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The fee or contractor remuneration is the direct remuneration of services. Fees can be fixed or performance-related. They can also represent a replacement of commissions for special services. Payment is made using the fee note .


In particular for services provided by independent professions , for example by artists , authors (including journalists ), lawyers , doctors , dentists , psychotherapists , tax consultants , auditors , civil engineers , architects , lecturers and management consultants , the remuneration for these services is referred to as a fee. The term is also used by parliamentarians, financial advisors , speakers and advisors who are not self-employed. To a large extent, freelance workers are employed in educational institutions; they usually get a fee per lesson. For actors , musicians and fashion models , the concept of Gage usual.

The word is derived from the Latin honorarium "honorary gift", which in turn goes back to honor "honor". In the past, fee was also used synonymously with honorary pay . Legal advisers were not paid in ancient Rome ; for legal advice was given by respected and well-to-do men, mostly of senatorial rank, who viewed any wage labor as unreliable. Rather, the legal advisor hoped that his work would increase his social standing and thus a successful political career. With the legal advice being free of charge, however, it was compatible to include a “fee”, i. H. a gift of honor to be accepted as a gift. The fee later became so common that it could even be sued as consideration owed.


  • Salary is the remuneration of an employee, wages that of a worker; Legally, in Germany - unlike in Austria - one speaks only of (wage) pay .
  • Performance-based remuneration or bonus is the variable portion of an employee's remuneration.
  • In the Hollywood studio system , film artists generally received no fees, but received their remuneration from long-term studio contracts .

Types and determination of the fee

The amount of a fee can be determined, e.g. B. government regulations (e.g. regarding the billable services, remuneration amount, etc.). In other industries, however, the fee can also justify precarious employment.

As a cancellation fee , the remuneration of a service contract in accordance refers. Section 611 of the German Civil Code (BGB), if the person obliged to provide service ("contractor") offers his service, but the person entitled to service ("client") does not accept this service. The legal basis is Section 615 of the German Civil Code (BGB), which regulates that in this case the person obliged to pay can demand full remuneration minus the saved expenses without being obliged to make additional payments. The claim exists regardless of fault, i. H. even if the person entitled to service is not responsible for the delay in acceptance (e.g. in the event of illness). The legal regulation is contractually mandatory. In practice, cancellation fees are z. B. for the treatment of private patients by psychotherapists and alternative practitioners, but also for other freelance activities contractually agreed. In such cases, cancellation fees of 50% of the originally agreed fee are customary.

Against the risk of honorary failure (z. B. due to illness) protects a fee cancellation insurance . This is an insurance for the self-employed , on whose key function the operational process depends to a large extent and who earn their income directly from their entrepreneurial activity. Protects you lost profits and ongoing operating expenses, if as a result of illness or accident for business interruption occurs.

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