe returned to the United States and secretly met his mother, with whom he had always had a better relationship than his father - not least because Elizabeth Knight herself was not clean. Together with his mother, after the death of his father, he stole the formula of the metal alloy from KITT and built a truck called Goliath , which - like KITT itself - was resistant to pistol bullets and other damage. Nevertheless, Michael Knight and KITT managed to destroy Goliath and prevent Garthe's plan.

He also differed visually from Michael in a few details:

  • Voice: a little deeper than Michael's
  • Beard: mustache and goatee, full beard in prison
  • usually wears light tailored suits
  • Earring
  • Walking stick (with built-in weapon)

Adrianne Margeaux

Not much is known about this young criminal. In the story leading up to the episode "KITT is Trapped", she probably met one of the former co-founders of the Foundation for Law and Constitution George Atherton. She dates them based on their private interests, which, however, should only serve to facilitate his art collection. In doing so, she obtained detailed information about KITT, which she wanted to have for herself in order to carry out her planned crimes. To do this, she lured Michael Knight to her beach house and drugged him. He was then abandoned on the roadside, unconscious. With the help of the young computer expert Randy Merritt, she wanted to crack KITT, but ultimately failed.

About a year later, Adrianne allied with Garthe Knight. She had the badly damaged Goliath restored, who in turn helped Garthe escape from prison. She even planned to connect KITT's CPU to Goliath's body to create a vehicle with almost unlimited power, but this did not succeed because Goliath, Garthe Knight and Margaux themselves fell off a cliff in the second season and were probably destroyed or killed.

The actress Adrianne Margeaux's, Ann Turkel , appeared again in the 19th episode of the 3rd season under the name Bianca Morgan. In addition, Turkel was in 1982 in the series developed by Glen A. Larson A Colt for all cases (eng. The Fall Guy ) in an episode (Season 2 Episode 2 - "Seductive Thieves") as Shawna or Kitty Ives .

Stephanie "Stevie" Mason / March

Stevie Mason met Michael Long while he was in the police force. They shared a deep love, and they soon became engaged. But shortly afterwards Michael "died" during an operation. Not knowing that he would live on as Michael Knight, she had to come to terms with the alleged death of her lover.

When she got into the mill of justice innocently, Michael Knight found out about her arrest through the press and got her out of prison. With the help of the Foundation, he managed to prove her innocence and put the real culprits behind bars.

Stevie spent some time with Michael and recognized "her" Michael by the new appearance. It was all the more difficult for the two to separate again after the case was over. Stevie saw that Michael was now leading a completely new life in which there was no place for her. For safety reasons she had to change her name and became a relatively successful singer and member of the rock group Class Action as Stevie March. When her singing partner and leader of the group was murdered, her and Michael's paths crossed again. This time, too, they had to part ways after the case was resolved, a decision that both of them could hardly bear. Both realized that they were still in love.

While Stevie went on as a solo singer, Michael was critically injured during an operation and then left the Foundation. His friends there brought him back together with Stevie, with whom he finally wanted to start a new life. They had the happiest time of their lives for a few weeks and eventually got married. Immediately after the ceremony, however, the criminal Durant committed another attack on Michael's life. Stevie threw himself protectively in front of her husband and was hit by the bullet intended for Michael. She died in Michael's arms.

Michael was deeply affected by this terrible event. He hired Stevie's killer and eventually returned to the Foundation, which was now the only family he still owned. Stevie's death left a void in his life that he could never fill again.


The German synchronization was commissioned by the Alsterstudios in Hamburg . The actors in brackets gave voice to the characters in the original version, but cannot themselves be seen in the film.

Role name actor Voice actor Main role
Supporting role
Michael Long Larry Anderson ( David Hasselhoff ) Andreas von der Meden Pilot episode 1
Michael Knight David Hasselhoff Andreas von der Meden 1-4
Garthe Knight David Hasselhoff Andreas von der Meden 2
PUTTY ( William Daniels ) Gottfried Kramer 1-4
Devon Miles Edward Mulhare Hans Sievers 1-4
Dr. Bonnie Barstow Patricia McPherson Antje Roosch 1, 3, 4
April Curtis Rebecca Holden Micaëla Kreißler 2
Reginald Cornelius III. Peter Parros Michael Harck 4th
Wilton Knight Richard Basehart Günther Jerschke Pilot film
CARR ( Paul Frees ), ( Peter Cullen ) Rüdiger Schulzki 1, 3
Stephanie Mason Catherine Hickland Marion Elskis 1, 2, 4
Intro voice ( Richard Basehart ) Christian Günther 1-4


Michael Long

Michael Arthur Long was born on January 9, 1949 and pronounced dead on August 8, 1982. In the episode Dangerous Toys , Michael Long's grave is dug. The tombstone is shown with this data. It is said that the tomb was empty. However, this contradicts the testimony of the pilot that a body was stolen from the medical institute for police to believe it was Long.

His true identity and past are kept secret from the public. Nevertheless, his former enemies manage to find out in several episodes that Michael Knight was originally Michael Long. In the double episode Goliath's Birth and The Fight with Goliath it is revealed that the face that Michael receives in the pilot film is modeled on Wilton Knight's son Garthe. This is followed by a fight between the optical twins in this and another double episode.


The basis of KITT is a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, built in 1982, which has been fundamentally modified. The most eye- catching features are the glowing red scanner light in the redesigned front apron and the spaceship-like science fiction cockpit with numerous displays and buttons. The film producer and creator of many series in the 1980s, Glen A. Larson, was able to draw on his own extensive pool of ideas. The light indicator on the hood of KITT was first used in the film Battlestar Galactica with the Cylons , many models for the trick shots were first used in Ein Colt just in case . The customizer Michael Scheffe modified the Pontiac up to the well-known series form. Last season, George Barris was hired to do another makeover for the exterior. It should be emphasized that there were only three vehicles that had the cockpit seen in the series. These cars were used for close-ups with David Hasselhoff and studio shots . The vehicles were called close-up cars . Many other vehicles used in the series were equipped with empty instrument panels. There was also a converted sand buggy with a KITT body made of soft plastic. This vehicle was only used for ramp stunts. It can be seen in various jump scenes because the sub-floor consists of a single aluminum plate. Specially modified vehicles were used to shoot the scenes in which KITT drives in Super Pursuit Mode. Therefore, the transformation after switching on the mode can only be seen in detail shots. In 1987 David Hasselhoff brought two replicas of the film vehicles with him to Europe as part of his tour, one of which was handed over to the Siegfried-Marcus -Automobilmuseum in Stockerau . This vehicle is now privately owned. The second vehicle was restored in 2008 for the Gumball 3000 rally after it was “found” in Georg Fechter's Austrian garage . This vehicle is now also privately owned. In 2018 Hasselhoff used the KITT replica by the Berlin director Martin Busker to accompany his "30 Years Looking for Freedom" tour through Germany and Austria.


The SEMI (actually: Knight Industries Service Rig ) is the Foundation's mobile headquarters and is equipped with the latest high-tech.

It consists of a GMC truck with a box trailer and has the license plate "California 1U13265". It is used to maintain and repair KITT while on the move, as well as to conduct briefings. It was designed by Bonnie Barstow in 1982.

While the SEMI initially parked somewhere and waited for Michael and KITT, it later mostly drove around and picked up KITT while driving. KITT had a remote control to open and close the tailgate of the trailer.

The SEMI has also been redesigned several times:

  • At the beginning, the trailer was painted white (presumably to prepare it for the upcoming new paint job) and the interior was rather spartan. In the back there was a small seating area with a table, coffee machine and telephone. Tools were hanging on the walls and various spare parts for KITT were on several storage shelves
  • After being white for six months, the semi got a new paint job in January 1983. It was now completely black with a gold border and white knight chess pieces on both sides.

A few months later there was a small change: The gold stripes were now designed slightly differently and the chess piece was larger, gold and painted higher up.

  • In autumn 1983 the interior was also redesigned. The part where KITT could park remained largely untouched, but the common room was completely renovated. A new computer wall was installed, carpeting was laid and wall paneling was attached. A door in the back led to a coffee kitchen. A circuit analyzer was also installed at this point. This computer lowered itself from the roof of the semi and could be connected to KITT to diagnose any malfunction.
  • In autumn 1984 the SEMI got a bigger tractor with an extended driver's cab.
  • The SEMI has an autopilot like KITT, but the Foundation's strict regulations require a driver to be behind the wheel at all times. While this was unknown in the first three seasons, RC took on this task in the fourth season.
  • After KARR crashed through the tailgate via Turbo Boost in the third season, the SEMI was equipped with a somewhat weakened form of molecular sealing.


After Garthe Knight was freed from an African prison at the beginning of the second season, he developed a combat truck at a secret base, which he named "Goliath". The basis of the truck was probably a Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker tractor and a box trailer. A massive metal grille was installed at the front of the vehicle. Four rocket launchers, each with five rockets, were installed on the roof of the tractor unit and nozzles were installed in the front bumper that emitted narcotic gas.

With the help of his mother Elisabeth, Garthe got the molecular seal by using poison to elicit the formula parts from 2 out of 3 men (one of them Devon Miles). Goliath was almost unstoppable now. While driving, he made a noise that reminded of a prehistoric monster.

When they first met, KITT was badly damaged and Michael injured. They were only able to return from the desert with great difficulty. Garthe and Goliath broke into the secret military base "Red Bluff" to steal guided missiles for the African terrorist Tsombe Kuna. At a second meeting, Michael and KITT were able to render Goliath harmless with the help of a laser.

Adrianne Margeaux later retrieved the remains of Goliath and repaired it. In doing so, she freed Garthe from prison. With Goliath's help, the two wanted to kidnap the scientist Klaus Bergstroem and sell his knowledge on the international black market. Michael and KITT were able to thwart the plan. In one final showdown, Goliath raced over a cliff into the sea with Garthe and Adrienne on board. The two were believed to be killed and Goliath was destroyed.


The Juggernaut was a combat vehicle developed by the terrorist Phillip Nordstrom. (possible base vehicle: Jeep CJ8 Scrambler ). It was equipped with a sturdy grating at the front (similar to that of Goliath) and had a ram lance, which was later also provided with an explosive charge.

Nordstrom wanted to steal the unstable element Cernium-116, which was guarded by the Foundation. For this purpose, Devon Miles was kidnapped and replaced by a doppelganger. When Michael became too intrusive in his research, Nordstrom extorted the molecular formula from Devon Miles using a truth serum. Nordstrom was able to develop a means that breaks the molecular seal.

KITT was sprayed with the deactivator by a trick. In the following fight with the Juggernaut he was almost completely destroyed and Michael injured. While Miles' doppelganger declared KITT “dead”, Bonnie then completely rebuilt it with the help of RC and his friends. In the end, Michael and KITT were able to destroy the main battle tank.


In the TV series Baywatch - The Lifeguards of Malibu , Season 2, Episode 21, the antagonist drives an amphi-ranger . After he has been overwhelmed, Harvey Miller ( Tom McTigue ) drives the Amphi-Ranger along the beach, asks Mitch Buchanan (David Hasselhoff) whether Baywatch should not use the car for himself, and lists everything the car can do. And what it cannot do is speak. Hasselhoff responds, referring to his role in Knight Rider, with "It can't talk? Forget it!"


Knight Rider received u. a. 1983 in the category of best sound editing for a series a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award .


“With a high-tech wonder car that is also capable of emotional expressions, a former police officer on behalf of a philanthropic organization destroys a gang of industrial spies. An extremely silly film that relies entirely on the pull of its technical ideas. Pilot film for a television series that has also achieved unexpected popularity in this country. "

- Lexicon of the international film for the pilot film

“A high-tech wonder car and its driver in the fight against a criminal organization that wants to take control of fissile material. Poor series film in which belief in technology replaces logic and reason. "

- Lexicon of the international film for "Knight Rider 2 - The Accident" (video release)

“The driver of a computer-controlled talking supercar fighting an unscrupulous gold and weapons smuggler. Another episode of the American television series, which indulges in a multitude of technical gadgets, but is overall monotonous and stereotypical. "

- Lexicon of the international film for "Knight Rider - The Snake Mouth" (video release)


Stu Phillips' succinct theme song has been remixed and sampled many times, including:

For the Knight Rider theme , Glen A. Larson originally wanted to use a thematically fitting song by a "German band for electronic music" (which is the Autobahn from Kraftwerk ), which was also very successful in the USA at the time, but was unable to license the title. Instead, it was decided to modify a basic theme and the fanfare based on Marche et Cortège de Bacchus from the ballet Sylvia by Léo Delibes . Synthesizers were combined with classic instrumentation, which was not very common in the early 1980s and therefore sounded particularly modern.

In addition to set pieces and variations on the theme, current titles such as B. Self Control by Laura Branigan or Cruel Summer by Bananarama used. For legal reasons, only cover versions were used, but they were close to the original.



Films and offshoots

The pilot for the series was released on videotape in 1985. In 1986 the double episode "KITT's Accident with Consequences" Part 1 and Part 2 was released as Knight Rider 2 - The Accident in feature length on video cassette, as was the double episode "Goldschmuggel" and "Das Schlangenmaul" of the 2nd season as Knight Rider in 1987 .

The double episode "Goldschmuggel" and "Das Schlangenmaul" from 1984 was also the pilot film of the first spin-off series (spin-off) by Knight Rider, Code of Vengeance . Michael and KITT play a minor role in this double episode. The two main characters David Dalton (L. Charles Taylor) and Joanna St. John ( Joanna Pettet ) solve the case mostly on their own, while Michael and KITT are busy with secondary tasks (like chasing missile-armed trucks). In 1985 Code of Vengeance was filmed. The series was discontinued after four episodes and was never seen on German TV.

In 1991, Knight Rider 2000, a 91-minute television film, was shot, the flair of which stood out from the old series and was considerably more futuristic than the original series. The aim of this project was to test whether the format would still be popular with viewers and whether a new, more modern series would be financially worthwhile. In addition, this film should also act like a kind of "cut", since the film also acted as the ending for Devon Miles, as he is murdered in this film. The KITT in this film was no longer the black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am known as Knight Industries Two Thousand, but a red Dodge Stealth with a body kit . This body kit was needed to give the Dodge Stealth the look of the Pontiac Banshee IV concept car, which was presented to the public in 1988. This vehicle was called Knight 4000 in the movie.

In 1997, Team Knight Rider (TKR) started another attempt to revive the Knight Rider myth .

On the talk show Late Night with Conan O'Brien in November 2000, David Hasselhoff expressed his desire to produce a Knight Rider movie:

There is talk of reviving Knight Rider ... it's time; and my daughter says, 'Dad, you better do this soon, because you're starting to look like that guy no longer.' We have the film rights, and yes, something is developing there. We are thinking about bringing Knight Rider into the future; we take Michael Knight from the 80s and bring him into the future - kind of Mad Max . Maybe he'll travel back and forth, we don't know yet. "

In 2006 the Weinstein Company bought the rights for a Knight Rider cinema adaptation from Glen A. Larson . The release of this film was planned for 2008. Hasselhoff said in April 2007 that the film was being developed at Miramax and that it would have at least one cameo .

In mid-December 2007, the US television station NBC announced that on February 17, 2008, the pilot film for a possible sequel to the series should be broadcast. The film Knight Rider - KITT in danger! was then seen by 12.7 million viewers, which is why NBC officially announced on April 1, 2008 that Knight Rider (2008) would go into series. At the same time, it was announced that Gary Scott Thompson would be the new executive producer on the series, with the remake creators Dave Bartis and Doug Liman remaining as executive producers. Justin Bruening , who plays the son of Michael Knight in the role of Mike Traceur, was hired for the lead role . David Hasselhoff takes on his old role of Michael Knight, the father of Mike Traceur. In the new version, KITT is no longer a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, but a black Shelby Mustang GT 500KR . Val Kilmer lends his voice to KITT in the original English version.

From September 2008 to March 2009, the first 17 episode first season of another series was broadcast under the same name as the original on the American network NBC. The reason for the shortening of the season (of the planned 23 episodes) were the high production costs of the series and the poor financial situation at NBC and the automobile manufacturer Ford, which sponsors the series. In addition, Knight Rider recently suffered from bad ratings. According to executive producer of the series, Gary Scott Thompson, Knight Rider is not canceled. However, since this statement, no new episodes have been shot. From October 8, 2009, the series was shown for the first time on German television on RTL .

Radio plays

Twenty-six radio play cassettes have been released through Knight Rider of Europe . Part of the series was later put on CD (episodes 1–6 under the order numbers 115 001.4 to 115 006.5). The original voice actors were used in the main roles: Andreas von der Meden spoke Michael Knight, Gottfried Kramer KITT, Hans Sievers spoke Devon Miles. The narrator was Christian Günther, who also spoke the opening sequence in the television series.

German radio play intro: “Knight Rider - The Adventures of Michael Knight. He fights for the innocent, the helpless, the powerless. - At his side KITT: A car, a computer, a being? (Pause) Knight Rider - A man and his car against injustice. "(Speaker: Christian Günther )

The following radio plays have been published:

  1. How it all started
  2. Race against death
  3. The black devil reappears
  4. Blind trust
  5. Elliot, the smart one
  6. "Kitt" -napping
  7. The bankruptcy
  8. Computer games
  9. The scent of a rose
  10. A terrible trap
  11. The Helios needle
  12. One step ahead
  13. A judge plays his game
  1. Michael falls from grace
  2. A new building with bugs
  3. Reluctant gangsters (actually a secret hiding place in Cadiz )
  4. The blackmailer
  5. Diamond smuggling
  6. Deadly orchids
  7. The final verdict
  8. Michael Knight and the Refuge
  9. The treasure hunt
  10. Deadly costume party
  11. Hit and run
  12. The facade climber
  13. A small town lives dangerously!


The first Knight Rider computer games were developed by Ocean Software for home computers such as B. the C64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum and 1988 from Acclaim Entertainment for game consoles such. B. published to the NES . In 2002 Davilex also released a PC game and a version for the PlayStation 2 . Two years later, due to the success, Davilex released the successor Knight Rider 2 , which visually hardly differed from its predecessor. A board game was made by the ASS company.

In March 2007, Advanced Mobile Solutions Ltd. published the Knight-Rider - mobile phone game in 2D and 3D versions. The game was offered over the cellular networks in Europe with a planned Q2 2007 release in the United States and Asia. In the 10 multi-level missions, the player plays Michael Knight, drives KITT and fights against enemies such as KARR, Goliath, Fist and more.


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The title of the TV episode on which the respective novel is based in brackets.


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