Entourage (TV series)

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Television series
German title Entourage
Original title Entourage
Entourage 2004 logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2004-2011
length 28 minutes
Episodes 96 in 8 seasons ( list )
genre Dramedy
Theme music Jane's Addiction - Superhero
idea Doug Ellin
First broadcast July 18, 2004 (USA) on HBO
first broadcast
September 1, 2008 on FOX

Entourage ( . English : entourage) is a dramedy - series of US - TV channel HBO . The show is about the just beginning Hollywood career of the young actor Vincent Chase and his entourage , the group of family and close friends of Vincent's youth in Queens ( New York ) who helps him navigate the unfamiliar world of Hollywood. Vincent's entourage consists of Eric, his best friend and manager, Johnny "Drama" Chase, his older half-brother, who is also an actor but has already had his best days as a serial actor, and Turtle, who went to school with Eric and Vince. Jeremy Piven plays Vince's agent Ari Gold; Debi Mazar plays his publicist Shauna Roberts.

The concept for the series comes from Doug Ellin , known from the series Bonnie (OT: Life with Bonnie ). One of the producers is the actor Mark Wahlberg . Many of the storylines are based on Wahlberg's own experience as an aspiring actor in Hollywood.


The House of Friends in Seasons 1 and 6

The plot of the series takes place between the shooting of the films in which Vincent Chase takes the lead roles . In addition to the development of Vincent's career, it is often about everyday things, for example who you invite to the film premiere , a party, visiting childhood friends and the like.


At the center of the series are Vincent Chase and his entourage , the group of his constant companions. There are also Ari Gold as Vincent's agent and his publicist Shauna Roberts.

main characters

Eric "E" Murphy

Kevin Connolly plays Eric Murphy

Eric is a childhood friend of Vincent. After finishing school, he briefly attended college , but left it without a degree. He then found work at a pizza fast-food restaurant chain ( Sbarro ) and became the manager of a restaurant (this activity gives him the nickname “pizza boy”). Eric did not follow Vincent to Los Angeles until he was already successful. Vincent invited him because he trusts Eric's judgment more than he could with a wage-only manager. Eric is the down to earth in the group. At the beginning of the action, Vincent receives a small fixed weekly allowance. For this he does a pre-selection of the scripts for Vincent and represents him in negotiations. Later he grew more and more into his job and became a producer of a film (Medellin). He tries to become more independent from Vince and for a short time also manages Anna Faris , but falls in love with her. So this attempt fails. Even managing a young comedian doesn't help him achieve success apart from Vince. Later, his girlfriend Sloan helps him to get a job in a large management agency ( Murray Berenson ), where he quickly becomes a partner.

After breaking with the McQuewicks, he and his partner Scott Lavin set up their own agency, Murphy Levinson (ML). There, however, his personal affairs collide with business ones. So he fires the client Johnny Galecki because he thinks he is with Sloan and has sex with his client Melinda Clarke , the ex-wife of Terrence McQuewick. At the end of the series it remains open whether E will stay with ML.

Vincent "Vince" Chase

Adrian Grenier plays Vincent Chase

Vincent is a young man who grew up in humble circumstances in Queens . Nothing is known about his father. However, his mother continues to live in Queens. She is also the mother of Johnny Chase. Vincent is generous. He is uncomfortable getting so much money for his work. So he mostly leaves business negotiations to Eric. Not infrequently, however, he has to mediate between the serious Eric on the one hand and the more easy-going friends Johnny and Turtle on the other. It is an unspoken rule that only Eric accompanies Vincent in business meetings. Otherwise, Vincent enjoys the opportunities his wealth and notoriety offer him.

Although Vince is generally very promiscuous , he occasionally shows a romantic streak. In the second season is known that he Mandy Moore relationship after five weeks a request made. In addition to Mandy Moore, Vince has two other real relationships over the course of the series. For much of the seventh season, Sasha Gray is his girlfriend. At the end of the series, Vince wants to marry the Vanity Fair editor Sophia after a single date .

Johnny "Drama" Chase

Kevin Dillon plays Johnny Chase

Johnny is Vincent's older half-brother. How he got his nickname Drama (often also Johnny Drama ) is not known. However, he seems to have acquired it at the time of his own career. In addition, Johnny often behaves melodramatically . Years ago he had some success as a series actor, mostly in a (fictional) fantasy series called Viking Quest . There was also a recurring role in Melrose Place . But at some point there were no role offers and Drama had to adapt his lifestyle. However, he misses the fine life very much and hardly misses an opportunity to rave about the luxury of bygone days. In the group he feels called to be a cook. He takes no money from his brother, but lives rent-free in his house and tries to pull a role for himself out of every business relationship with Vincent. Towards the end of season 3, this pays off when he becomes a star in the hit series Five Towns and can buy a new apartment as a result. However, due to his temper, he is fired after a few seasons. He later got his own comic series in which he gave voice to a monkey.

Salvatore "Turtle" Assante

Turtle is a school friend of Vincent's, he came to Los Angeles with him right away. Like Eric, he receives an expense allowance from Vincent (albeit significantly lower), and various gifts are given to him that Vincent receives but does not use himself. But Turtle is the driver of the group and otherwise the man for the rough (carrying suitcases and the like). Turtle has numerous passions: video games, a small collection of rare (personalized) sports shoes. In the second season, Turtle becomes manager of the rapper Saigon , who will soon be poached. Due to the desire for more independence, Turtle visits college in the 6th season and then goes into business for himself with a limousine service that only employs models as drivers. He has to give up this soon for financial reasons, but he is more successful with his other ventures. Through his contacts, he can win Mark Cuban as an investor for a tequila manufacturer. The company expands and makes Turtle a millionaire after going public.

At the beginning of the plot, Turtle doesn't have that much success with women and benefits mainly from being part of Vincent's clique. Over time, however, his self-confidence increases and he has several relationships in the later seasons, one of them with Jamie-Lynn Sigler .

Ariel "Ari" gold

Jeremy Piven plays Ari Gold

Ari is Vincent's agent . He is from Chicago and studied law at Harvard . Ari is married with two children (a teenage daughter and a young son). His wife, a former soap actress, brought money into the marriage. Ari discovered Vincent. He considers him capable of great things and regards him as his most important client and often emphasizes that Vince is the only one of his many clients that he cares about personally. After Ari was fired by Vince for a short while, but then hired again, it becomes clear again and again that the two not only have a business, but also a friendly relationship. In the tough agent industry, however, he constantly fears that someone could poach Vincent from him. Ari is a workaholic and is constantly electrified . He is a cynic who regularly its business partners and employees bullied and obviously feels fun. In doing so, Ari throws profanity around and cannot keep any thought to himself, however absurd. Because of his nature, he has made many enemies in Hollywood over the years, but has also made considerable influence.

Ari was initially (until the end of season 2) a partner in a well-known agency (TMA), where he worked his way up over the years. However, he later went into business for himself and founded the largest agency in Hollywood with one of his former rivals Barbara Miller. He later merged with his old friend Andrew Klein's ailing TV agency, making him a partner at MGA (Miller Gold Agency). At the end of the series, Ari leaves his agency to save his marriage. He is offered the post of Chairman & CEO of Warner Bros. However, it remains open whether he will accept this.

His family life is increasingly suffering from Ari's work addiction. So Ari forgets birthdays and other important dates. When he pretends to take care of his children, he often has business in mind. Ari's wife is suspicious of Ari's close collaboration with his childhood sweetheart Dana Gordon. Even couples therapy can no longer help, so that his wife separates from him at the end of the seventh season. Ari then briefly returns to Dana. The relationship breaks up very quickly and Ari can convince his wife in the last episode to cancel the planned divorce and instead go to Italy together.

In the credits of the final episode Ari gets who is with his wife in Italy, a call from the CEO of Warner Bros. , the Ari offering makes his place as CEO to take because he wants to go himself to retire. He gives Ari a week to decide.

Supporting roles

Shauna Roberts

Shauna is Vincent's publicist , but unlike Ari, she stays in the background. She is very cynical , but takes care of Vince in an almost maternal manner, while she seems to have more contempt for the rest of the clique. In the course of the series, Shauna has three children from different fathers, whom she brings up alone alongside her job. She is often with her assistant named Christy.

Billy Walsh

Billy is an independent film director, cinematographer, and screenwriter. He has been considered a child prodigy since his first film. Queens Boulevard is his second film project. He's an edgy guy who Vincent and especially Eric have a hard time getting along with. He was enthusiastic about Vincent from the start, but Eric thinks he is a staid accountant who stands in the way of all creativity with his budget thinking. The tension between the two escalates with the flop of Medellin and so the third Walsh / Chase project is canceled, as Vincent stands by his friend. Under the pseudonym Wally Balls, he occasionally makes porn films and, at the expense of his wealthy family, maintains a decadent lifestyle with prostitutes, expensive hotels and cars.

Lloyd Lee

Lloyd becomes Ari's assistant at the beginning of the second season. His wealthy family gave him an excellent education (art history and business administration). Although Ari is always joking about Lloyd's ancestry and sexual orientation (Lloyd is Chinese and gay, but Ari also likes to refer to him as Japanese, Korean, etc.), he is extremely loyal to him in the hope that one day he will also work as an agent can. But Ari also takes care of Lloyd. So he fires a client when he harasses Lloyd and covers Lloyd's infidelity towards his partner.

In the sixth season, Lloyd leaves Ari (and MGA) because he did not want to promote him. He becomes an agent at TMA (Aris alter Agentur) and is one of the few agents taken over after the merger of TMA with MGA.

Sloan McQuewick

Sloan is the daughter of the very wealthy Terrence McQuewick and actually lives on her father's money while she organizes charity events. At one of these events she meets (via Vince) E and the two get together in the second season. At the end of the third season, she separates from E, because he does not sufficiently acknowledge her, but cannot get over E.

She gets E a job at Murray Berenson through her father's contacts . After a few attempts in the sixth season, the two get back together and get engaged. The engagement is broken after the seventh season, however, because E refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement presented by Sloan's father .

At this point, Sloan is already pregnant by E and wants to raise her child alone in New York. Vince, Drama and Turtle can convince them at the end of the series to give E another chance.

Mrs. Ari Gold

Played by Perrey Reeves

Ari's wife is a former series actress. She gave up her job when she married Ari. Mrs. Gold comes from a wealthy family and therefore of course lives the sophisticated lifestyle of a housewife from Beverly Hills . She finally gave up an interim comeback as an actress for Ari's sake. Although Ari and Mrs. Ari are absolutely true to each other, their marriages are often strained as they require Ari to look after his family more. At the end of the 7th season, the two finally split up for the time being. She largely stays out of business matters, but maintains a good personal relationship with Lloyd. Your first name will only be known in the series finale; his name is Melissa.

Terrence McQuewick

Terrence has worked his way up from an immigrant with no school diploma to a billionaire and owner of one of Hollywood's largest agencies. At the beginning of the series, he actually already enjoys retirement and lets Ari Gold do the day-to-day business at the Terrence McQuewick Agency (TMA).

When he meets Vince, however, he interferes again and annoyed Ari. After Ari's departure from TMA, Terrence refuses the severance payment and a lengthy feud ensues between the two. However, since Terrence soon lost the desire to work, he finally agrees to sell TMA to Ari and merge with MGA.

Amanda Daniels

Played by Carla Gugino

Amanda becomes Vincent's agent after firing Ari. After an affair with Vincent and an argument (about Medellin), this business relationship quickly ended. As a competing agent, she sees Ari as her enemy, but repeatedly pulls the shorter one against him.

Dana Gordon

Dana Gordon is an executive at Warner Brothers early in the series. She had a relationship with Ari before his marriage and has had a love-hate relationship with Ari ever since. Therefore, in the course of the negotiations for the film I wanna be sedated (a film about the band The Ramones ), she reveals secret details of the studio to Ari and is fired. Later, however, Ari ensures that she becomes President of Warner Bros. after Alan Gray's death.

Josh Weinstein

Josh Weinstein is a former assistant to Ari and is now a competing agent. He tries again and again to poach Vincent and therefore gives him information that Ari withheld from him. Josh gave Eric the script for Queens Boulevard and had his part in making the project happen.

Adam Davies

Adam is also an agent at TMA. He is instructed to represent drama and only performs this task very listlessly, knowing that drama is represented by TMA only because of his relationship to Vince.

When Ari wants to get out of TMA, Adam reveals the plan to Terrence McQuewick and thus becomes Ari's mortal enemy for good, but rises significantly at TMA. He also learns about the planned expansion of Ari's agency and tries to blackmail Ari so that Terrence doesn't find out. As a result, there is a mud fight between him and Ari, which even grows into fights.

After the merger of TMA with MGA, Davies is humiliated by Ari and eventually fired.

Guest roles

Numerous actors appear as fictional versions of themselves throughout the series.

Mandy Moore

Before the action began, Vince met her on a set and they were together for a while.

After she is booked as a co-star for Aquaman , it is revealed that Vince proposed to her at the time, which she refused. Before filming begins, the two get together again for a short time, but Mandy decides on her fiancé. Vince then initially refuses to shoot Aquaman, but E can convince him that his career would otherwise be in serious danger.

Sasha Gray

In the seventh season, Vince meets Sasha in a bar and the two become a couple. The other guys think she is dangerous at first, but then also make friends with her. However, the two split up when Sasha decides to start making porn movies again .


actor role Voice actor
Adrian Grenier Vincent Chase David Turba
Kevin Connolly Eric 'E' Murphy Vanya Gerick
Kevin Dillon Johnny 'Drama' Chase Sebastian Schulz
Jerry Ferrara Turtle Julius Jellinek
Jeremy Piven Ari gold Karlo Hackenberger
Rex Lee Lloyd Lee Marius Clarén
Perrey Reeves Mrs. Gold Heike Beeck (seasons 1–6), Ulrike Stürzbecher (seasons 7–8)
Debi Mazar Shauna Roberts Schaukje Könning

Fictional productions

In the context of the series - in addition to real film and television productions - reference is made again and again to fictional productions in which Johnny or Vincent participated. From the films only a few scenes appear in the series, even the exact plot is usually not given.

Viking Quest

This fictional television series is the biggest hit of Johnny Chase's career. It is a fantasy series with 22 episodes that has meanwhile been released on DVD (within the storyline of Entourage ). It has a small following that ensures the actors are invited to conventions, but has been a major success in Europe. The royalties and convention fees are one of the main sources of income for Johnny today. He played the role of Tarvold , who used the characteristic exclamation "VICTORY !!!" .

Head on

Vincent's first Hollywood film for which he received a $ 2 million fee . The film was shot by Entourage before the start of the plot , the plot of the series begins with the premiere of the film. The main female role in the film is played by Jessica Alba .

Queens Boulevard

The filming of Queens Boulevard is set between the plot of the first and second season of Entourage . Queens Boulevard is an independent project that was very dear to Vincent Chase. The main character has a comparable background to his (from poor backgrounds in Queens, New York). However, the director, Billy Walsh, is a rather eccentric young savage with vague ideas of his own about the project. The film was shot in black and white and has a running time of more than four hours. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival . After Vincent's jump in popularity with his subsequent film Aquaman , those responsible for the studio wanted to publish the film in recolored and edited form. Vincent and the director refused the request, so that the film was not made available to a general cinema audience. In addition to Johnny Chase, according to the film poster in Eric's office, the real actors Ethan Suplee , Katie Holmes , Robert Redford , Zooey Deschanel and Robert Duvall also play in Queens Boulevard, which is not discussed further in the series.

The well-known quote from Eddy (Vincent Chase) “Are you kidding? I am Queens Boulevard ” is picked up again and again in the course of the series. The viewer only gets to see a few scenes from Queens Boulevard , but this scene in rainy Queens is shown over and over again.


The shooting of the film is technically located between the second and third season of Entourage . The film is a superhero film based on the cartoon character Aquaman and is often compared to Spider-Man as part of the storyline of the series . The female lead is played by Mandy Moore , the director of the multi-million dollar project is James Cameron . Ray Liotta is also named as an additional actor on movie posters in later seasons . The film got off to a more successful start than Spider-Man and became the top grossing film in history. The continuation A2 is realized by Michael Bay . Vincent had actually been hired for three films in the series, but was fired after the first part because of arguments with the studio. His role was taken over by Jake Gyllenhaal , but the sequels seem not to have any major success.

Five Towns

Five Towns is the second series in which Johnny Chase successfully stars. The fictional series is produced by NBC. The pilot episode was followed by 16 million viewers, whereby the station produced more seasons. However, Johnny Chase got out after three seasons after receiving a seemingly safe offer to remake Melrose Place. There he was rejected because he was too old, even though his audition was positive.


Medellin is a Mafia movie about Pablo Escobar that Vincent would like to make before Aquaman 2. However, this film clashes with the shooting schedule of A2. During negotiations to postpone the shooting of Aquaman 2, Warner's studio director lied to Vincent, which eventually led to the dispute that led to Vincent's dismissal. After further negotiations with various possible producers, Vincent decides to buy the script from Medellin and to produce the film himself with his friend "E". In order to raise the purchase price of 5 million US dollars, Vincent sells his villa and the boys move into the (smaller) apartment his brother has bought. Season 4 begins with the filming of Medellin ending and is essentially about efforts to find a buyer for Medellin. At the end of Season 4, Medellin premieres at the Cannes Film Festival. The film turns into a total flop and Vincent Chase has problems finding a new role at the beginning of season 5 because there are no film offers.


After the disaster with Medellin, Vince got the second lead role in the Warner production Smokejumpers through Dana Gordon , as a thank you for being studio boss through Ari. The original script was written by two previously unknown writers whom Eric discovered and signed. However, after Warner secured the rights to it, it had the book completely rewritten to make it an action film. Jason Patric plays the leading role . The German Verner Vollstedt ( Stellan Skarsgård ) is engaged as the director, who very soon behaves as a dictator on the set. After the situation on the set continued to escalate, the project was canceled by the studio after a few days of shooting.

The Great Gatsby

In the period between seasons 5 and 6, Vincent is making a remake of the film The Great Gatsby , based on the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald . Vincent plays the role of Nick Carraway. The director is Martin Scorsese . The fictional remake in the series was actually later filmed by director Baz Luhrmann with Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway and was released in 2013.


Vincent shoots this film between seasons 6 and 7. It tells the life story of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari . Vince is doing the driving license for this film.

Johnny's Bananas

Johnny's Bananas is a comic series about anthropomorphic monkeys. Johnny speaks the main character of the same name. Billy Walsh developed, draws and writes the series. Phil Yagoda is the producer.

Johnny initially refuses to play the role because he would rather play and doesn't find himself funny. But he is convinced by Eric's assistant Jenny.

Stylistic devices

Entourage is a single camera comedy . In contrast to most other series in this genre (such as Sex and the City , Scrubs ), however, voice-over is completely dispensed with. The series uses commercial music on a large scale (a lot of rap, but also popular indie rock music). The most striking stylistic device is the frequent use of guest stars who play themselves, such as Dennis Hopper , Vitali Klitschko , Mike Tyson , Snoop Dogg , Jessica Alba , Mandy Moore , Matt Damon , Ralph Macchio , Mark Wahlberg , Scarlett Johansson , Sasha Gray , Anna Faris , Larry David , Jamie-Lynn Sigler , Gary Busey and Seth Green or the directors James Cameron , Paul Haggis , Martin Scorsese , M. Night Shyamalan and Peter Jackson . In addition, there are well-known actors such as Malcolm McDowell , Val Kilmer , Stellan Skarsgård , Jason Isaacs , Bob Odenkirk and Martin Landau for various fictional characters.


In the USA, the first season with eight episodes was broadcast between July 18, 2004 and September 12, 2004 on HBO. Season two followed between June 5, 2005 and September 4, 2005 with 14 episodes. The first part of the third season was broadcast between June 11, 2006 and August 27, 2006 with twelve episodes. Another eight episodes that aired from March 2007 bring this season to 20 episodes. The fourth season (twelve episodes) aired in the US from June 17 to September 2, 2007. HBO began broadcasting the fifth season on September 7, 2008 and ended on November 23, 2008. From July 12th to October 4th, 2009 the sixth season was broadcast, which includes 12 episodes and brought the series to a total of 78 episodes. All six seasons have been released completely on DVD in the USA and Great Britain , the third is divided into two boxes. The seventh season was broadcast in the summer of 2010. The shorter, eighth and final season was broadcast from July 24 to September 11, 2011.

The German pay-TV transmitter FOX broadcast since 2 September 2008, more times all synchronized in German eight seasons.

The series is dubbed at the Deutsche Synchron Filmgesellschaft in Berlin. Frank Turba took over the production of the dialogue book as well as the dubbing.


In January 2013, Warner Bros gave the go-ahead for an entourage motion picture that will continue the HBO series. Main actors and film staff largely correspond to those of the series. The film was released in theaters in the United States in early June 2015.


2016 started a South Korean remake of the broadcaster tvN .


Entourage was nominated for 17 Emmys in 2005-2008 . Real awards of these went to Jeremy Piven in 2006, 2007 and 2008 , each for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, and in 2007 to the series' sound mixer. The series was nominated for a total of 9 Golden Globes in the years 2005-2008 , the only award in 2008 was awarded to Jeremy Piven for Best Supporting Actor - Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie .

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