Friedrich Karl Kraft

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Friedrich Karl Kraft 1852, lithograph by Friedrich Adolph Hornemann

Friedrich Karl Kraft (born January 28, 1786 in Niedertrebra ; † February 6, 1866 in Hamm near Hamburg ) was a German classical philologist and lexicographer .


Tomb in the old hammer cemetery in Hamburg

Kraft, the son of a preacher, first attended the Latin school of the Donndorf monastery and then from 1800 the Pforta state school . From 1806 to 1810 he studied theology and philology in Leipzig and then took a position as a teacher at the Hennebergisches Gymnasium in Schleusingen . From 1816 he taught at the Domgymnasium Naumburg and in 1820 was appointed rector of the grammar school in Nordhausen . One of his students there was Karl Ernst Georges .

From 1827 until his retirement in 1861 he was director of the Johanneum in Hamburg .

His daughter Adelheid Kraft married the businessman Edwin Nonne and was the mother of the neurologist Max Nonne .


  • Handbook of the history of Ancient Greece, also as a guide to translating from German into Latin. Klein, Leipzig 1815.
  • German-Latin lexicon, compiled from the Roman classics and edited using the best newer aids. 2 volumes. Klein, Leipzig / Merseburg 1820/1821.
    • 2nd, greatly increased and revised edition: Klein, Leipzig / Merseburg 1824/1825 ( digitized version ).
    • 3rd, much improved and enlarged edition: Klein, Leipzig / Merseburg 1829/1830 (digitized: Vol. 1 ).
    • 4th revised and enlarged edition: Metzler, Stuttgart 1843/1844 (digital copies: Vol. 1 , Vol. 2 ).
  • Chrestomathia Ciceroniana, or selected pieces from Cicero's writings. With grammatical and explanatory notes and a complete index. Herold, Hamburg 1830.
    • 2nd, improved and enlarged edition: Herold, Hamburg 1844.
  • Instructions for translating from German into Latin. With Latin phraseology, grammatical and linguistic notes for use in the middle classes of the scholarly schools. 2 volumes. Dyk, Leipzig 1832.


Individual evidence

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