New York Giants

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New York Giants
Founded in 1925
playing in East Rutherford , New Jersey
New York Giants helmet
New York Giants logo

National Football League (1925-present)

  • Eastern Division (1933-1949)
  • American Conference (1950–1952)
  • Eastern Conference (1953-1969)
    • Century Division (1967; 1969)
    • Capitol Division (1968)
  • National Football Conference (1970-present)
    • NFC East (1970-present)
Current uniforms
Team colors Blue, red, white, gray
owner John Mara (50%) and Steve Tisch (50%)
General manager Dave Gettleman
Head coach Joe Judge
Team history
  • New York Giants (1925-present)
Big Blue, G-Men, Jints, Big Blue Wrecking Crew
NFL Champion (8) *
Conference winner (11)
  • NFL Eastern: 1956, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963
  • NFC: 1986, 1990, 2000, 2007, 2011
Division Winner (16)
  • NFL East: 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1944, 1946
  • NFC East: 1986, 1989, 1990, 1997, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2011
Play-off appearances (32)

NFL: 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1950, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2016


The New York Giants [ ˈnjuːˈjɔːk ʤaɪənts ] are an American football team of the National Football League (NFL) and play there in the National Football Conference (NFC), in the Eastern Division ( NFC East ).

The Giants ( Giant ) were in 1925 in New York by Tim Mara with an investment of 500 US dollars founded. To distinguish it from the New York Giants baseball team at that time , the name New York Football Giants was chosen . After the baseball team moved to San Francisco in 1957 and consequently renamed its name to San Francisco Giants , the team name was changed to New York Giants . However, the registered company name of the club is still New York Football Giants .

After the team used the venues of other New York clubs for over 50 years, they got their own stadium in New Jersey in 1976. Since 2010 the MetLife Stadium has served as the home ground , which is used together with the New York Jets .

The oldest rivals (since 1933) of the Giants are the Philadelphia Eagles , which also play in the NFC East.


  • NFL championships before the introduction of the Super Bowl
1927: no final
1934: 30:13 against the Chicago Bears
1938: 23:17 against the Green Bay Packers
1956: 47: 7 against the Chicago Bears
XXI - 1986: 39:20 against the Denver Broncos
XXV - 1990: 20:19 against the Buffalo Bills
XLII - 2007: 17:14 against the New England Patriots
XLVI - 2011: 21:17 against the New England Patriots


Tim Mara founded the Giants in 1925.


The New York Giants played their first NFL away game against All Britain in Connecticut on October 4, 1925. In front of 10,000 spectators, they defeated the hosts 26-0. They finished their first season very successfully with a record of 8: 4 (wins to losses). In their third season (1927), the Giants won the NFL championship with eleven wins, one draw and only one defeat (11: 1: 1). Since no play-off system was in place at the time, the team with the best record became champions. In 1929 the Giants only narrowly failed on their second title: The outstanding record of 13: 1: 1 was not enough, as the Green Bay Packers finished their season with 12: 0: 1 and thus had the best record.


In 1930, professional football was still unpopular. The football fans were interested almost exclusively in college football . That year, the Giants played against an all-star college team from the University of Notre Dame . The match was important in several ways because it showed that professional football is equally high quality and intense compared to college football. The Giants won in front of 55,000 spectators and were able to convince many fans with this game. In addition, more than 100,000 US dollars in income were generated, which were donated to the homeless. From 1931 the team was led by the later Hall of Fame trainer Steve Owen . The head coach trained the Giants for the next 23 years and won two NFL championships with his team during that time. Owen had never signed a valid contract with Mara during this period. Everything was done “with a handshake”. From a sporting point of view, the Giants didn't get back to business again until 1933, when they won the Eastern Division. From this year, the NFL introduced a final championship game in which the West and East champions competed against each other directly in the NFL championship game . The Giants lost it just 21:23 against the Chicago Bears .

In 1934, the Giants defeated the previously undefeated Bears at their home polo grounds and secured the NFL championship. In winter temperatures and icy ground, coach Owen got the idea to let his players run into basketball shoes. However, the shoes still had to be procured and that on a Sunday. The responsible Giants kit man Abe Cohen only reached the stadium at the beginning of the third quarter, when the Giants were already 3:13 behind. In the final quarter, however, the Giants scored 27 points and won the game 30:13. After the game, both teams agreed that the New York sneakers had been decisive. Bronko Nagurski ( Chicago Bears fullback ) later said, “We were sliding and sliding around and they overran us. They were just smarter than us. ”(“ We were slipping and sliding around and they were running all over us. They just outsmarted us. ”) This game is still known today as“ The Sneakers Game ” . In 1935, the Giants reached the championship final for the third time in a row, but lost it to the Detroit Lions 7:26. In 1938, the third NFL title was won with a 23:17 victory over Green Bay Packers . A year later the Giants lost the Championship Game in the same duel.


In 1941 (the year the United States entered World War II ) the Giants reached the final again. They were defeated there by the Chicago Bears with 9:37. The next few years were marked by the world war. Many NFL players were drafted into military service. Nevertheless, the Giants were able to reach the final again in 1944. Again they failed at the Green Bay Packers with 7:14. Before the team played a title game again in 1946 for the eighth time in 14 years, which was lost again to the Bears, owner Tom Mara passed control of the club to his two sons Jack and Wellington.


In 1950, Gene "Choo-Choo" Roberts ran 218 yards in one game, a club record that was only broken 55 years later by Tiki Barber . In 1954, after 23 years, Head Coach Steve Owen's time ended. He was replaced after the less successful last few years by the former tight end Jim Lee Howell . In 1956, the Giants changed their home and played their home games from now on until 1973 in Yankee Stadium , the stadium of the New York Yankees . That year, the Giants were able to win their first championship since 1938, in which they beat the Chicago Bears 47: 7 in the championship game. In this match, the Giants players wore sneakers again on icy ground, as they did 22 years ago. 1958 had another successful year for the Giants. The chase for the championship only ended in a memorable final game at Yankee Stadium against the Baltimore Colts after extra time at 17:23. Due to the dramatic ending ("two minute drill" by Johnny Unitas ), as the first final in NFL history to go into overtime, and because of the large number of players from the Pro Football Hall of Fame , the game may be canceled . a. from the Pro Football Hall of Fame "The Greatest Game Ever Played" ( " Greatest game ever "), respectively.


By 1963, the Giants reached four more NFL championship games, but all of them were lost. In 1959, the Giants were defeated in a rematch against the Colts in a less dramatic final with 16:31, 1961 and 1962 they were each subject to the Green Bay Packers . In 1961, Allie Sherman replaced his predecessor Jim Lee Howell as head coach. In the same year, the Giants were able to secure the services of the successful quarterback YA Tittle from the San Francisco 49ers , who led the team into the final in 1963 as Most Valuable Player (MVP). However, this was lost to the Chicago Bears at 10:14.


Giants Stadium Home of the Giants from 1976-2009.

After the successful years, which remained untitled, the team fell apart over the next few years. Aged top performers ended their careers. The Giants tried their luck with three different head coaches and a number of different quarterbacks during this time. During this period, the Giants' hometowns also changed regularly ( Yankee Stadium , The Yale Bowl , Shea Stadium and, most recently, Giants Stadium in 1976). In addition to the sporting failures, the Giants also worried about the rise of the new New York Football Club New York Jets with their star quarterback Joe Namath . The Giants lost the first meeting of the two clubs in 1969 with 14:37. Until 1978, the Giants missed the play-offs 15 times in a row. After all, the team was able to play its home games in its own stadium from 1976 onwards. From 1976 to 2009 the home games were played in the newly built Giants Stadium . With a capacity of over 80,000 spectators, the venue in East Rutherford , New Jersey was the second largest stadium of all NFL teams. In terms of sport, the Giants were mediocre, especially after the 1978 victory against arch rivals Philadelphia Eagles, which was believed to be safe, was gambled away by a strange fumble from quarterback Joe Pisarcik . This 17:19 defeat went down in NFL history as the Miracle of the Meadowlands . But little by little the Giants showed a lucky hand in the NFL Draft . In 1979 quarterback Phil Simms , two years later linebacker Lawrence Taylor, joined the Giants, who was voted Defensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in the same year .


Phil Simms (recorded in 2004) Quarterback for the Giants from 1979-1993

In 1983, the previous Defensive Coordinator Bill Parcells took over the position of Head Coach. In 1985 the Giants played their first play-off home game since 1962. The reigning Super Bowl winner, the San Francisco 49ers , were defeated 17: 3. After last season, the Giants were considered one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl and lived up to that role. With a balance of 14-2, the Giants moved into the play-offs. Lawrence Taylor led the team and was named Defensive Player of the Year Award and Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the third time after the season . The Giants moved into their first Super Bowl ( XXI ) with victories over the San Francisco 49ers (49: 3) and Washington Redskins (17: 0) . In front of over 100,000 spectators at Rose Bowl Stadium , Pasadena , California, the Giants beat the Denver Broncos , led by John Elway , by 39:20. Quarterback Phil Simms made 22 of his 25 passes (88%) - a new Super Bowl record. After the triumph, the head coach was "showered" by the players with Gatorade ( Gatorade Shower ) for the first time in the NFL . The title was followed by less successful years, both on and off the field. Lawrence Taylor was involved in a cocaine scandal and was banned from the NFL for a few games. It was not until 1989 that the team was able to reach the play-offs again, where, however, was early against the St. Louis Rams terminus.


After a good start to the season (the Giants won their first ten games), the Giants moved into Super Bowl XXV after beating the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers . Opponents in Tampa , Florida were the Buffalo Bills . In a dramatic game, the Giants just won 20:19 when the Bill's kicker Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal shortly before the end of the game . The Super Bowl victory was also the end of an era: Defensive Coordinator Bill Belichick (who a few years later celebrated several Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots ) left the team and became head coach of the Cleveland Browns . Head Coach Bill Parcells announced his resignation and club founder Tim Mara sold his 50% stake in the club because of a cancer diagnosis. Since its founding in 1925, control of the Giants has been in the hands of the Mara family. From this point on, only the son John Mara held half of the club.

The following two seasons were quite disappointing. The new head coach Ray Handley was dismissed after only two years after balances with 8-8 and 6-10. Dan Reeves , who led the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl three times, replaced the failed coach. Reeves gave the team back the necessary security, especially in defense , strengthened the back of the previously criticized quarterback Phil Simms and led the Giants back into the play-offs. In the second round, however, the team failed due to the San Francisco 49ers . Another upheaval began in 1994. The two top players of the last few years, Simms and Taylor, ended their careers, other key players left the club or were given up, and young players like defensive lineman Michael Strahan were integrated. Quarterback Dave Brown , who followed in Phil Simms' footsteps, has been under scrutiny and criticism from day one. In 1995 the Giants finished the season with a 5-11 record, the last time the Giants were so bad was 1983. After another disappointing year and one of the worst offenses in the league, the Giants and Coach Reeves split.

Tiki Barber, Giants running back (1997-2006)

The new head coach was Jim Fassel , the former offensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos. After a bumpy start, the Giants managed to get into the play-offs. With 22:23 they lost just barely in the first round against the Minnesota Vikings . The Giants suffered during this time from the fact that the strong defense could not compensate for their moderate offense. In 1999 the Giants were able to commit quarterback Kerry Collins , who had previously convinced the Carolina Panthers but had problems with alcohol and his teammates. In addition to the quarterback, wide receiver Amani Toomer and running back Tiki Barber were particularly convincing . The solid defense around Michael Strahan continued and the offense was competitive compared to previous years. However, the play-offs were missed after a bad season finish with three defeats.


Justin Tuck celebrates success in Super Bowl XLII .

Coach Fassel was under particular pressure in 2000 and guaranteed a play-off entry. The Giants reached the knockout round with a 12-4 record and came to the Super Bowl XXXV after victories against the Philadelphia Eagles (20:10) and in the NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings (41: 0) . After the game, co-owner Wellington Mara punished all the critics with the infamous speech that the "worst team ever" (worst team of all time) was now in the Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl, however, the Giants had no chance against the Baltimore Ravens and lost 7:34.

Tight end Jeremy Shockey played for the Giants for six years.

The team stayed together in the following years, but missed the play-offs several times. Only defender Michael Strahan attracted attention and was voted Defensive Player of the Year . In 2002, the Giants drafted the tight end Jeremy Shockey , which was another pass recipient for the quarterback. However, Shockey occasionally caused trouble, for example, he cursed former Giants coach Bill Parcells and then coach of the rival Dallas Cowboys as "homo". The team reached the play-offs, but lost a 14-point lead against the San Francisco 49ers and lost 38:39. When the play-offs were missed again the following year, the Giants and Coach Fassels parted ways.

His successor was the former coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars , Tom Coughlin . Eli Manning , the younger brother of multiple NFL Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning , was signed in the 2004 NFL Draft . Initially, Philip Rivers was actually drafted. Since Eli Manning, who was selected as the first player by the San Diego Chargers , did not want to play in San Diego, the Giants agreed on an exchange deal with the Chargers and exchanged Rivers for Manning along with several draft picks. Kurt Warner was signed as the new reserve quarterback . The plan was to first use Warner as a starting quarterback and introduce Manning over time. After Warner disappointed, he was ousted by Manning in the middle of the season. Still, the Giants missed play-offs, although running back Tiki Barber scored a personal best with 1,518 yards.

Eli Manning - Giants quarterback

In 2005 Barber broke the 55-year-old internal team record of Gene "Choo-Choo" Roberts with 220 yards in one game. The Giants won the NFC East title for the first time since 2000, but lost their first play-off game significantly. In the same year, the Giants experienced a bereavement, because on October 25, 2005, Giants Patriarch Wellington Mara died at the age of 89. In 2006, the Giants finished the season with a modest record of 8-8, and both Coach Coughlin and Quarterback Manning came under fire. The play-offs were just reached, but already in the first round it was the end of the line. Tiki Barber retired after this season.

After a weak start, the Giants had a good season in 2007 and reached the play-offs. The game against the Philadelphia Eagles was remarkable , whose quarterback Donovan McNabb was sacked twelve times in one game (NFL record), six times by Osi Umenyiora alone . The Giants also played the first regular NFL game (13:10 win) outside of North America against the Miami Dolphins at London's Wembley Stadium in week eight . In the play-offs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys , the best team in the NFC this year, were defeated in succession . In the NFC Championship Game , kicker Lawrence Tynes scored a field goal for a 23:20 win in extra time over the Green Bay Packers . The Giants drove to Super Bowl XLII against the favored New England Patriots , who moved into the play-offs with a historical record of 16-0 and also won their two games there. The Giants, who were considered the 12-point underdog, offered a tough fight and were behind with 10:14 with 2:42 minutes to go. But Eli Manning and his Giants put down an 83-yard drive, completed by a touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress . The Giants won their third Super Bowl title at 17:14.

In 2008 the Giants reached the play-offs for the fourth time in a row, but lost the first play-off game against the Philadelphia Eagles with 11:23. One of the reasons for this negative series was the failure of the Plaxico Burress wide receiver , which, according to witnesses, literally shot himself in the hip with a pistol while visiting a nightclub. In 2009 the Giants played their final season at the Giants Stadium . After starting with 5-0 wins, everything looked like the fifth play-off participation in a row. However, the Giants only won three of the last eleven games and missed their season goal, whereupon Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan was fired.


Tom Coughlin, Head Coach of the Giants from 2004 to 2015, led the Giants to two Super Bowl victories in 2007 and 2011.

The Giants have been playing at MetLife Stadium since 2010, winning their first game there against the Carolina Panthers with 31:18. Despite a record of 10-6 wins, they missed the play-offs, u. a. by a 31:38 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants gambled away a 21-point lead in the last seven minutes and lost to a failed punt by Matt Dodge , which punt returner DeSean Jackson ran into the end zone in the last second. This defeat, known as Miracle at the New Meadowlands , cost the Giants the knockout round. Before and during the 2011 season, the Giants were plagued by injuries, but benefited from the breakthrough of two young players, wide receiver Victor Cruz and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (16.5 sacks ). Despite a moderate record of 9-7 wins, the Giants qualified as division winners for the play-offs, where they won the Atlanta Falcons 24-2 at home , then defending champions Green Bay Packers (who had won 15 of their 16 games of the season) with 37: 20 and then the San Francisco 49ers by a field goal in the extension of each outwardly defeated with 20:17. In Super Bowl XLVI , the Giants met the New England Patriots again and won 21:17.

In 2012 the Giants missed the play-offs with a score of 9-7 . Quarterback Eli Manning , guard Chris Snee , wide receiver Victor Cruz and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul were elected to the Pro Bowl . The German defensive tackle Markus Kuhn , selected by the Giants in the last round of the 2012 NFL Draft , made it into the squad for the season. In the following years the Giants sank into mediocrity, one of the few bright spots was wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. , who made a spectacular one-handed touchdown catch in the game against the Dallas Cowboys , which is considered one of the best catches in recent NFL history. The 2015 season began with two severe blows of fate for the Giants after Jason-Pierre Paul lost a finger in a fireworks accident and tight end Daniel Fells suffered a life-threatening infection with Staphylococcus aureus . In addition, the Giants did not manage to defend their lead to the end six times during the season, but gave it up in the last two minutes. In Week 1, the Cowboys were able to catch the winning touchdown with a final score of 26:27 seven seconds before the end. Although the Giants managed to score seven touchdowns in the game against the Saints in Week 8, they also lost this game, as they were able to score the winning field goal for the final score of 49:52 Saints five seconds before the end . However, the 13 joint touchdown passes in the game were a new record in NFL history. Due to the narrow defeats they only achieved a balance of 6-10 at the end of the season and with third place in the division could not qualify for the play-offs for the fourth time in a row . At the end of the season, Tom Coughlin announced his retirement from the coaching post after twelve years. Ben McAdoo , the previous offensive coordinator of the Giants, was appointed a little later as the new head coach. With him, the Giants were able to end the 2016 season with a balance of 11-5 and thus participate in the play-offs again. In the wildcard game, however, they lost 13:38 against the Green Bay Packers . In the 2017 season, the Giants remained well below expectations. After the 13th game week, both general manager Jerry Reese and head coach Ben McAdoo were sacked. For the last four games of the season, the previous defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo acted as interim coach. The Giants ended the season with a score of 3-13 and therefore missed the play-offs significantly. For the following season Dave Gettleman , former "GM" of the Carolina Panthers as general manager , and Pat Shurmur , former offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings as head coach.


Current squad

Squad of the New York Giants


Running backs

Wide receiver

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen


Defensive backs

Special teams

Reserve List

Practice Squad

Rookies in italics

Roster as of October 13, 2019
Depth ChartTransactions

53 active, 10 inactive, 9 practice squad

Members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

In addition to the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins (both 33), the Giants have the third most members in the Hall of Fame with 32 people . With Tim Mara , Mel Hein , Pete Henry , Cal Hubbard and Jim Thorpe , the Giants have five founding members of the Hall of Fame. With quarterback Kurt Warner and kicker Morten Andersen , the last players to appear for New York were accepted into the hall in 2017. However, Warner and Anderson only played one season with the Giants, which is why defensive end Michael Strahan , who was inducted into the hall in 2014 and mainly played for New York, can be named as the last admission member of the Giants.

Jersey number Surname position Active for New York Year of admission
8th Morten Andersen K 2001 2017
17th Morris "Red" Badgro TE , DE 1930-1935 1981
79 Roosevelt "Rosey" Brown T 1953-1965 1975
53 Harry Carson LB 1976-1988 2006
39 Larry Csonka FB 1976-1988 1987
1 Ray Flaherty End , DE 1928-1935 1976
6th Benny Friedman QB
16 Frank Gifford HB , WR 1952-1960
11 Joe Guyon RB 1927 1978
7th Mel Hein C. 1931-1945 1966
55 Pete Henry T 1927 1963
38 Arnie Herber QB 1944-1945 1963
41, 60 Cal Hubbard T 1927-1928, 1936 1966
70 Sam Huff LB 1956-1963 1982
49 Tom Landry CB , P
trainer assistant
4th Tuffy Leemans FB 1936-1943 1990
- Tim Mara Owner, founder 1929-1959 1963
- Wellington Mara Owner, functionary 1937-2005 1997
13 Don Maynard WR 1958 1987
13 Hugh McElhenny RB 1963 1970
55 Steve Owen T
- Bill Parcells Trainer 1983-1990 2013
81 Andy Robustelli DE 1956-1964 1971
92 Michael Strahan DE 1993-2007 2014
50 Ken Strong HB , FB , K 1933-1935, 1939
10 Fran Tarkenton QB 1967-1971 1986
56 Lawrence Taylor LB 1981-1993 1999
31 Jim Thorpe HB 1925 1963
14th YA Tittle QB 1961-1964 1971
45 Emlen Tunnell DB 1948-1958 1967
13 Kurt Warner QB 2004 2017
73 Arnie Weinmeister DE 1950-1953 1984

No longer assigned back numbers

No. player position Period
1 Ray Flaherty 1 End , DE 1928-35
4th Tuffy Leemans RB 1936-43
7th Mel Hein C. 1931-45
10 Eli Manning QB 2004-19
11 Phil Simms QB 1979-93
14th Ward Cuff 3 HB 1937-45
YA Tittle 3 QB 1961-64
16 Frank Gifford HB , WR 1952-64
32 Al Blozis 2 T 1942-44
40 Joe Morrison RB , WR 1959-72
42 Charlie Conerly QB 1948-61
50 Ken Strong HB 1936-47
56 Lawrence Taylor LB 1981-93
1 Was withdrawn in 1935. The number is the first shirt number that is no longer assigned by a team in a professional league.
2 Posthumously honored.
3 The number 14 was withdrawn in honor of Ward Cuff in 1946. However, Tittle wanted this shirt number when he moved in 1961. In 1964, the number was blocked a second time in connection with Tittle's achievements.

Ring of Honor

Since 2010 the Giants have been honoring players, coaches and officials who have made a special contribution to the team at the New York Giants Ring of Honor .

Trainers (coaches)

Head coaches

Ben McAdoo was Head Coach of the Giants from 2016 to 2017.
Pat Shurmur was Head Coach of the Giants from 2018 to 2019.
# Surname Period Regular season Play-offs Achievements / Awards reference
Games S. N UE Won% Games S. N
New York Giants
1 Bob Folwell * 1925 12 8th 4th 0 .667 - - -
2 Joe Alexander 1926 13 8th 4th 1 .667 - - -
3 Earl Potteiger 1927-1928 26th 15th 8th 3 .652 - - - NFL Championship (1927)
4th LeRoy Andrews 1929-1930 30th 24 5 1 .824 - - -
5 Benny Friedman 1930 2 2 0 0 1,000 - - -
6th Steve Owen 1931-1953 268 151 100 17th .349 10 8th 8th Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1950)
NFL Championships ( 1934 , 1938)
7th Jim Lee Howell * 1954-1960 84 53 27 4th .663 4th 2 2 Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1956)
NFL Championship (1956)
8th Allie Sherman * 1961-1968 112 57 51 4th .528 3 0 3 AP NFL Trainer of the Year (1961, 1962)
UPI NFL Trainer of the Year (1961, 1962)
9 Alex Webster * 1969-1973 70 29 40 1 .420 - - - UPI NFC Trainer of the Year (1970)
10 Bill Arnsparger * 1974-1976 35 7th 28 0 .200 - - -
11 John McVay * 1976-1988 37 14th 23 0 .378 - - -
12 Ray Perkins 1979-1982 57 23 34 0 .404 2 1 1
13 Bill Parcells 1983-1990 127 77 49 1 .610 11 8th 3 AP NFL Coach of the Year (1986)
Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year (1986)
Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1986)
UPI NFC Coach of the Year (1986)
Super Bowl XXI , XXV
14th Ray Handley * 1991-1992 32 14th 18th 0 .438 - - -
15th Dan Reeves 1993-1996 64 31 33 0 .484 2 1 1 AP NFL Coach of the Year (1993)
Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year (1993)
Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1993)
UPI NFC Coach of the Year (1993)
16 Jim Fassel * 1997-2003 112 58 53 1 .522 5 2 3 AP NFL Coach of the Year (1997)
Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year (1997)
Sporting News Coach of the Year (1997)
17th Tom Coughlin 2004-2015 192 102 90 0 .531 11 8th 3 Super Bowl XLII , XLVI
18th Ben McAdoo * 2016-2017 28 13 15th 0 .464 1 0 1
19th Steve Spagnuolo 2017 4th 1 3 0 .250 - - -
20th Pat Shurmur 2018-2019 32 9 23 0 .281 - - -
21st Joe Judge * 2020– 0 0 0 0 .000 - - -
# Order of trainers
Games Play as a coach
S. Victories
N Defeats
UE draw
Won% Win rate
* Exclusively active as head coach for the Giants

Current staff

Coach of the New York Giants

Front Office

Head coaches

Offense trainer

  Defense coach

Special teams trainer

Strength and stamina

Coaching Staff

Balance sheets and records

New York Giants / Numbers and Records represents important records for the Giants, the direct comparisons with the other American football teams, the season balances since 1925 and the first round draft picks since 1936.

Web links

Commons : New York Giants  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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