January 8th

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The Jan. 8 (in Austria and South Tyrol : January 8 ) is the eighth day of the Gregorian calendar , so stay 357 days (358 days in leap years) by year end.

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Politics and world events

from 865: Train of the Great Pagan Army of the Danes
1806: Residence of the first British governor
1815: Battle of New Orleans
1918: Woodrow Wilson
1942: Area of ​​application of the ABDACOM
2011: The crime scene after the attack


science and technology

  • 1856: The chemist John A. Veatch discovers the first borax deposit in the United States.
  • 1994: The Russian spacecraft Soyuz launches on its Soyuz TM-18 mission to the Mir space station . On board is, among other things, the on-board doctor Valeri Vladimirovich Polyakov , who will set a world record for a continuous space flight with over 437 days in space.
2004: The Queen Mary 2 compared to the Titanic and other means of transport


1687: Jean-Baptiste Lully
1735: Title page of the text book
1910: Franz Lehár monument



1198: Innocent III.


  • 1780: Tabriz and the surrounding region are completely devastated by a severe earthquake. At least 50,000 people die from the forces of nature.
  • 1996: In the Kinshasa air disaster , an Antonov An-32 belonging to African Air , a subsidiary of Scibe Airlift , crashes into a marketplace in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, after an unsuccessful start. 350 people die.
2003: The bushfires spread from January 9th to 18th

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .


1899: The team of 1. Arbeiter FC
  • 1899: After just one win in 19 games, the Erste Wiener Arbeiter-Fußball-Club, founded a year and a half earlier, is renamed the Rapid Vienna sports club in a crisis meeting . Today this is the official founding day of the association.
  • 1958: At the age of fourteen, Bobby Fischer wins the United States Chess Championship , making him the youngest chess master ever in the USA and - until 1991 - worldwide.
  • 2010: Two days before the start of the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola , the Togolese national team , which is on the way to their venue, is attacked by strangers on the border between the Republic of the Congo and the Angolan enclave of Cabinda . When the team bus was shot at, the assistant coach Améleté Abalo , the press officer Stanislaus Ocloo and the bus driver were killed, and several members of the delegation and players were seriously wounded. The CAF rejects requests for a tournament to be canceled, and the Togolese players decide to continue participating despite the incident. Two days after the attack, the team finally left the tournament on the instructions of their government and was officially disqualified and removed from the schedule the next day.

Entries of track and field world records can be found under the respective discipline under track and field .


Before the 18th century

Wenzeslaus Linck (* 1483)

18th century

Anton von Maron (* 1731)

19th century


Hereditary Count Constantin von Waldburg-Zeil (* 1807)


Fanny Bullock Workman (* 1859)
Elisabeth Marie of Bavaria (* 1874)
Walther Bothe (* 1891)

20th century


Carl Rogers (* 1902)
Willy Millowitsch (* 1909)
Carol Mircea Lambrino (* 1920)


Elvis Presley (born 1935)
Stephen Hawking (* 1942)
David Bowie (born 1947)


John McTiernan (born 1951)
Roman Wójcicki (* 1958)
Michelle Forbes (born 1965)
Paul Panzer (* 1972)


Amber Benson (born 1977)
Kim Jong-un (* 1984)
Kenshirō Itō (* 1990)


Before the 16th century

Severin von Norikum († 482)

16th to 18th centuries

Galileo Galilei († 1642)

19th century

Robert Bowie († 1818)
Demasduit († 1820)
William Carr Beresford († 1854)

20th century


Peter Altenberg († 1919)
Otto von Gruyères († 1940)


Julius Raab († 1964)
Albert Hill († 1969)
Alexander Alexandrowitsch Kotow († 1981)
François Mitterrand († 1996)

21st century

  • 2001: Alfred Neumann , GDR politician, Minister for Materials Management
Alexander Prokhorov († 2002)

Holidays and memorial days

  • Church memorial days
    • St. Severin von Noricum , founder of the monastery, missionary and patron saint (Protestant, Catholic)

The list of commemorative and action days contains further entries .

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