Karl Ernst Georges

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Karl Ernst Georges.

Karl Ernst Georges (born December 26, 1806 in Gotha ; † August 25, 1895 ibid) was a German classical philologist , teacher and lexicographer .


Karl Ernst Georges, son of a court glazier, attended the Illustre grammar school in Gotha , where Friedrich Wilhelm Döring (1756–1837) and Ernst Friedrich Wüstemann taught, and later the grammar school in Nordhausen , then headed by Friedrich Karl Kraft . From 1826 to 1828 he studied in Göttingen , then until 1829 in Leipzig .

There he took over the revision of the Latin-German concise dictionary by Immanuel Johann Gerhard Scheller and Georg Heinrich Lünemann for the Hahn'sche Verlagbuchhandlung . In 1835 he received his doctorate in Jena; as a doctoral thesis he had submitted his version of the dictionary from 1833.

He later worked from 1839 to 1856 as a senior teacher at the Herzogliche Realgymnasium in Gotha and then lived there as a private scholar when his increasing blindness made teaching impossible. In 1862 he received the title of professor.

The Latin dictionaries he worked on are still considered standard works today. After his death, his son Heinrich Georges continued work on the two-volume concise dictionary and got the 8th edition (Gotha, 1913; reprint Darmstadt 1985). A new edition entitled Der Neue Georges was published by the Scientific Book Society in 2013.

Publications (selection)


edited by Georges from the 7th edition, Leipzig 1828
10th edition, Leipzig 1848, 2 volumes. completely reworked by Georges
12th edition (= 5th edition of the new edition), Leipzig 1861–1862
from the 6th edition of the new edition (Leipzig 1869) under the title Detailed Latin-German Concise Dictionary
7th edition: Leipzig 1879–1880.
Reprint of the 1913/1918 edition: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 1998 (Karl Ernst Georges: Comprehensive Latin-German concise dictionary at Zeno.org .).
  • Concise German-Latin dictionary (Leipzig 1830–34)
11th edition (= 5th edition of the new edition), Leipzig 1861
from the 6th edition of the new edition (Leipzig 1870) under the title Detailed German-Latin Concise Dictionary
7th edition: Leipzig 1882, 2 volumes.
  • Latin - German - German - Latin, detailed Latin-German concise dictionary, small German-Latin concise dictionary by Karl Ernst Georges, digital edition of the digital library, volume 69, facsimile and full text, 2nd, extended edition, Directmedia Publishing, Berlin 2004, ISBN 3-89853-469-3
  • Small Latin-German and German-Latin concise dictionary (Leipzig 1864–65, 2 volumes)
6th edition: Leipzig 1890
  • Latin-German and German-Latin school dictionary (Leipzig 1876–77; 3rd edition with an appendix: Dictionary of Proper Names , Leipzig 1883)
  • Small Latin dictionary in etymological order by Scheller (completely revised by Georges; Leipzig 1840)


  • Memorandum to Ernst Friedrich Wüstemann (Gotha 1857)
  • Gnomologia (Leipzig 1863)
  • Thesaurus of the classical Latinity (Leipzig 1854–68, 2 vol .; only the 1st section of the 1st volume is by Georges, the rest by Gustav Mühlmann )


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