Georg Heinrich Lünemann

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Georg Heinrich Lünemann (born September 3, 1780 in Göttingen , † January 8, 1830 ibid) was a German classical philologist and lexicographer .


Lünemann attended high school in Göttingen, where he was a student of Georg Friedrich Grotefends , who had worked there as a collaborator since 1797 . From 1799 to 1802 Lünemann studied at the University of Göttingen. When Grotefend switched to the grammar school in Frankfurt am Main, Lünemann was his successor at the Göttingen grammar school in September 1803 as a teacher of Greek and Latin. At that time the grammar school was reorganized under the new director Johann Friedrich Adolph Kirsten. In 1806 Lünemann submitted his dissertation. In 1813 he followed Ernst Karl Friedrich Wunderlich in the position of second teacher (Rector) of the grammar school.

After the death of Immanuel Johann Gerhard Scheller, Lünemann was the editor of Scheller's Latin dictionaries and published various editions of Latin classics for school use. He belonged to the Göttingen Freemason Lodge "Augusta to the Golden Circle".

His younger brother Johann Heinrich Christian Lünemann (1787–1827) was also a classical philologist and published dictionaries on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey , among other things .

Works (selection)


  • Latin-German and German-Latin hand lexicon (following Scheller from the 4th edition 1806 and, in a new count, 1st edition 1807 edited by Lünemann; from the 7th edition 1831 edited by Karl Ernst Georges )
  • Small Latin dictionary in etymological order (in the succession of Scheller from the 4th edition in 1811 edited by Lünemann; 6th edition in 1826 edited by Heinrich Ludwig Julius Billerbeck ; from the 7th edition in 1841 completely revised by Karl Ernst Georges )
  • German-Latin dictionary, after the classical writers of the Romans and the best modern Latinists, critically edited in 4 volumes (Göttingen 1821, probably only 1st volume published)

Philological works

  • Descriptio Caucasi gentiumque Caucasiarum ex Strabone comparatis scriptoribus recentioribus (Leipzig 1803)
  • Bibliotheca Romana classica probatissimos utriusque orationis scriptores latinos exhibens (Göttingen 1819)


  • Aelian : Varia Historia , with Greek-German word index (Göttingen 1811)

Text editions for school use

Individual evidence

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